West Dorset
Cigarette and Trade Card Collection for Sale

These are Type cards or part sets collected by Robert G Torrens now offered for sale. Most of the cards are in excellent condition but some are very bad - dirty, damaged or creased. Photos supplied on request.
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Issued byTitleNotesLCCC catalogue
pagePer cardPer set
1D-11a196210A B C (Cinema)Animals (set 5) No 8Poor condition1992.50£2.50
2D-11g19A B C CinemasMonkees Hit Songs No 20GoodNL0.00£0.00
3D-11g195010A B C CinemasFilm Stars - Matheson LangGood1994.00£4.00
4D-11g195980A & B CFlags of the WorldGood 95 x 67mm2021.50£27.00
Available nos:+9,10,19,21,30,34,35,39,42,44,48,51,63,66,68,69,76,79
5D-11g1950A & B CFootballrs No 138 Eddie GrayGood2010.00£0.00
6D-11g196166A & B CFunny Greetings No 8Good2022.00£2.00
7D-11g196844A & B CPlane of the apes No 31Good2026.00£6.00
8D-11g196945A & B CThe Champions No 14Good2008.00£8.00
9D-11g1950A & B CWagon Train No 32GoodNL0.00£0.00
10D-11g196555A & B CWinston Churchill No 45Good2030.80£0.80
11D-11a193625AbdullaFeathered Friends: No 16Good condition11.60£1.60
12D-11a189959Adkin & SonsSoldiers of the Queen "..and issued with'Good condition26.00£90.00
Available nos:+2.9,11,17,18,30,31,42,47,48,48,51,52,53,53,54,55
13D-11a191725Adkin & SonsWar Trophies, No 17Poor condition25.00£5.00
Available nos:+14,24,40,45,47
14D-11a192060African Tobacco ManufacturersAnimalsMedium condition1474.50£22.50
15D-11a1938100African Tobacco ManufacturersWorld of sportGood condition1475.50£16.50
16D-11ac18901Allen and GinterParasol Drill (Marching order)Fair - two abrasions on reverse14828.00£28.00
17D-11a195350Phillip AllmanCoronation Series Nos 49, 50Very good31.10£1.10
18D-11g195312Phillip Allman & CoPin-up girls 75 x 74mm. "Ask for Allman always"Excellent35.50£33.00
19D-11a1910Amalgamated TobaccoExclusive Gift ListVery goodNL0.00£0.00
20D-11g19Amalgamated Press Famous Football Captains No 47GoodNL0.00£0.00
21D-11g1922Amalgamated Press Sporting Champions Nos 1,2, 8GoodNL0.00£0.00
22D-11g1950Amalgamated Press Famous Test Match Cricketers No 1FairNL0.00£0.00
23D-11g193350Amalgamated Press Sports "Queeriosities" GoodNL0.00£0.00
24D-11a195725Amalgamated Tobacco (Mills)British Uniforms of the 10th Centiury No7Very good31.00£1.00
25D-11d195825Amalgamated Tobacco (Mills)Aircraft of the World No 2Very good30.80£0.80
26D-11d195825Amalgamated Tobacco (Mills)Dogs No 2Very good30.80£0.80
27D-11a197520Amber Tips TeaThe Living seashore No 18Very good2050.20£0.20
28D-11a20American CaramelWild West FairNL0.00£0.00
29D-11a25American TobaccoWild WestFairNL1.00£1.00
30D-11g191050American Tobacco Co (Hassan)Indian Life in the 60'sFair1539.00£27.00
31D-11g1949American Tobacco Co (Hassan)Cowboy seriesPoor1499.00£27.00
32D-11g1925American Tobacco Co (Hassan)The World's Greatest ExplorersFair1498.00£16.00
33D-11g1950American Tobacco Co (Hassan)Light House seriesFair1538.00£208.00
34D-11g19American Tobacco Co (Hassan)Assorted - series unidentifiedFair1530.00£0.00
35D-11a50American Tobacco (Sweet Caporal)Fish series UnnumberedFair15115.00£360.00
36D-11a50American Tobacco (Recruit Litttle Cigars)Types of NationsFair1533.50£14.00
37D-11a350American TobaccoBase Ball SeriesPoorNL0.00£0.00
38D-11a50American Tobacco (Piedmont)Fish Series 1-50Variable Un-numbered1525.00£95.00
39D-11a50American Tobacco (Piedmont)Fish Series 1-100Variable Un-numbered1525.00£160.00
40D-11a50American Tobacco (Piedmont)Fish (back American Tobacco)GoodNL0.00£0.00
41D-11g40S Anargyros (USA)? No 47 Wooly RhinocerosGood1523.00£3.00
42D-11g505S Anargyros (USA)Fortune series. Turkish TrophiesFair1532.75£2.75
43D-11g196666Anglo-American Chewing GumThe Horse No 47Good2050.40£0.40
44D-11g195748Anglo-American Chewing GumWorld of Wonders Nos 35,38,39,40,41,46,47Good2063.00£21.00
45D-11g196472Anglo-American Chewing GumStrange World Nos 12, 48Good2063.00£6.00
46D-11g197484Anglo-American Chewing GumRailway Trains No 39Fair2061.30£1.30
47D-11a50AnonymousUnsorted, about 50 various cardsVariableNL0.00£0.00
48D-11h50AnonymousUnsorted, about 50 various lards cardsVariableNL0.00£0.00
49D-11g193725Aplin & BarrettWhipdnade Zoo Nos 9, 15, 21,23Fair2061.60£6.40
50D-11g1950Arbocco Hermanos (Peru)Calle Trujillo No 148GoodNL0.00£0.00
51D-11g193945ArdathCamera Studies un-numbered79 x 57mm. Good51.40£4.20
52D-11a192850ArdathBeautiful English Women No 49Fair54.50£4.50
53D-11a19341ArdathBritish Born Film StarsFair52.00£12.00
Available nos:+22,23,27,29,47,60
54D-11g193825ArdathDog Studies No 7Good55.00£5.00
55D-11g193038ArdathFamous Landmarks No 4Good83.50£3.50
56D-11g19421ArdathIt All depends on Me - Caledars 1942 (2 different)Very goodNL0.00£0.00
57D-11g1936ArdathPhotocards, NumberedVery good81.00£20.00
Available nos:+114,117,119,123,126,150,152,160,161,171,172,173,165,166,190,191,196,203,204,209
58D-11g.N193622ArdathPhotocards Group AVery good71.35£2.70
59D-11g.N193622ArdathPhotocards Group BVery good71.00£21.00
60D-11g.N193622ArdathPhotocards Group DVery good71.50£1.50
61D-11g.N193622ArdathPhotocards Group EVery good71.50£6.00
62D-11g.N193622ArdathPhotocards Group FVery good71.50£19.50
63D-11g.N193622ArdathPhotocards Group GVery good725.00£75.00
64D-11g.N193622ArdathPhotocards Group HVery good71.50£12.00
65D-11g.N193622ArdathPhotocards Group JVery good71.25£10.00
66D-11g.N193622ArdathPhotocards Group KVery good71.25£7.50
67D-11g.N193622ArdathPhotocards Group LVery good71.25£32.50
68D-11g.N193622ArdathPhotocards Group MVery good71.25£2.50
69D-11g.N193622ArdathPhotocards Group MVery good71.25£16.25
70D-11g.193622ArdathPhotocards Coloured (List 56)Very good71.25£27.50
71D-11g1936ArdathReal Photographs of Famous Lanmarks Nos 12,30,36Very good83.50£3.50
72D-11g193936ArdathReal Photographs of Modern AircraftVery good83.50£59.50
Available nos:+5,6,11,13,16,17,19,22,24,25,27,29,30,31,32,33,34
73D-11g193944ArdathReal Photographs series Three Nos 14, 18, 24Very good83.00£9.00
74D-11g193954ArdathReal Photographs series Nine Nos 1, 40Ggood80.80£1.60
75D-11g193954ArdathReal Photographs series Ten Nos 17,20,39,46,53Good80.80£4.00
76D-11g193954ArdathReal Photographs series Eleven No 28Good80.80£0.80
77D-11g193954ArdathReal Photographs series Twelve Nos 38, 41Good80.80£1.60
78D-11g193954ArdathReal Photographs series Twelve Nos 28Good80.80£9.60
79D-11a1945ArdathPhotocards Group M. TitledGood81.00£23.00
80D-11a1945ArdathPhotocards Group M. UnitledGood81.00£11.00
81D-11a193550ArdathSpeed, Land and SeaFair61.60£6.40
Available nos:+1,4,45,46
82D-11a193550ArdathSports ChampionsFair61.10£3.30
Available nos:+7,27,34
83D-11g1925ArdathWorld Views Nos 10,11Good70.60£1.20
84D-11a191B.A.T.Animal Series0.00£0.00
85D-11a192850B.A.T.Butterflies (girls)Good1586.00£96.00
Available nos:+4,14,20,21,23,24,31,32,33,34,36,37,43,47,49,50
86D-11a193050B.A.T.British Butterflies Nos 12,26Good1581.20£2.40
87D-11a191940B.A.T.Characters from Works of dickens No 13Good1581.00£1.00
88D-11a191B.A.T.Cinema Stars (unidentified series)Good0.00£0.00
89D-11a193050B.A.T.Engineeering WondersGood1590.80£5.60
Available nos:+5,17,22,25,36,41,44
90D-11a1950B.A.T.Famous BridgesGood. Small size159?0.00£0.00
Available nos:+1,2,6,11,22,24,26,30,35,39,42,44,45,47
91D-11a50B A TFamous Footballers. no 12. H.CarterGood.1596.00£6.00
92D-11a192624B.A.T.Famous RacehorsesVery good.1593.00£15.00
Available nos:+1,6,9,19,23
93D-11ac192550B.A.T.Favourite FlowersFair. Nos 2,7,45,47,491591.00£5.00
94D-11a192875B.A.T.Film FavouritesGood. Nos 25,30,611591.50£4.50
95D-11a192950B.A.T.Game Birds and Wild FowlGood. No 211591.50£1.50
96D-11a192952B.A.T.Here Rhere and EverywhereGoos. Small. Nos 15,33,46,491590.40£1.60
97D-11a193750B.A.T.International AirlinersFair. Nos 7,391591.00£2.00
98D-11a192750B.A.T.London ZooGood. No. 21590.80£0.80
99D-11a193250B.A.T.Native Life in Many Lands. StereoscopicFair1601.50£16.50
Available nos:+1,4,11,12,16,24,29,32,33,40,49
100D-11a194811B.A.T.Nature Studies. StereoscopicFair. Nos 12,19,33,481601.00£4.00
101D-11a191725B.A.T.Military PortraitsGood. No.111603.50£3.50
102D-11a191750B.A.T.Naval PortraitsGood. No. 421604.00£4.00
103D-11a191725B.A.T.NotabilitiesGood. No 191603.00£3.00
104D-11a193048B.A.T.Pictures of the East. SteroscopicGood. No 291601.50£1.50
105D-11a193150B.A.T.Round the World in PicturesVery good.1604.50£40.50
Available nos:+16,18,22,23,27,28,33,36,49
106D-11a193025B.A.T.Ships Flags and cap BadgesVery good.1603.40£44.20
Available nos:+7,8,9,12,13,14,16,18,20,21,23,24,25
107D-11a193550B.A.T.ZooVery good.. Nos 29,351613.00£6.00
108D-11a1936B.A.T.?Views of the British EmpireGood. Nos 7,13, 22,32NL0.00£0.00
109D-11a191B.A.T.Actors and Actresses Gold background) Plain backFair to goodNL0.00£0.00
Conchita Montenegro, Hans Stuwe, Mary Brian
110D-11a191B.A.T.Actors and Actresses Plain backGoodNL0.00£0.00
2: William Russell. 27: Charles Ray
111D-11a191B.A.T.Australia - photos. Plain backVerry goodNL0.00£0.00
112D-11a190850B.A.T.Girls of all Nations? Plain backsFair to good1622.20£6.60
Switzerland, Norway, Greece
113D-11a191336B.A.T.Ships and their Pennants. Plain backsGood1633.00£18.00
114D-11a191B.A.T.Unidentified (plain backs)Good0.00£0.00
115D-11a196525Barratt & CoBritish Butterflies. Nos 2, 8, 24Very good2103.00£9.00
116D-11a196750Barratt & CoCaptain Scarlet and the Mysterons No 35Very good2104.00£4.00
117D-11a196750Barratt & CoCars of the World No 15, 25Very good2104.00£8.00
118D-11g1930sBarratt & CoCricket Team Folders Scotttish LeagueFair21030.00£60.00
Kent County, Lancashire County
119D-11g193550Barratt & CoF A Cup winners21030.00£60.00
Sheffield Utd (1899). West Brom. Albion (1892)
120D-11g195620Barratt & CoDisneyland True LifeGood2102.00£4.00
121D-11a191Barratt & CoFamous CricketersFair to good2100.00£0.00
Unnumbered: Jas Langridge & E W Tindall
122D-11a191Barratt & CoFamous Cricketers Nos 7, 13, 18Fair to good2100.00£0.00
Numbered M G Waite, E L McCormick, E Paynter
123D-11a191Barratt & CoFamous Footballers. Un-numbered. Ask for list. Variable2100.00£0.00
124D-11a191Barratt & CoFamous Footballers. Numbered. Ask for list.Variable2100.00£0.00
125D-11a191Barratt & CoFamous FootballersVariable2100.00£0.00
Available nos:+4,9,10,23,25,50,52,60,65,67,76,82,95,96,106
126D-11a195350Barratt & CoFamous Footballers series A1Variable2117.00£42.00
Available nos:+3,8,20,34,39,25
127D-11a195650Barratt & CoFamous Footballers series A4 Nos 14, 21Variable2117.00£14.00
128D-11a196350Barratt & CoFamous Footballers series A11 Nos 9, 23Variable2115.50£11.00
129D-11a196450Barratt & CoFamous Footballers series A12 Nos 6, 13, 28, 37Variable2115.50£22.00
130D-11a195345Barratt & CoFastest on Earth Nos 30, 39Good2112.20£4.40
131D-11a196225Barratt & CoFish and Bait. No 10. Good2111.00£1.00
132D-11a197350Barratt & CoFootball Stasrs. Nos 7, 39Very good21110.00£20.00
133D-11a191Barratt & CoFootball Teasms 1st Division. Derby CountyPoor21136.00£36.00
134D-11g1930sBarratt & CoFootball Team Folders: English LeagueFair21136.00£144.00
Derby County, Leeds Utd, Bury, Southampton
135D-11g1930sBarratt & CoFootball Team Folders: English LeagueFair21136.00£72.00
Clyde, Hibernian
136D-11a196425Barratt & CoInterpol (chain frame line) No 1Good2114.00£4.00
137D-11a196835Barratt & CoMagic Roundabouot Nos 8, 9, 29Good3122.00£6.00
138D-11a1915Barratt & CoMickeys Sweet Cigarettes Nos 22, 28PoorNL0.00£0.00
139D-11a196130Barratt & CoRobin Hood Nos 14, 26Fair2123.00£6.00
140D-11a197050Barratt & CoThe Secret Service No 37Good2122.50£2.50
141D-11a197250Barratt & CoSoccer Stsars No 39Good2124.00£4.00
142D-11a196650Barratt & CoSoldiers of the World. No 17Good2120.50£0.50
143D-11a195635Barratt & CoTest Cricketers by SwantonGood2128.00£8.00
144D-11a196750Barratt & CoThunderbirds. 2nd series. Nos 25, 33Good2121.00£2.00
145D-11a197150Barratt & CoTom and Jerry Nos 6, 15,18,33,47Variable2120.50£2.50
146D-11a196450Barratt & CoTrains of the World Nos 27, 30, 47Good2120.50£1.50
147D-11a197170Barratt & CoWild Animals by George Cansdale Nos 34, 34,43Good2122.00£6.00
148D-11a196850Barratt & CoThe Wild Wild West No. 45Very good2122.00£2.00
149D-11a19543Barratt & CoWise Cracks Nos 8, 10, 25Good2120.20£0.60
150D-11a197440Barratt & CoWorld Cup Stars 1974 No 39Very good2150.20£0.20
151D-11a196435Barratt & CoT V's Yogi Bear and Friends No 12, 27Very good2121.20£2.40
152D-11a196425Barratt & CoThe Young Adventurer No 16Very good2123.00£3.00
153D-11a196450Barratt & CoZoo Pets No 15Very good2121.20£1.20
154D-11a197950Geo. Bassett & CoAge of the DinosaursVariable2131.20£2.40
155D-11a197840Geo. Bassett & CoAli Cat Magicards No 15Very good2132.50£2.50
156D-11a197750Geo. Bassett & CoAsterix in EuropeFair2130.50£0.50
157D-11a197850Geo. Bassett & CoCricket Nos 7,15,35,44Variable2139.00£36.00
158D-11a197750Geo. Bassett & CoDisney/Health and Safety No 8Very good2130.25£0.25
159D-11a197950Geo. Bassett & CoFootball 1979-80 No10Very good2130.60£0.60
160D-11a197550Geo. Bassett & CoFootball Stars 1975-6 No 44Good2145.00£5.00
161D-11a197450Geo. Bassett & CoFootball Stars No 15, (18)Very good (poor)2143.20£3.20
162D-11a197425Geo. Bassett & CoPop Stars Nos 1, 15Good2140.60£1.20
163D-11a197635Geo. Bassett & CoSecret Island 1st series No 11Good2141.50£1.50
164D-11a197640Geo. Bassett & CoSecret Island 2nd series No 17Very good2140.20£0.20
165D-11a197650Geo. Bassett & CoSpace 1999 No 4Very good2140.60£0.60
166D-11a197450Geo. Bassett & CoTom and JerryGood2152.50£2.50
167D-11g19BelgiumLa Belgique Monumentale et PittoresqueGoodNL0.00£0.00
168D-11a19731Benson &-; HedgesAdvertisement card: The Original shopVery good102.00£2.00
169D-11g19Benson &-; HedgesSkyways mapVery goodNL0.00£0.00
170D-11g1945100De BeukelaerPinocchio series Nos19, 92GoodNL0.00£0.00
171D-11g193860De BeukelaerSixty Glorious Years (fim) Nos 7,22GoodNL0.00£0.00
172D-11g1940100De BeukelaerSnow White Nos 51, 55GoodNL0.00£0.00
173D-11g19Dining Car Coffee Co (USA)Congress Playing cards (coupon)GoodNL0.00£0.00
174D-11g194820Dinkie Products (Hair grips)M G M Films 3rd series No 14Fair2543.50£3.50
175D-11g1950Dinkie Products (Hair grips)MGM's "The Romance of Risy Ridge"Fair2NL0.00£0.00
176D-11g194724Dinkie Products (Hair grips)Stars & Starlets Nos 14, 15,18Fair2543.00£9.00
177D-11a192525Alexander BoguslavskyConan Doyle Characters No 24Good117.00£7.00
178D-11a192525Alexander BoguslavskyWinners on the TurfFair114.00£4.00
179D-11g19Bowman Gum (USA)Children's Crusade Against CommunismGoodNL0.00£0.00
180D-11g19Bowman Gum (USA)Photoplay Stars Nos 17, 26GoodNL0.00£0.00
181D-11g19Bowman Gum (USA)TV & Radio Stars of the N B C: Harry BabbittGoodNL0.00£0.00
182D-11a1925C & Bridgewater LtdFilm Stars - no number. Shirley TempleGoodNL0.00£0.00
183D-11a192310Boys MagazineFootball series Nos 4, 8, 6, 7, 10, Fair2195.00£25.00
184D-11a19259Boys MagazineFootball Teams No 8Fair21913.00£13.00
185D-11a193012Boys MagazineZat cards, cricketersFair to good21912.00£120.00
186D-11g19Bozon-Verduraz (France)Dapeaux FrancaisPoorNL0.00£0.00
187D-11g1950Brazil - "Sudan"PoorNL0.00£0.00
188D-11a195544British Automatic (Weight cards)Coronation Information No 42Good2221.50£1.50
189D-11a195332British Automatic (Weight cards)Dogs 1st series (Weigh Daily) Nos 3, 13, 16, 19, 26Good2221.00£5.00
190D-11a196024British Automatic (Weight cards)Freshwater Fish No 8Good2222.00£2.00
191D-11a195144British Automatic (Weight cards)Jokes Nos 10-17 inc, 19,20,29,30,33,35,36,3940Variable2221.00£17.00
192D-11a195524British Automatic (Weight cards)Space Travel Nos 6, 19Fair2223.00£6.00
193D-11a195524British Automatic (Weight cards)Speed Nos 5, 13, 16, 19, 20, 22Good2223.00£18.00
194D-11a195524British Automatic (Weight cards)Sportsman Nos 3, 23Good2223.00£6.00
195D-11a195350British Educational seriesModern Aircraft No 47Good2220.25£0.25
196D-11g196150BritvicCalendar 1961Very goodNL0.00£0.00
1971940Brooke Bond & Co LtdOlympic GreatsGreen back2250.30£0.60
Available nos:+5,13
198198040Brooke Bond & Co LtdWoodland WildlifeGreen back2270.25£10.00
Available nos:+6,8,10,12,15,18,34,35,36,37,38
199D-11a1950Brown & Williamson (Wings)Modern American Airplanes series A Nos 29, 34, 39,49Good1634.50£18.00
200D-11g195646Bubbles Inc (USA)Ask Elvis Nos 27, 31, 37, 44Very GoodNL0.00£0.00
201D-11g1955Bubbles Inc (USA)no 30Very GoodNL0.00£0.00
202D-11g1950Buhlmann & Co Gamsy Cheese - Fairy TalesVery GoodNL0.00£0.00
203D-11a19721Burtons (Wagon Wheels)Indian ChiefsVery good2311.00£1.00
204D-11b191212CadburysConstellations No 6Fair23310.00£10.00
205D-11b192327Cadburys Famous Steamships Nos 1, 11Fair 2344.00£8.00
206D-11b19CadburysShop cardsGoodNL0.00£0.00
207D-11b196925CadburysStrange but TrueGood2340.20£0.40
208D-11b192525CadburysTransport Nos 9, 25Good2340.50£1.00
209D-11b197112Cadbury SchweppesAge of the Dinosaur Nos 3, 5, 12Good2340.50£1.50
210D-11b195750CadetThe Conquest of Space No 17Fair 2340.35£0.35
211D-11b196825CadetHow? No 14Good2350.35£0.35
212D-11b196350C & G ConfectionertBox of Tticks No 34Good2334.50£4.50
213D-11g19451Cameric Cigarette Card ClubBusiness cardVery goodNL0.00£0.00
214D-11b18931Cameron & CameronPainterFairNL0.00£0.00
215D-11a191CarrerasArmy Figures (cut-outs) unnumberedFairNL0.00£0.00
216D-11b193550CarrerasCelebrities of British History. Nos 5, 46Good130.90£1.80
217D-11b193450CarrerasCricketers Nos (6), 26, 34, 40, 45, 47 48, 49Variable133.50£24.50
218D-11b193548CarrerasFamous Footballers Nos 7, 10, 3, 25, 31, 40, 41Fair to good131.50£10.50
219D-11g193954CarrerasFilm and Stage Beauties (No . after carreras)Good130.80£6.40
Available nos:+9,10,13,14,25,41,45,51
220D-11g193954CarrerasFilm and Stage Beauties (With . after carreras)Good130.90£9.00
Available nos:+7,12,23,30,34,37,38,39,40,53
221D-11g193954CarrerasFilm StarsGood141.10£16.50
Available nos:+2,4,7,9,13,15,23,26,31,32,34,36,44,45,50
222D-11b1975Carreras (Smile Away)Film StarsFairNL0.00£0.00
Available nos:+6,8,18,50,53,61,65,67,69 Ask for list
223D-11b193475CarrerasFootballers BGood142.00£38.00
Available nos:+2,4,20,24,25,27,30,32,33,35,38,49,51,53,54,56,61,62,65. Ask for list
224D-11g192636CarrerasFortune TellingVery good140.70£18.20
Available nos:+1,4,5,6,8,9,10,11,12,18,19,20,22,23,24,25,26,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36
225D-2b.P193596CarrerasFamous Film StarsAssorted duplicates131.40£51.80
Available nos:+2,5,6,8,10,11,12,14,18,22,24,32,53,64,67,68,86,96
226D-7c.P192652CarrerasGreyhound Racing Game Large. Very good140.30£15.00
Available nos:+2,6,10,15,16,18,27,42,49
227D-11g192548CarrerasHappy Family Nos 3,19,29,30,31,47Good150.40£2.40
228D-11b192625CarrerasHorses and Hounds No 10Fair152.20£2.20
229D-11b192550CarrerasA Kodak at the zoo 2nd seriesGood151.00£11.00
Available nos:+1,11,16,17,18,25,27,31,32,38,50
230D-11b192750CarrerasThe Nose GameVariable150.50£9.50
Available nos:+A6,A7,A8,A9,(A10),B2,B8,C1,C2,C3,C9,D2,D5,D6,D8,D9,E1,E5,E7,E10
231D-11b192750CarrerasThe Nose Game E (6)Large, Good150.50£0.50
232D-11b192950CarrerasNotable M.P.sGood151.20£7.20
Available nos:+2,5,6,37,41,49
233D-11b192950CarrerasNotable M.P.sGood150.60£7.20
Available nos:+8,10,12,16,19,20,24,33,40,45,47,49
234D-11b192624CarrerasOld Staffordshire Figures Nos 1, 15, 22Fair151.40£4.20
235D-11b192624CarrerasOld Staffordshire FiguresFair151.50£15.00
Available nos:+1,3,4,5,8,12,13,14,18,24 Size 79 x 62mm. Embossed
236D-11g19708CarrerasOrder up the Guards: Coupons Nos 3,5,6,7,8Good141.50£7.50
237D-11g192952CarrerasPlaying cards & DominoesFair141.00£5.00
238D-11b.B193572CarrerasPopular Personalities (Oval)Variable160.80£21.60
Available nos:+3,4,9,13,16,17,18,22,24,31,32,35,36,39,42,45,50,51,52,53,57,61,64,66,67,68,71
239D-11b192725CarrerasRaces - Historic and Modern Nos 9,11,14,18,19,22,24,25Fair162.60£20.80
240D-11b191650CarrerasThe Science of Boxing Nos 17, 40, 47Good. Carreras back166.00£18.00
241D-11b197850CarrerasSport Fish No 8Very good160.20£0.20
242D-11b193550CarrerasTools and How to use them. Nos 23, 33, 35, 36, 37, 38Variable162.20£13.20
243D-11b192927CarrerasViews of London Nos 1, 6, 12, 19Variable160.45£1.80
244D-11b192325CarrerasWild Flowers Art Nos 9, 21Fair161.60£3.20
245D-11b195350Carreras (slides, cut)British AircraftVariable161.00£17.00
Available nos:+1,11,12,14,20,22,23,24,25,26,37,38,40,44,45,47,49
246D-11b195450Carreras (slides, cut)British Fish Nos 20, 25, 38Variable160.50£1.50
247D-11b195150Carreras (slides, cut)Celebrities of British HistoryVariable160.75£9.00
Available nos:+7,9,10,13,16,19,22,25,26,39,44,47
248D-11b195250Carreras (slides, cut)Famous Dog BreedsVariable161.00£15.00
249D-11b195550Carreras (slides, cut)Zoo AnimalsVariable160.25£2.25
250D-11g192530CavandersColonial seriesGood180.50£7.50
Available nos:+1,2,3,5,7,10,17,18,19,20,21,23,26,27,29
251D-11g193125CavandersColoured stereoscopic No 7 leftGood180.70£0.70
252D-11g1924-2650CavandersHomeland seriesGood180.40£4.80
Available nos:+12,14,16,20,21,29,32,37,39,41,42,43
253D-11g192750CavandersBeauty spots of Great Britain No 5Good180.50£0.50
254D-11g192772CavandersPeeps intp Many Lands 5R,6R,7L,18R,23L,Variable180.80£4.00
255D-11g1926106CavandersRiver Valleys Nos 11, 16, 50Good180.40£1.20
256D-11g192630CavandersWordsworth's Country Nos 12,16,17,20,24Good181.00£5.00
257D-11b193850CartledgeFamous Prize Fighters Nos 8, 9, 31, 33, 35, 36Good2382.50£15.00
258D-11b192450CavandersHomeland Series Nos 10, 31, 37Good181.00£3.00
259D-11b192772CavandersPeeps into Many Lands Nos 8L, 8R, 19L, 29LGood180.50£2.00
260D-11b192724CavandersPeeps into Many Lands Nos 11R, 15R, 18R, 18LFair180.50£2.00
261D-11b193024CavandersPeeps into Prehistoric Times Nos 10L, 13L, 20L, 22RFair181.00£4.00
262D-11b1925100CerebosSea Shells Nos 23, 43. Fair2393.00£6.00
263D-11bChineseChinese cards. Assorted. mostly plain backsFairNL0.00£0.00
264D-11b1940ChineseFootball - How to playGoodNL0.00£0.00
Available nos:+1,5,6,9,10,16,22,23,30,31,32,33,39
265D-11gc195515ChiversBritish Bird Series Nos 4, 14Good2401.50£3.00
266D-11gc195515ChiversChildresn of Other Lands Nos 3,7,8,9Good2401.50£6.00
267D-11gc193095ChiversFirm Favourites (31-125)Good2394.00£60.00
Available nos:+43,82,87,93,97,99,100,103,109,111,112,115,119,122,123
268D-11gc193010ChiversFirm Favourites 2nd series Nos 5, 6Good2394.00£8.00
269D-11gc193010ChiversFirm Favourites 3rd series Nos 1,2.4,5,7,9Good2394.00£24.00
270D-11gc193010ChiversOn Chivers farm Nos 1,2,9,11,14,17Good2401.50£9.00
271D-11b192323ChumsCricketers No 20Good2406.00£6.00
272D-11b192230Church and DwightUseful Birds of America 3rg series Nos 4, 25Good2413.00£3.00
273D-11g192230Church and DwightUseful Birds of America 3rd series No 8Good2413.00£3.00
274D-11g193815Church and DwightUseful Birds of America 10th series No 12Good2413.00£3.00
275D-11b192550W A and A C ChurchmanCelebrated Gateways Nos 10, 25Good202.00£4.00
276D-11g19381W A and A C ChurchmanChristmas Greetings cardVery good202.50£2.50
277D-11b193550W A and A C ChurchmanContract BridgeVery Good200.80£17.60
Available nos:+3,4,5,7,8,12,13,14,15,16,18,21,22,24,25,29,32,33,44,46,48,50
278D-11b193355W A and A C ChurchmanCan You Beat Bogey at St Andrews? Without overprintVery Good203.00£66.00
Available nos:+1,2,6,8,9,10,11,12,15,16,17,18,20,21,24,26,27,29,30,32,51,54
279D-11b193355W A and A C ChurchmanCan You Beat Bogey at St Andrews? With overprintVery Good203.00£36.00
Available nos:+5,7,8,24,39,42,43,46,47,48,54,55
280D-11b193150W A and A C ChurchmanEmpire Railways Nos 4, 12, 25, 30, 34, 35, 42, 48Very Good202.60£20.80
281D-11b192750W A and A C ChurchmanFamous Golfers Nos 7, 9, 19, 29,30, 32, 45Good2015.00£105.00
282D-11b193225W A and A C ChurchmanThe Inns of Court Nos 9, 25Good213.00£6.00
283D-11g193715W A and A C ChurchmanThe King's Coronation No 3Good210.80£0.80
284D-11b192850W A and A C ChurchmanLawn Tennis Nos 2,12,31,38,41,43Good214.00£24.00
285D-11b193450W A and A C ChurchmanRacing Greyhounds No 10Very Good223.00£3.00
286D-11b192250W A and A C ChurchmanRivers and Broads of Norfolk and Suffolk No 43Fair236.00£6.00
287D-11b191350W A and A C ChurchmanSectional Cycling Map Nos 6, 46Fair236.50£13.00
288D-11b193150W A and A C ChurchmanSporting Celebrities Nos 6,7,14,20,30,44Variable233.00£18.00
289D-11b192725W A and A C ChurchmanSporting Trophies Nos 5,13,14,16,21,25Good232.60£15.60
290D-11g193512W A and A C ChurchmanThe Story of Navigation No 4Very god223.00£3.00
291D-11b192925W A and A C ChurchmanWarriors of All Nations Nos 11,14,17,18,25Good243.00£15.00
292D-11g193712W A and A C ChurchmanWonderful Railway TravelVery good221.50£1.50
293D-11b190725Wm. ClarkeMarine Series No 9Fair2320.00£20.00
294D-11b191Clay and Bock (Cuba)Portugal No 10FairNL0.00£0.00
295D-11b195950Clevedon ConfectioneryFamous Screen Stars No 5Fair2414.50£4.50
296D-11b1950Clifford SeriesFootballers Nos 2, 19,24,47,48,50FairNL0.00£0.00
297D-11b197325Clover DairiesBritish rail No 18Very good2420.20£0.20
298D-11b196050Como ConfectioneryLenny's Adventures Nos 20,24Very good2461.00£2.00
299D-11g195950Como ConfectioneryNoddy's Friends Abroad No 25Very good2463.50£3.50
300D-11b196525Como ConfectioneryTop Secret No 15Very good2463.00£3.00
301D-11g196626Como ConfectioneryXL5 2nd series No 42Good24625.00£25.00
302D-11g1950Cooperative Wholesale Soc LtdChocolate Coop Image No 5Very good260.00£0.00
French Co-Op
303D-11b192424Cooperative Wholesale Soc LtdEnglish Roses Nos 4, 5, 6Good264.00£12.00
304D-11b192425Cooperative Wholesale Soc LtdHow to do it No 24 (Anglian Mixture)Good263.00£3.00
305D-11b193524Cooperative Wholesale Soc LtdSailing Craft No 22Good261.60£1.60
306D-11b196025Coopers TeaMysteries and Wonders of the World Nos 8, 48Good2470.60£1.20
307D-11b193525Cope BrosBoxing Lessons No15Fair274.00£4.00
308D-11b193760Cope BrosHappy Families Nos 6, 8, 16, 47Fair281.65£6.60
309D-11b192625Cope BrosSong Birds No 21Fair287.00£7.00
310D-11b193750John CottonGolf Strokes C/DNear mint2911.00£286.00
Available nos:+1,2,3,5,6,7,8,10,16,17,19,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40,46,47,48,49,50
311D-11b19Cousis (Dubec) CigarettesCelebritiesGoodNL0.00£0.00
312D-11b19Daily Mail"Flight" Photographs - DeHaviland FlamingoGood NL0.00£0.00
313D-11b19De BeukelaerCinema Start Nos 264, 944, 1097VariableNL0.00£0.00
314D-11b1950Danmarks BilledeSejrens Vaaben (Victorious Weapons) No 19GoodNL0.00£0.00
315D-11b196248Liam DevlinIrish Fishing No 18Fair2540.70£0.70
316D-11bc196048Liam DevlinOur Dogsws No 24Fair25412.00£12.00
317D-11b196225Dickon Orde & COSports of the Countries No 4Good2541.40£1.40
318D-11g197872F & M DobsonFlags of the World No 95Very good25510.00£10.00
319D-11b19Dobson Molle and CoEuropean War series?FairNL0.00£0.00
320D-11b19Dorset Delice ConfectioneryThe Pavilion, BournemouthGoodNL0.00£0.00
321D-11b192415Major Drapkin & CoDogs and their Treatment No 3Good315.50£5.50
322D-11g192950Major Drapkin & CoGirls of Many Lands No 49Very good310.50£0.50
323D-11bc19351Major Drapkin & CoGreys Smoking Mixture AdvertisementGood317.00£7.00
324D-11b193454Major Drapkin & CoLife at Whipsnade ZooFair310.50£1.00
325D-11g192625Major Drapkin & CoOptical Illusions No 10Good313.60£3.60
326D-11g191423Major Drapkin & CoSoldiers and Their Uniforms (die-cut) Good311.00£1.00
327D-11gc1950sDroste chocolate (Holland)FlowersGoodNL0.00£0.00
328D-11b50W Duke(Portraits of our Leading) Actors and ActressesGood16720.00£20.00
329D-11b50W DukeHolidaysGood16822.00£22.00
330D-11b50W DukeMusical InstrumentsGood16825.00£25.00
331D-11b25W DukePopular Songs and DancersFair16825.00£50.00
332D-11bc192550Duncan & CoEvolution of the SteamshipGood320.85£11.90
333D-11g19DutchUnidentifies Dutch cardsGoodNL0.00£0.00
334D-11cc193042J EdmondsonFlags od All NationsFair25712.00£24.00
336D-11c1905Edwards, Ringer & BiggsBeauties?Very goodNL?0.00£0.00
337D-11c190620Edwards, Ringer & BiggsBirds and their EggsGood3316.00£32.00
338D-11c190125Edwards, Ringer & BiggsBoer War celebrities? Sir W H HutchinsonGood 1901 calendar back3350.00£50.00
339D-11g192325Edwards, Ringer & BiggsCinema StarsGood332.00£2.00
340D-11c190823Edwards, Ringer & BiggsDogs (Klondyke back) No 13Good335.00£5.00
341D-11c192625Edwards, Ringer & BiggsOur Pets 2nd series No 14Fair332.40£2.40
342D-11c192425Edwards, Ringer & BiggsPrehistoric Animals No 21Fair335.00£5.00
343D-11c190950Edwards, Ringer & BiggsA Tour Round the WorldFair3412.00£12.00
344D-11c191754Edwards, Ringer & BiggsWar Mao of Western frontGood3414.00£42.00
345D-11c192725English & Scottish C W SHumerous Peeps into History Nos 9, 40 Good284.50£9.00
346D-11g192512English & Scottish C W SThe Rose of the Orient 2nd film series No Good No numumber2580.60£0.60
347D-11g1950English & Scottish C W SCWS Tea Advert cardGood No numumberNL0.00£0.00
348D-11cc1935Gabrica Falchi (Brazil)Film Stars No 11, 22, 105, 106, 106, 108, 109, 127Very goodNL0.00£0.00
349D-11g193150Express Tobacco Co LtdHow it is Made (Motor Cars) Nos 2, 28Very good344.00£8.00
350D-11c193025W & F FaulknerOld Sporting Prints No 6Good354.00£8.00
351D-11c192625W & F FaulknerOur Pets Nos 24, 25Good353.20£3.20
352D-11c192425W & F FaulknerProminent Racehorses 2nd series No 39Good351.00£1.00
353D-11cc196025Fizzy Fruit Buses and Trains Nos 6, 7Very good2620.00£0.00
354D-11g19F K S PublishersThe Incredible Hulk No 84FairNL0.00£0.00
355D-11g19F K S PublishersMotor Cycles Nos 3, 44, 70,125, 147GoodNL0.00£0.00
356D-11cFrench PrimesEngagez-Vous Corps frontiereGoodNL0.00£0.00
357D-11c191250Fry'sBirds and Poultry No 10Good2655.00£5.00
358D-11c190625Fry'sDays of Nelson No 14Good26514.00£14.00
359D-11c190625Fry'sDays of Wellington Nos 15, 19, 25Good26514.00£42.00
360D-11c192625Fry'sRed Indians Nos 13, 18Good26510.00£20.00
361D-11c190850Fry'sTime & Money in Different Countries No 37Good2654.00£4.00
362D-11c191425Gallaher LtdThe Allies Flags Nos 5, 7Good376.00£12.00
363D-11c1919100Gallaher LtdBirds Nests and Eggs Nos 2, 21, 63, 90Good372.00£8.00
364D-11g193424Gallaher LtdDogs No 10Good381.25£1.25
365D-11c1922100Gallaher LtdFables and their Morals Nos 39, 57Variable381.25£1.25
366D-11c1926100Gallaher LtdFamous Cricketers No 72Good384.00£4.00
367D-11c1925100Gallaher LtdFamous Footballers Green back Nos 24, 49Good383.00£6.00
368D-11c192650Gallaher LtdFamous Footballers Brown back No 4Good383.00£3.00
369D-11c1928100Gallaher LtdFootballres Nos 34, 76, 94Good384.00£12.00
370D-11c1915-1625Gallaher LtdThe Grear War 7th series Nos 155, 172Variable386.00£12.00
371D-11c192850Gallaher LtdLawn Tennis Celebrities Nos 8, 9Fair386.00£12.00
372D-11c193748Gallaher LtdThe Navy No 24 (issued by)Good381.20£1.20
373D-11c1910500Gallaher LtdIrish View Scenery. NumberedGood382.00£116.00
Available nos:+3,15,30,39,46,54,63,67,70,71,73,74,92,96,97,100,102,114,132,135,140,142,147,153,168,173,175,189,191,196,203,205,207,208,212,217,227,233,240,254,260,265,267,276,277,282,284,287,302,306,316,324,337,358,361,363,367,378,387
374D-11c1910500Gallaher LtdIrish View Scenery. Un-numberedGood383.00£27.00
Available nos:+7,20,41,42,58,106,160,198,261
375D-11g193848Gallaher LtdIsland Sporting Celebrities Nos 5,18,23,28,40,43,47Good393.00£21.00
376D-11c1901111Gallaher LtdSouth African seriesFair 396.00£90.00
Available nos:+102,104,105,107,110,111,112,113,114,133,145,157,158,172,177,211
377D-11c189950Gallaher LtdRegimental Colours and Standards No 188Good399.00£9.00
378D-11g193948Gallaher LtdScenes From the EmpireGood390.30£4.20
379D-11c1912100Gallaher LtdWoodland Trees No 99Fair405.00£5.00
380D-11c1924100Gallaher LtdThe Zoo AquariumGood401.30£1.30
381D-11g1950Alfred Gerber (Cheese)Glorious Switzerland Nos 58,70,102,104,107,108GoodNL0.00£0.00
382D-11c19400German - Alva CigarettenFahnen und Standartentragel Nos 281, 287,288, 333, 393,381,390FairNL0.00£0.00
383D-11c19GermanAssorted German cardsGoodNL0.00£0.00
384D-11g19GermanAssorted German cards (large)VariableNL0.00£0.00
385D-11c197425Glengetie Tea No 23History of the RailwayNear mint2680.30£0.30
386D-11gc192512J Goddard & SonsOld Silver - Porringer & Cover 1676-7Fair2691.50£1.50
387D-11g19J Goddard & SonsGood269?0.00£0.00
388D-11g19358J Goddard & SonsView of Leicester No 7Good2695.00£5.00
389D-11c197824Golden WonderSoccer All Stars Nos 3, 5,(11), 14, 20,34Near mint2740.50£2.50
390D-11c190125T P & R GoodbodyBoer War CelebritiesVery good3145.00£90.00
General Sir George S White, Major-General George Henry Marshall
391D-11c197224Goodies LtdOlympics No 4Very good274 3.00£3.00
392D-11c197325Goodies LtdWicked Monarchs Nos 1, (3), 18Very good2742.00£4.00
393D-11c196825Goodies LtdWide World No 14Fair2741.40£1.40
394D-11g19Goudey Gum Co (USA)Indian Chewing Gum Nos 2, 25, 46GoodNL0.00£0.00
395D-11cc192012GrangersDr Mabuse No 2Fair27612.00£12.00
396D-11c196340Gregg (New Zealand)Birds No 2Good2760.50£0.50
397D-11cc1885140Thos H Hall (USA)Actors & Actresses (Betwwen the acts etc)Fair17020.00£20.00
Josephine Baker
398D-11c195950Harden Bros & LindsayAnimal of the World Very good2780.40£0.80
399D-11c196050Harden Bros & LindsayBritish Bords and their EggsGood2781.60£1.60
400D-11c196150Harden Bros & LindsayNational Pets No 28Near mint2780.20£0.20
401D-11c19241Henly & WatkinsAnciient Egyptian Gods No 8 (Blue back)Good438.00£8.00
402D-11c192450Hignett BrosArms & Armour No 18Good434.00£4.00
403D-11c190925Hignett BrosCathedrals & Churches No 24Fair435.00£5.00
404D-11c192425Hignett BrosCommon Objects of the Sea-ShoreGood432.40£45.60
Available nos:+1,2,5,6,7,8,9,11,12,13,14,15,16,18,19,20,21,23,24
405D-11c193650Hignett BrosDogs Nos 1, 2, 3, 4, 6Variable432.50£12.50
406D-11c190550Hignett BrosInteresting Buildings Nos 25 (33)Good436.50£6.50
407D-11c191425Hignett BrosPanama Canal No 4Fair446.00£6.00
408D-11c193450Hignett BrosProminent racehorses of 1933 No 50Very Good443.00£3.00
409D-11c193950Hignett BrosSea Adventures No 9Fair440.60£0.60
410D-11c193750Hignett BrosZoo Studies No 42Good441.00£1.00
411D-11c192650R & J HillCaricatures of famous Cricketers Bo 15Fair454.00£4.00
412D-11c193950R & J HillCelebrities of Sport Nos1, 7, 10, 16, 17, 30, 31, 32, 40Very good452.50£22.50
413D-11c193950R & J HillCelebrities of Sport Nos 3Very good455.00£5.00
414D-11c193635R & J HillCinema Celebrities Nos 21, 25, 28, 29Good451.30£5.20
415D-11c192450R & J HillFamous Cricketers Nos 5, 11, 20, 25, 42, 45Good466.00£36.00
416D-11c191250R & J HillFamous Footballers S TonnerGood4630.00£30.00
417D-11c193950R & J HillFamous Footballers No 69Good463.20£3.20
418D-11c193548R & J HillFilm Stars and Celebrity Dancers Nos 24, 31Good461.80£3.60
419D-11c191610R & J HillFragments from France Nos Variable4627.50£55.00
420D-11c192550R & J HillHoliday resorts No 8Fair460.90£0.90
421D-11c190230R & J HillNaval series No 33Good4715.00£15.00
422D-11c193950R & J HillModern Beauties No 2Good471.00£1.00
423D-11c191420R & J HillNational Flag No 9Good479.00£9.00
424D-11c192350R & J HillPublic Schools and CollegesGood470.90£10.80
Available nos:+1,2,3,4,5,10,12,21,22,31,41,48
425D-11c192375R & J HillPublic Schools and CollegesGood471.20£24.00
Available nos:+7,8,9,11,13,17,20,21,23,24,30,35,36,38,40,45,47,50,51,75
426D-11c193750R & J HillPuzzle series Nos 13, 25,38,40,43,46Good471.20£7.20
427D-11c192550R & J HillRailway Centenary Nos 3, 20,Good471.50£3.00
428D-11c192525R & J HillRailway Centenary 2nd series No 58Good472.00£2.00
429D-11c192935R & J HillScientific Inventions and Discoveries Nos 9,14,15,29Very good481.30£5.20
430D-11c191420R & J HillTypes of the British Army (Badminton back) No 13Very good4836.00£36.00
431D-11c192750R & J HillWho's Who in Britush Films Nos 4, 31Good491.80£3.60
432D-11c192384R & J HillWireless Telephony Nos 1. 11, 14, 30, 65Good491.80£9.00
433D-11c192450R & J HillZoological series Nos 1, 4, 10, 11, 12, 29, 40Good491.00£7.00
434D-11c196048HornimanPets No 28Very good2810.20£0.20
435D-11c195848HornimanWild Animals Nos 4, 27Very good2810.20£0.40
436D-11c192980R Hyde & CoBritish Birds Nos 11, 79Good2842.75£5.50
437D-11c193080R Hyde & CoCage BirdsVariable2842.00£24.00
Available nos:+3,11,23,25,32,43,51,53,59,68,77,80
438D-11c193080R Hyde & CoCanary Culture Nos 24,25,30,33,35,44,49,59,67Variable2841.50£13.50
439D-11c192550Imperial Tobacco Co (Canjnada)Flower Culture in Pots Nos 31, 46Fair1710.80£1.60
440D-11c1924I P M (Londonderry)Extras: Prehistoric Monsters and the Present 3,5,10,14,24Good (holographic)NL0.00£0.00
441D-11c1937100International Tobacco CoGentlemen, the King Nos 6, 20,99Good510.20£0.60
442D-11c192425Jacob & CoVehicles of all Ages No 6Poor (back torn)2933.00£3.00
443D-11c192425Jacob & CoZoo Series (brown back) No 4Poor2932.20£2.20
444D-11c192425Jacob & CoZoo Series (green back) Nos 3, 15Good2931.80£3.60
445D-11c195550Kane Products LtdDogs Nos (12),19,29Variable2953.20£6.40
446D-11c19572Kane Products LtdFootball Clubs and Colours Nos4, 20Good2950.20£0.20
447D-11c195950Kane Products LtdFlags of all Nations No 6Very good2950.60£0.60
448D-11cc195050Kiddy's Favourites LtdPopular Boxers Nos 19, 49Fair2953.50£7.00
449D-11cc195065Kiddy's Favourites LtdPopular Film Stars No 34Poor2955.00£5.00
450D-11cc195052Kiddy's Favourites LtdPopular Olynpics Nos 5, 11, 23Fair2953.50£10.50
451D-11cc189050Wm Kimmball (USA)Fancy Bathers - Brighton BeachFair17428.00£28.00
452D-11cc1890Kinney Bros (USA)Actors and Actresses (Sweet Caporal)Faded1754.00£8.00
453D-11cc1890Kinney Bros (USA)Actors and Actresses (Plain backs)Faded1754.00£12.00
454D-11cc1890Kinney Bros (USA)Actors and Actresses (shaped card)FairNL0.00£0.00
455D-11cc189050Kinney Bros (USA)Fish SeriesFairNL0.00£0.00
456D-11cc1890100Kinney Bros (USA)Fish SeriesFairNL0.00£0.00
457D-11cc189025Kinney Bros (USA)Leaders - Alexander the GreatFair17528.00£28.00
458D-11cc1890622Kinney Bros (USA)Military Uniforms (No numeral)Good17410.00£20.00
459D-11cc189050Kinney Bros (USA)National DancesFair17522.00£22.00
460D-11c188925Kinney Bros (USA)Race horse - Bend Or (return 25 of these...)Fair17530.00£30.00
461D-11cc189050Kinney Brod (USA)Surf BeautiesFair17526.00£26.00
462D-11c197025J KeillerScottish Heritage No 4Very Good2950.50£0.50
463D-11cc196816Kellog Co (GB)Animals - 3DGood2953.50£14.00
Giraffe, Gorilla, Leopard, Zebra
464D-11c196316Kellog Co (GB)History of British Military Aircraft Nos 5, 16Good2951.50£3.00
465D-11c194940Kellog Co (GB)Motor Cars (Black & White)Good2954.00£60.00
Available nos:+1,3,4,9,10,11,15,25,26,27,29,31,34,35,36
466D-11c194940Kellog Co (GB)Motor Cars (Coloured) Nos 4,5,6,9,10,19,37Good2957.00£49.00
467D-11c192520K Knight (Hustler Soap)Animals of the World (cut-outs, uncut)Good2971.50£7.50
Available nos:+7,9,12,14,15
468D-11c192520K Knight (Hustler Soap) 2nd seriesAnimals of the World (cut-outs, uncut)Good2971.50£13.50
Available nos:+2,3,7,9,13,14,15,18,19
469D-11c192520K Knight (Hustler Soap) 3rd seriesAnimals of the World (cut-outs, uncut)Good2971.50£7.50
Available nos:+2,7,11,17,20
470D-11c190020Lambert & ButlerBoer War Generals2 good 1 Fair5440.00£120.00
Maj-Gen MacDonald, Maj-Gen Sir H Chermside, Maj-Gen Knox
471D-11c19Lambert & Butler35 x 47mm sizeGoodNL5440.00£80.00
Rear-Admiral A D Fanshawe, H.I.M The Emperor of Germany
472D-11c19Lambert & ButlerGoodNL5440.00£80.00
Lord Dundonald, Lt Gen Baden-Powell
473D-11c190650Lambert & ButlerBirds and their Eggs No 9Fair544.50£4.50
474D-11c192725Lambert & ButlerBritish Trees and Their Uses Nos 8, 19, 20Fair542.60£7.80
475D-11c190150Lambert & ButlerConundrums (38 x 57mm. Green back) No 49Fair5420.00£20.00
476D-11c192925Lambert & ButlerFauna of Rhodesia Nos 2,3,4,8,9,14,18,23,24,25Good541.40£14.00
477D-11c193150Lambert & ButlerFootballers 1930-1 No 38Very good555.00£5.00
478D-11c192925Lambert & ButlerHints & Tips for Motorists Nos 6,7,13,18,20Good555.00£25.00
479D-11c192925Lambert & ButlerInteresting Musical Instrumentrs Nos 12,13,15,16,20,21Good553.00£18.00
480D-11c190425Lambert & ButlerJapanes Series No 4Fair558.00£8.00
481D-11c192825Lambert & ButlerMotor Car Radiators No 1Good556.00£6.00
482D-11c192225Lambert & ButlerMotor Cars Nos (Series of 25, Blue back) Variable552.80£22.40
Available nos:+1,6,7,8,9,17,20,22,
483D-11c192650Lambert & ButlerMotor Index Marks No 7 (Blue back)Good5530.00£30.00
484D-11c190925Lambert & ButlerWireless Telegraphy Nos 7,13,14,23,24,25Variable565.00£30.00
485D-11c19246Lambkin Bros (Cork)Country scenes (Aseries of 8) Nos 4,5,6Good569.00£27.00
486D-11c1950R J Lea LtdChairman and Vice-Chairman Miniatures Nop 82Good3570.00£0.00
487D-11c192350R J Lea LtdDogs Nos 24, 25Good575.00£10.00
488D-11c192225R J Lea LtdEnglish Birds No 12Good573.60£3.60
489D-11c193954R J Lea LtdFamous Film Stars Nos 3,15,16,26,29,37,45,46,53Very good571.30£11.70
490D-11c193436R J Lea LtdFilm Stars "A First series" No 33Poor573.40£3.40
491D-11c192625R J Lea LtdFish No 14Fair573.00£3.00
492D-11cc191250R J Lea LtdOld Pottery and Porcelain Good.NL0.00£0.00
Un-numbered. Silk on card. Presumably very early and rare.
493D-11c191250R J Lea LtdOld Pottery and Porcelain 2nd sseries No 96Chairman Cigarettes Fair582.00£2.00
494D-11c191350R J Lea LtdOld Pottery and Porcelain 4th sseries Nos 154,161Fair582.00£2.00
495D-11c191350R J Lea LtdOld Pottery and Porcelain 5th sseriesGood582.00£54.00
Available nos:+203,207,208,209,212,213,214,216,218,219,220,222,226,227,228,229,231,232,234,236,237,238,239,241,245,247,248
496D-11c191525R J Lea LtdWar Pictures Series 1 Nos 4,5,20,25Fair586.00£24.00
497D-11c195035Joseph LingfordBritish War Leaders - HortobVery good2992.50£2.50
498D-11c196660LiptonFlags of the World Nos 9,12,41Very good3000.20£0.60
499D-11c192425Richard Lloyd & SonsOld Inns series 2 Nos 12, 17Good593.00£6.00
500D-11c192625Richard Lloyd & SonsZoo series Nos 2,10,19Variable591.00£1.00
501D-11c196740Lyons MaidAll Systems Go No 40Good3012.00£2.00
502D-11c197040Lyons MaidBritish Wildlife No 10Poor (Dirty back)3021.50£1.50
503D-11c196940Lyons MaidEuropean Adventure No 17Fair3022.00£2.00
504D-11c196540Lyons MaidFamous Aircraft Nos 4,5,11,17,18,19,20,25,27,35Good3020.50£5.00
505D-11c196640Lyons MaidFamous Cars Nos 25, 36Variable3022.00£4.00
506D-11c197140Lyons MaidInternational Footballers Nos 1,10,30Good3026.00£18.00
507D-11c196840Lyons MaidInto the Unknown Nos 11,18Variable3022.00£2.00
508D-11c196920Lyons MaidOn Safari Nos 4,21,32Variable3021.50£4.50
509D-11c197040Lyons MaidSoccer Stars Nos 29, 38Variable3025.00£10.00
510D-11c196840Lyons MaidSpace Age Britain Nos 10, 24Variable3022.00£4.00
511D-11c196340Lyons MaidSpace Exploration Nos 1, 20Good3022.50£5.00
512D-11c197625Lyons MaidSpace 1999 NosGood3026.00£72.00
Available nos:+2,5,8,10,11,13,14,15,18,20,22,23
513D-11d196232J LyonsHMS 1902-1962 Nos 12,19,25,Good3010.25£0.25
Available nos:+5,7,8,10,12,18,19,20,21,25,27,29,31,32
514D-11d196124J LyonsWings Across the World No 17Poor (crease)3010.25£0.25
515D-11d196024J LyonsWings of Speed (descriptive back) Nos 2,3,6,7,10,11,14,22,24Good3010.20£2.00
516D-11d196024J LyonsWings of Speed (advertisement back)Good3010.32£1.60
517D-11d1926-4753W C Macdonald (Canada)Playing card Fair1750.75£0.75
518D-11d1940W C Macdonald (Canada)Aeroplanes and WarshipsGood1751.50£3.00
519D-11h195748Madison ConfectioneryDisc Jockey Nos 3, 32Good3032.50£5.00
520D-11d193825Mars ConfectioneryCeremonies of the Coronatoin Nos 3,7,12,14,16,17,20Black back. Fair3042.00£14.00
521D-11d193825Mars ConfectioneryCeremonies of the Coronatoin Nos 4, 17Blue back. Fair3045.00£10.00
522D-11d195125Maxilin MarketingCars No 13, 16, 23Good3050.36£1.08
523D-11dc192012Maynards (Wine gums)Strange Insects Nos 2, 4, 7, 8, 12Fair3056.00£30.00
524D-11d193150J Millhoff & CoGeographia Map of London No Good610.00£0.00
525D-11d193354J Millhoff & CoHomeland series No 29Good610.40£0.40
526D-11d193036J Millhoff & CoIn the Public Eye Nos 12, 29,33Good611.70£5.10
527D-11d191J Millhoff & CoJig-saw advert (2 different backs)GoodNL0.00£0.00
528D-11d192425J Millhoff & CoMen of Genius Nos 9, 11,13,14,17Good615.00£25.00
529D-11dc193127J Millhoff & CoReal Photographs, 1st series Nos 2,4,9,12,13,24 GlossyGood620.40£2.40
530D-11dc193127J Millhoff & CoReal Photographs, 2nd series Nos 1, 6,7,11,14Good620.80£4.00
531D-11dc193227J Millhoff & CoReal Photographs, 3rd series Nos 10,12,19,22,23Good620.40£2.00
532D-11dc193227J Millhoff & CoReal Photographs, 4th series No 20Good620.80£0.80
533D-11dc193327J Millhoff & CoReal Photographs, 5th series Nos 2,5,8,9,13,15,19,22,27Good621.10£9.90
534D-11dc193327J Millhoff & CoReal Photographs, 6th series No 18Fair621.10£1.10
535D-11d192825J Millhoff & CoReproductions of Celebrated Oil Paintings Nos 10,15Fair611.60£3.20
536D-11d192936J Millhoff & CoZoological Studies Nos 3 10,28Variable610.50£0.50
537D-11d19Miranda ?(Canary Isles)? (my father's comment!)GoodNL0.00£0.00
538D-11d196320Mister SofteeTop 20 No 18Very good3070.75£0.75
539D-11d193850Stephen Michell & Son (Glasgow)Air-Raid Precautions Nos 3,14,19,21,41,46,48,50Very good621.00£8.00
540D-11d192825Stephen Michell & Son (Glasgow)Angling Nos 3,4,5,6,11,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,24,25Very good628.00£112.00
541D-11d193450Stephen Michell & Son (Glasgow)A Gallery of 1934 Nos 11,22,26,27,30Good623.00£15.00
542D-11d193550Stephen Michell & Son (Glasgow)A Gallery of 1935 Nos 1,9,20,31,37Good622.00£10.00
543D-11d192450Stephen Michell & Son (Glasgow)Humeros DrawingsVariable623.00£54.00
Available nos:+6,7,9,10,13,15,17,20,21,23,26,27,28,32,34,38,46,49
544D-11d193230Stephen Michell & Son (Glasgow)A Modeel Army (cut-outs) Nos 17,30Good631.20£2.40
545D-11d192950Stephen Michell & Son (Glasgow)Scotlands Story Nos 1,2,6,15,26,32,47Variable633.00£21.00
546D-11d193450Stephen Michell & Son (Glasgow)Scottish Footballers Nos 37,42,48Variable633.20£9.60
547D-11d193550Stephen Michell & Son (Glasgow)Scottish Football Snaps Nos 25, 47Good633.20£6.40
548D-11d191425Stephen Michell & Son (Glasgow)Statues and Monuments No 22Fair633.00£3.00
549D-11d192525Stephen Michell & Son (Glasgow)Village Models No 7Fair632.40£2.40
550D-11d193750Stephen Michell & Son (Glasgow)Wonderful Century No 5Fair630.70£0.70
551D-11d197125Molassine (Vims)Dogs at Work Nos 23, 25Very good3080.20£0.40
552D-11dc196010MorleyThe Morley Circus Nos 7, 9Very good3083.00£6.00
553D-11d189830B Morris & SonsActresses (41 x 68mm)Very good632.00£4.00
Margaret Halstan, Nina Sevening
554D-11d192525B Morris & SonsAustralian Cricketers No 21Good634.00£4.00
555D-11d190020B Morris & SonsBoer War 1900 (VC Heroes)Good6450.00£50.00
556D-11d192524B Morris & SonsShadowgraphs Nos 13, 18, 24Good643.00£9.00
557D-11d193940Murray, Sons & CoBatthing Belles No 19Good670.40£0.40
558D-11d194050Murray, Sons & CoThe Story of ShipsGood670.40£0.40
559D-11d192925Murray, Sons & CoTypes of Aeroplane Nos 14, 16Good671.60£3.20
560D-11dc191625Murray, Sons & CoWar series Nos 106, 110, 120, 121, 122Good684.60£23.00
561D-11d19Nabisco? (Tea Time Assorted Biscuits)SoldiersVery good (plain back)NL0.00£0.00
562D-11d192215Nelson Lee LibraryFootballers No 25/26Good3135.00£5.00
563D-11d193549NestleHappy FamiliesGood3131.20£26.40
564D-11d19Nestle et KohlerVarious chocolate trading cardsGoodNL0.00£0.00
565D-11d19Nestle, Peter, Cailler, KohlerVarious chocolate trading cards (thin)VariableNL0.00£0.00
566D-11d19Nestle, Peter, Cailler, KohlerVarious chocolate trading cards (stiffer)VariableNL0.00£0.00
567D-11g1955News ChroniclePocket Portrait Johnnie Berry (Manchester Utd)Good3142.50£2.50
568D-11d190050OgdensBeauty Series, No 20 (St Julien Tobacco)Poor693.00£3.00
569D-11d192950OgdensThe Blue Riband of the Atlantic Nos 1,3,22,35,Variable702.50£10.00
570D-11d190450OgdensBirds Eggs (white back)Variable691.40£21.00
Available nos:+1,3,4,15,30,31,34,35,37,39,40,41,42,47,49
571D-11d192350OgdensBirds Eggs (cut-outs) No 5Fair701.20£1.20
572D-11d191250OgdensBoy Scouts 3rd series Nos 102, 110Green back, fair705.00£10.00
573D-11d192644OgdensCaptains of Associated Football Clubs No 37Fair705.00£5.00
574D-11d192350OgdensChildren of all Nations Nos 21,23,29,31Cut-outs, Fair701.00£4.00
575D-11d193050OgdensConstuction of Railway Trains Nos 2, 4, 42Variable702.50£7.50
576D-11d192550OgdensCricket 1926 Nos 4, 34Fair703.00£6.00
577D-11d192625OgdensDerby Entrants 1926 No 1Fair702.60£2.60
578D-11d190830OgdensFamour Footballers Nos 5, 20, 34, 47Fair715.00£20.00
579D-11d190650OgdensFlags & Funnels of Leading Steamship LinesFair714.00£60.00
Available nos:+1,2,3,4,7,18,19,21,22,24,28,35,36,46,48
580D-11d193550OgdensFootball Club Captains No 2Fair713.00£3.00
581D-11d192450OgdensForeign Birds Nos 2742Fair710.90£0.90
582D-11d192725OgdensGreyhound Racing 1st series No 24Fair714.40£4.40
583D-11d192750OgdensJockeys and Owners Colours No 42Poor712.50£2.50
584D-11d193050OgdensJockeys 1930 Nos 9, 22, 31, 34, 41Fair710.00£0.00
585D-11d190750OgdensOrder of Chivalry No 11Fair714.00£4.00
586D-11d191425OgdensOwners Racing Colours and Jockeys No 10Good714.40£4.40
587D-11d191625OgdensPoultry 2nd series No 38Good715.40£5.40
588D-11d192225OgdensPoultry Rearing and Management Nos 1,10,22,Good713.00£3.00
589D-11d192325OgdensPoultry Rearing and Management 2ns series Nos 2,8,12,16,20,25Good723.00£18.00
590D-11d193450OgdensProminent Racehorses of 1933 Nos 14,19Good722.00£4.00
591D-11d190850OgdensPugilists and Wrestlers Nos Variable726.00£78.00
Available nos:+(6),12,(18),20,26,28,29,30,31,33,36,37,38,44,45
592D-11d190925OgdensPugilists and Wrestlers 2nd series Nos (51,64),67,74Variable728.00£16.00
593D-11d190825OgdensRecords of the World No 10Fair724.00£4.00
594D-11d191050OgdensSectional Cycing Map Nos 10,18,30,44,49Poor723.20£16.00
595D-11d190950OgdensSoldiers of the King Nos 8,10,18,45Good726.00£24.00
596D-11d18xx?OgdensSoldiers - Punjab Mountain BatteryFairNL0.00£0.00
No series title, very old. Not Imperial Tobacco. Playing card front (6 of clubs)
597D-11d192750OgdensSteeplechase Trainers and Owners Colours No 7Poor722.00£2.00
598D-11d193150OgdensSwimming, Diving and Life-saving No 8Poor721.50£1.50
599D-11d193050OgdensYachts and Motor-Boats Nos 30,34,38,(?)Variable722.50£7.50
600D-11dc1901200OgdensGuinea Gold - 1-200Variable721.00£20.00
Available nos:+12,18,36,47,51,93,107,113,124,130,135,156,165,171,175,176,187,189,190,196
601D-11dc1901700OgdensGuinea Gold - 200 and aboveVariable721.80£14.40
Available nos:+320, 449, 464, 571,642,720,991,1071,
602D-11dc190030OgdensGuinea Gold - Actresses. Un-numberedVariable734.00£96.00
603D-11d191OgdensGuinea Gold - Leading Generals at the War. Un-numberedVariable720.00£0.00
604D-11dc1902400OgdensGuinea Gold New Series 1 Nos 73, 121Good721.50£3.00
605D-11dc1902300OgdensGuinea Gold New Series C Nos 16, 128, 208Good721.50£4.50
606D-11d191OgdensGuinea Gold Series - Actresses No number 138 x 629mmGood720.00£0.00
607D-11d19011OgdensTabs: General de WetGood745.00£5.00
608D-11d190114OgdensTabs: Imperial InterestGood741.20£1.20
609D-11d1901106OgdensTabs: Imperial or International InterestVariable741.20£13.20
610D-11d190114OgdensTabs: .. Prominent British OfficerVariable741.20£6.00
611D-11d190154OgdensTabs: Leading Generals at the WarVariable742.00£36.00
612D-11d190137OgdensTabs: Prominent British OfficersVariable741.20£13.20
613D-11d190276OgdensTabs: Stage Artistes - Rosie DixonGood741.20£1.20
614D-11d1901150OgdensTabs: General Interest A Nos 64, 89Variable741.20£2.40
615D-11d1902200OgdensTabs: General Interest B Nos 17, 155Variable741.20£2.40
616D-11d1902120OgdensTabs: General Interest E un-numberedGood741.60£1.60
617D-11d1901420OgdensTabs: General Interest F No 295Fair741.60£1.60
618D-11dc19001OgdensTabs: Leading Artistes of the Day (printed back)Fair751.20£6.00
619D-11d19011OgdensTabs: English Cricketers. Plain back FairNL0.00£0.00
Available nos:+256,262,263,264,266,275
620D-11d19011OgdensOgdens Cigarettes - assortedVarious740.00£0.00
621D-11d192420OxoFurs and their story. Nos 1, 8, 11Fair3163.00£9.00
622D-11d192536OxoLifeboats and their History Nos 2,3,5,12,21,22Variable3163.50£21.00
623D-11d192830OxoMystery Painting Pictures No24Fair3163.00£3.00
Available nos:+3,6,7,8,9,11,12,13,17,20,21,22,23,24,25
625D-11d192212PalsFootball series Nos 6, 10Fair3176.00£12.00
626D-11d195450ParamountMotor Cars N0 11,12,16,18,23,(30)Good3182.00£10.00
627D-11d191James Pascall LtdBoy Scout (Book offer)Fair3180.00£0.00
628D-11d192524James Pascall LtdBritish Birds Nos 1.5,15,16.20,23Variable3184.00£24.00
629D-11d192730James Pascall LtdDevon Ferns Nos 9,14,18,20,25Variable3182.25£11.25
630D-11d192730James Pascall LtdDevon Flowers No 5Fair3182.25£2.25
631D-11d192418James Pascall LtdDogs Nos 8,16Fair3186.00£12.00
632D-11d192930James Pascall LtdGlorious DevonVariable3182.25£33.75
Available nos:+~1,2,3,7,8,9,14,15,16,18,19,21,24,25,30
633D-11dc193030J A PattreiouexDrawing Made Easy No 11Fair772.50£2.50
634D-11d193048Godfrey PhillipsA Selection of BDV Wonderful Gifts 203,297,329Fair841.20£3.60
635D-11d193148Godfrey PhillipsA Selection of BDV Wonderful Gifts 120,159,178,353Fair841.20£4.80
636D-11d193248Godfrey PhillipsA Selection of BDV Wonderful Gifts 399Fair841.20£1.20
637D-11dc191650Godfrey PhillipsBritish Beauties photogravureFair818.00£8.00
638D-11d191125Godfrey PhillipsBritish Butterflies. No 1 issue Nos 9, 10, 27Fair816.00£18.00
639D-11d193625Godfrey PhillipsBritish Butterflies. Permacal transfers Nos 1,2,3,11Good810.80£3.20
640D-11d192430Godfrey PhillipsCinema Stars "A series of 30" Nos 1, 20Variable813.00£6.00
641D-11d192325Godfrey PhillipsDerby Winners & Jockets Nos 4, (12),23Variable814.00£8.00
642D-11d191230Godfrey PhillipsEggs, Nests & Birds No 1 issueGood817.00£119.00
Available nos:+1,4,5,7,8,12,17,18,19,20,21,24,25,27,28,29,30
643D-11d192350Godfrey PhillipsFirst Aid Nos 2,9,11,21,22Good821.70£8.50
644D-11d192425Godfrey PhillipsHome Pets Nos 2, 3Good832.20£4.40
645D-11d192323Godfrey PhillipsHow to Make your own Wireless Set Nos 6, 7,14,25,42Fair832.80£14.00
646D-11d193636Godfrey PhillipsInternational Caps Nos 3, 22,38Very good832.00£6.00
647D-11d193025Godfrey PhillipsLawn Tennis Nos 8, 9, 10, 18Fair833.60£14.40
648D-11d192725Godfrey PhillipsModel Railways No 84Fair833.60£3.60
649D-11d192425Godfrey PhillipsOld Favourites Nos 2, 13Good832.00£4.00
650D-11d193225Godfrey PhillipsPersonalities of Today Nos 1,9,12,17,18Good832.20£11.00
651D-11d193648Godfrey PhillipsScreen Stars (frame not embossed) Nos 5,11,14,30,33,36,37Good841.60£11.20
652D-11d192425Godfrey PhillipsShips and Their Flags No 11Good843.00£3.00
653D-11d193750Godfrey PhillipsSoccer Stars Nos 8,11,43Very Good841.80£5.40
654D-11d192936Godfrey PhillipsSporting Champions Nos 24,25,3Good843.00£9.00
655D-11d191025Godfrey PhillipsSporting Series No 15Poor8428.00£28.00
656D-11d193335Godfrey PhillipsStage and Cinema Beauties Nos 3,4,6,14,(17).18,21,32,35Variable841.40£11.20
657D-11d193550Godfrey PhillipsStage and Cinema Beauties No 6Good841.20£1.20
658D-11d193454Godfrey PhillipsStars of the Screen Nos 4,5Good841.20£2.40
659D-11d193448Godfrey PhillipsStars of the Screen No 3Good840.90£0.90
660D-11d193750Godfrey PhillipsSportsmen "Spot the Winner" Nos 3,21,30,34,35,36,37,41,43,45Very Good841.50£15.00
661D-11d1924 25Godfrey PhillipsThe 1924 Cabinet No 24Poor852.00£2.00
662D-11d193650Godfrey PhillipsThis Mechanised Age 1st series No 1,4,21,28,31,49Good850.36£2.16
663D-11ec1930Godfrey PhillipsStamp Cards (yellow card)Very Good842.50£62.50
664D-11ec1930Godfrey PhillipsStamp Cards (blue card)Very Good842.50£72.50
665D-11ec19301John Player & SonsAdvertisement card, SailorGood895.00£5.00
666D-11e193050John Player & SonsAssociation Cup WinnersVariable891.80£36.00
Available nos:+14,15,16,21,22,24,27,28,29,30,33,34,35,37,39,40,43,44,45,49
667D-11e193350John Player & SonsAviary and Cage Birds (Trannsfers)Good890.50£12.00
Available nos:+2,4,6,7,8,12,14,16,19,20,23,28,29,30,32,34,35,36,37,39,40,43,46,47
668D-11e190450John Player & SonsBadges and Flags of British Regiments. Un-numberedBrown back, Fair892.50£10.00
669D-11e190450John Player & SonsBadges and Flags of British Regiments. Nos 5,7,23,47,48Brown back, Fair892.50£12.50
670D-11e190350John Player & SonsBadges and Flags of British Regiments.Green back, Thick902.50£30.00
Available nos:+1,2,8,9,10,23,29,30,31,32,34,39
671D-11e193750John Player & SonsBirds and Their Young (Irish issue) Nos 1, 47Fair901.00£2.00
672D-11e193250John Player & SonsButterflies (Transfers) Nos 6,15,17,20,34,39,47Good900.50£0.50
673D-11e190050John Player & SonsCities of the World No 9 (Mauve back)Fair914.50£4.50
674D-11e192650John Player & SonsCricketers. Caricatures by RipVariable912.00£26.00
Available nos:+12,17,19,21,23,24,30,31,32,35,43,45,50
675D-11e193850John Player & SonsCricketers 1938 No 5 (without ITC clause)Good912.00£2.00
Available nos:+12,17,19,21,23,24,30,31,32,35,43,45,50
676D-11e193950John Player & SonsCycling. (Irish issue with numerals) No 17Good931.80£1.80
677D-11e193150John Player & SonsDogs (transfers - un-numbered)Good930.50£17.00
678D-11e189725John Player & SonsEnglands Naval Heroes Commander Colin KeppelFair. Narrow card 9228.00£28.00
679D-11e193650John Player & SonsFamous Irish-bred HorsesGood934.00£68.00
Available nos:+1,3,5,6,14,18,20,21,26,29,32,38,40,41,42,43,50
680D-11e193550John Player & SonsFamous Irish Greyhounds No 13Good925.50£5.50
681D-11e192850John Player & SonsFlags of the League of NationsVariable930.50£12.00
Available nos:+4,5,6,8,12,13,15,17,18,21,29,31,32,33,34,35,38,39,40,42,45,46,49,50
682D-11e192525John Player & SonsLive Stock. No 2Fair944.00£4.00
683D-11e193950John Player & SonsModern Naval Craft No 14 (C.I issue)Good941.00£1.00
684D-11e193650John Player & SonsMotor Cars Nos 1, 7, 17, 33, 48 (C.I. issue)Good952.00£10.00
685D-11e193150John Player & SonsPoultry (transfers) un-numberedGood950.50£11.50
686D-11e192625John Player & SonsRacehorses Nos 2, 5, 14, 25Fair955.40£21.60
687D-11e192540John Player & SonsRaceing Caricatures Nos 2,6,7,8,11.18,20,21,24,2530,32,40Variable950.90£11.70
688D-11e192650John Player & SonsRailway Working No 24Good1002.20£2.20
689D-11e190750John Player & SonsRegimental Colours & Cap BadgesVariable961.30£9.10
Available nos:+(1),6,14,16,19,22,36,37
690D-11e191050John Player & SonsRegimental Colours & Cap Badges Brown backVariable961.30£20.80
Available nos:+2,7,8,13,18,20,29,31,32,34,37,38,40,42,44,46
691D-11e193750John Player & SonsA Sectional Map of Ireland Nos 3, 8, 18, 27Poor963.20£3.20
692D-11e190450John Player & SonsUsefdul Plants and Fruit: FlaxFair962.50£2.50
693D-11e190250John Player & SonsWild Animals of the World. JaguarFair976.00£6.00
694D-11e190450John Player & SonsWonders of the Deep No 5Fair970.80£0.80
695D-11e193250John Player & SonsYour Initials L, M, WGoode970.70£2.10
696D-11e197516PolydorPolydor Guittar No 109Very good3210.50£0.50
697D-11e197850Prescott PickupRailway LocomotivesVery good3220.25£0.25
698D-11e196625Preston DairiesCountry Life No 8Very good3220.20£0.20
699D-11e197425Primrose ConfectioneryFootball FuniesVery good3230.30£0.30
700D-11e197250Primrose ConfectioneryLaurel & Hardy Nos (21),43Variable. Paper thin card3231.30£1.30
701D-11e197050Primrose ConfectioneryPopeye 4th series Nos 3,16,36Very good. Paper thin card3230.60£1.80
702D-11e195724Priory TeaDogs Nos 1, 2Very good.3250.20£0.40
703D-11e195724Priory TeaPets No 9, 16Very good.3250.20£0.40
704D-11e195724Priory TeaPeople in Uniform No 13, 19Very good.3252.00£4.00
705D-11eEl Progreso (Guayaquil, Ecuador) Busque V. El No 2GoodNL0.00£0.00
706D-11e196925Reddings Tea CoStrange customs of the World Nos 9, 16,21,24Very good3280.20£0.80
707D-11e196625Ringtons LtdRegimental Uniforms of the Past Bo 17Very good3290.30£0.30
708D-11ec196010RobertsonsAdvertisement Golliwogs VariousVery good3334.00£20.00
709D-11ec196010RobertsonsMusical Golliwogs VariousVery good3334.00£28.00
710D-11ec196010RobertsonsSporting Golliwogs VariousVery good3334.00£40.00
711D-11ec192524RothmansCinema Stars No 15, 17, 18, 24Good1041.80£7.20
712D-11e191125Salmon & Gluckstein LtdCoronation series Nos 7, 21, 25Poor (soiled)10514.00£14.00
713D-11ec190850Salmon & Gluckstein LtdThe Great White City No 17Poor (soiled)10516.00£16.00
714D-11e190125Salmon & Gluckstein LtdHeroes of the Traansvaal War: Lord Roberts V.C.Poor (soiled)10520.00£20.00
715D-11e192325Salmon & Gluckstein LtdMagical series No 13Poor (soiled)1058.00£8.00
716D-11e1923-25100Nicolas Sarony & CoCelebrities and Their AutographsFair1061.20£24.00
Available nos:+3,4,8,20,23,32,33,41,50,51,52,57,59,63,66,67,68,70,75,81
717D-11e193350Nicolas Sarony & CoCinema Stars Nos 46, 49Good1061.50£3.00
718D-11e192825Nicolas Sarony & CoA Day on the Airway No 21Fair1061.40£1.40
719D-11e192315Nicolas Sarony & CoOrigin of Games No 4Good1078.00£8.00
720D-11e192950Nicolas Sarony & CoShips of all Ages Nos 9, 18,39Good1060.80£2.40
721D-11e192325Nicolas Sarony & CoTennis Strokes Nos 5,6 8,9,10,12,14,Fair1074.00£28.00
722D-11g192725Scottish C W SFamous Pictures GlasgowGood1082.40£21.60
Available nos:+2,5,10,12,15,17,20,22,23
723D-11g192725Scottish C W SFamous Pictures LondonGood1082.40£16.80
Available nos:+3,4,8,9,18,24,25
724D-11e192650Scottish C W SFeathered Favourites Nos 22, 45, 49Good1082.50£7.50
725D-11e197827Scrapbook MinicardsPendon Museum No 23Good1070.20£0.20
726D-11e196825Edward Sharp & SonsHey Presto No 23Good3430.20£0.20
727D-11ec1925100Edward Sharp & SonsPrize Dogs Nos 58, 94Good3437.50£15.00
728D-11e192425John SinclairBirdsPoor1083.50£3.50
729D-11e192425John SinclairFlowers and Plants No 75Good1080.00£0.00
730D-11e193854John SinclairChampion DogsVery good1080.75£18.75
Available nos:+4,8,12,13,15,17,19,22,25,28,29,30,31,32,35,37,38,41,42,47,48,49,50,52,54
731D-11e193525John SinclairEnglish & Scottish Football Stars No 8,11,31,34,39,40,44,50Very good1081.60£12.80
732D-11e193754John SinclairFilm Stars Nos 5,8,56Good1081.40£4.20
733D-11ec190125Singleton & ColeBoer warcelebritie. Genl. BartonFair10924.00£24.00
734D-11e192350F & J SmithNations of the World No 11Good1097.00£7.00
735D-11e192250F & J SmithFootball club Records 1921-22 Nos 8, 23Fair11118.00£36.00
736D-11e1950SweetuleAeroplane photos (on packets) Nos 9, 11, 14GoodNL0.00£0.00
737D-11e193632Walkers / TarleysFilm StarsVery good1181.60£3.20
738D-11e1937D C ThompsonBadges of the Fighting Flyers No 73Fair3595.00£5.00
739D-11e194050D C ThompsonGuns in Actionn Nos 1, 5Poor (soiled)3603.00£6.00
740D-11e192724D C ThompsonMotor Bike Cards Nos 14,15,17,19,21,24Poor (soiled)3607.00£42.00
741D-11e192950D C ThompsonPrize cars: Flags of All Nations No 13Fair3604.00£4.00
742D-11e19D C ThompsonQueer Birds No 11Poor (soiled)NL0.00£0.00
743D-11e193248D C ThompsonSpeed No 23, 42Poor (soiled)3601.50£3.00
744D-11e1930D C Thompson1930 Speedway Stars No 9Poor (soiled)NL0.00£0.00
745D-11e195618D C ThompsonThe World's Best Cricketers No 9Poor (soiled)3613.25£3.25
746D-11e193780D C ThompsonFlags of the SeaVariable3592.00£26.00
747D-11e193780D C ThompsonFamous FeatsVariable3592.00£2.00
748D-11e193780D C ThompsonFootballers (Adventure)VariableNL2.00£44.00
749D-11e193780D C ThompsonWarrior cardsVariable3602.00£8.00
750D-11e197150Tommy Gun (Ideal Toys)Medals No 45Very good3620.20£0.20
751D-11e1950Topps (USA)Popeye Tattooo TransfersGoodNL0.00£0.00
752D-11e197224Trebor/SharpsFamous Pets Nos 6, 9, 20, 22Very good3670.20£0.80
753D-11e197030TrucardsFlowers No 4Very good3720.20£0.20
754D-11e192625TuckettsPhotos of Cricketers Nos 3, 13, 23Good37345.00£135.00
755D-11e193950TuckettsPhotos of Film Stars Nos 13, 23Good3736.00£12.00
756D-11e192425TyPhoo TeaAesops Fables Nos 2, 5, 8, 16, 19Variable3733.60£18.00
757D-11e193636United Kingdom Tobacco coOfficers Fuill Dress Nos 36Good1172.20£2.20
758D-11e193750United Services Manufacturing CoPopular Screen Stars Nos 10,12,13,20,29,38,40,47Good1184.00£32.00
759D-11e1935100United Services Manufacturing CoInteresting Personalities No 50Good1183.50£3.50
760D-11e192624Villars (Swiss, chocolate)British Birds and Their Eggs No 17GoodNL0.00£0.00
761D-11e197920T Wall & SonsIncredible Hulk No 7Good3791.00£1.00
762D-11e196650T Wall & SonsMoon Fleet Nos 9, 25Good3800.30£0.60
763D-11e195460Westco AutocardsCars Nos 3, 24Good38212.00£24.00
764D-11e192548Westminster Tobacco CoBritish Royal and Ancient Buildings No 43Good1191.20£2.40
765D-11e192830Westminster Tobacco CoCanada 2nd series. Nos 26, 35Good1191.10£2.20
766D-11e192130Westminster Tobacco CoCelebrated Actresses (un-numbered)Good1196.00£48.00
767D-11e192648Westminster Tobacco CoIndian Empire 2nd series Nos 10,11,12,33,37,39,44,45Good1191.10£8.80
768D-11e192936Westminster Tobacco CoNew Zealand 2nd series No 15Good1191.25£1.25
769D-11e192836Westminster Tobacco CoSouth Africa 1st series Nos 18, 26, 29Good1191.10£3.30
770D-11f193048W D & H O WillsA Famous Picture - Between two FiresGood (sectional)1230.40£5.60
Available nos:+3,12,15,17,25,30,(34),35,36,39,40,41,44,48
771D-11f193249W D & H O WillsAnd When did You Last see Your Father Nos 9,29Good (sectional)1211.00£2.00
772D-11f193850W D & H O WillsAir Raid Precautions No 9 (Channel Islands issue)Good1211.20£1.20
773D-11f50W D & H O WillsAnimals and Birds (un-numbered)GoodNL0.00£0.00
774D-11f192325W D & H O WillsArms of Universities No 34, 35Good1211.60£1.60
775D-11f191050W D & H O WillsArms and Armour (United Service issue)Very good1303.50£38.50
Available nos:+5,7,9,11,12,13,19,24,29,30,44
776D-11f190750W D & H O WillsArms of the BishopricGood1211.00£20.00
Available nos:+1,2,6,7,9,11,12,13,15,20,21,22,24,30,35,36,38,39,47,48
777D-11f193125W D & H O WillsArms of the British Empire Nos 3, 8, 28Fair1211.80£5.40
778D-11f191050W D & H O WillsAviation series Nos 13, 42Fair1212.60£5.20
779D-11f190950W D & H O WillsBilliards Nos 5, 8, 18, 29Fair1222.20£8.80
780D-11f191136W D & H O WillsBoxers (Green star & circle - un-numberedGood13211.00£209.00
781D-11f191550W D & H O WillsBritains Defenders (Green Star & Circle) Nos 40,49Good1323.00£6.00
782D-11f191550W D & H O WillsBritains Defenders (Red Scissors issue) No 28Good1323.00£3.00
783D-11f191750W D & H O WillsBritish BirdsFair1221.50£39.00
784D-11f191150W D & H O WillsCoronation seriesVariable1221.10£24.20
Available nos:+5,10,11,12,13,15,16,19,20,21,23,25,27,29,30,33,35,36,39,47,48,50
785D-11f190150W D & H O WillsCricketers series 1901Variable12325.00£500.00
786D-11f190850W D & H O WillsCricketers 1-25Variable12310.00£240.00
Available nos:+1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25
787D-11f190850W D & H O WillsCricketers 26-50Variable1238.00£128.00
Available nos:+27,28,30,31,32,34,35,39,41,42,43,44,46,47,49,50
788D-11f192450W D & H O WillsDo You Know 2nd seriesVariable1230.50£4.50
Available nos:+3,7,20,22,25,26,36,42,46
789D-11f192950W D & H O WillsEnglish Period CostumesVariable1231.00£27.00
Available nos:+4,5,7,11,12,13,14,18,21,23,25,26,27,29,32,33,34,35,36,39,40,41,42,46,47,49,50
790D-11f192550W D & H O WillsEtchings (of dogs) Nos 21, 25, 26Good1343.00£9.00
791D-11f1913/1550W D & H O WillsFirst AidGood1231.50£63.00
Missing nos:-5, 17,19,24,29,30,31,45. Nos 28,35,41,48 without Album clause
792D-11f193950W D & H O WillsGarden Flowers (Richard Sudell) Nos 15, 28Channel Islands issue 1240.50£1.00
793D-11f193850W D & H O WillsGarden Hints Nos 5, (29), 46Channel Islands issue 1240.50£1.00
794D-11f191750W D & H O WillsGems of French Architecture No 8,(9),20,30,32,(33),47White card, variable1241.40£7.00
795D-11f191W D & H O WillsGold Crest Filter - advertising cardGoodNL0.00£0.00
796D-11f193254W D & H O WillsHomeland EventsVariable1240.60£18.00
Available nos:+1,5,6,7,8,9,11,12,14,15,17,18,19,21,26,27,29,31,32,34,37,39,42,45,46,49,50,51,52,54
797D-11fc191232W D & H O WillsHouses of Parliament (Star & Circle issue)Variable1242.25£33.75
Available nos:+1,4,7,8,11,12,15,18,19,22,23,25,27,29,31
798D-11fc191232W D & H O WillsHouses of Parliament No 24 Chinese backGood1242.25£2.25
799D-11f190250W D & H O WillsKings and Queens un-numberedGood1256.50£65.00
800D-11f190150W D & H O WillsLocomotive Engines & Rolling StockVariable1259.00£252.00
Available nos:+2,3,5,6,8,9,11,14,15,19,25,27,30,31,32,33,34,35,37,38,39,40,41,42,44,46,48,50
801D-11f191650W D & H O WillsMusical Celebrities 2nd seriesVariable1253.50£35.00
Available nos:+3,18,23,25,33,36,39,40,41,46
802D-11f190550W D & H O WillsNelson seriesVariable1255.50£60.50
Available nos:+1,2,7,8,12,13,17,18,21,41,48
803D-11f191350W D & H O WillsOld English Garden Flowers 2nd seriesVariable1251.00£8.00
Available nos:+19,23,26,29,42,43,49,50
804D-11f190750W D & H O WillsRegimental Standards & cap Badges nos 24,26,30,50Good1362.00£8.00
805D-11f192850W D & H O WillsRomance of the HeavensVariable1251.20£16.80
Available nos:+3,10,11,16,19,20,25,29,30,33,43,45,48,50
806D-11f1902100W D & H O WillsRoyalty, Notabilities and Events 1900-1902 Nos 43, 47,88Good1373.00£9.00
807D-11f190650W D & H O WillsSchool ArmsVariable1250.80£16.80
Available nos:+3,4,5,11,15,16,17,18,20,22,23,25,29,31,32,37,38,39,41,43,44
808D-11f1950W D & H O WillsShips? Nos 14, 27, 33GoodNL0.00£0.00
809D-11f193850W D & H O WillsThe Sea shore (Channel Island issue) No 24Good1250.60£0.60
810D-11f191150W D & H O WillsSignalling seriesGood1251.90£19.00
Available nos:+3,11,12,24,26,28,29,35,38,47
811D-11f192850W D & H O WillsA Sporting Holiday in New Zealand No 8,21,39,42,49Good1250.80£4.00
812D-11f1900-0166W D & H O WillsTransvaal series No 24,51,54,Good1252.00£2.00
813D-11f1953W D & H O WillsPlaying Cards (32 x 44mm) Blue backGoodNL0.00£0.00
814D-11f1953W D & H O WillsPlaying Cards (32 x 44mm) Pink back, StarGoodNL0.00£0.00
815D-11f1953W D & H O WillsPlaying Cards (32 x 44mm) RFed patten backGoodNL0.00£0.00
816D-11f19W D & H O WillsVarious backs assortedVariableNL0.00£0.00
Unidentified old cards. Some Scissors & Pirate issues
817D-11f197032Valiant (IPC MagazinesMy Favourite Soccer Stars No 32Blue back2871.50£1.50
818D-11f197132Valiant (IPC MagazinesMy Favourite Soccer Stars Nos 17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24Red back2871.25£10.00
819D-11f1938250A & M WixSpeed Through the AgesGood1390.32£11.20
Available nos:+27,28,35,36,60,66,67,68,73,78,88,94,97,112,113,126,136,143,144,150,161,172,175,180,182,185,189,199,207,211,213,215,219,242,250
820D-11f193750J Wix & SonsCoronationVery good1400.30£5.10
Available nos:+1,2,3,4,7,8,12,14,15,16,19,20,29,31,33,42,45
821D-11g193412J Wix & SonsJenkynismsVery good1400.80£3.20
822D-11f193460J Wix & SonsSilks - Kensitas FlowersGood1403.00£24.00
823D-11f1934J Wix & SonsSilks - unidentifiedNL3.00£6.00
824D-11fc193225W H & J WoodsAesop's Fables No Fair1422.00£2.00
825D-11f196850Wrights BiscuitsMarvels of the World No 13Good1400.20£0.20
826D-11f192250Young BritainFavourite Cricketers No 23Good3864.00£4.00

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