West Dorset
Cigarette and Trade Card Collection for Sale

These cards were collected by R G Torrens before 1981. This list is of his main collection of complete or near complete sets and most are in very good condition.

The cards are generally in very good condition. But there are exception and I have not inspected every box. Photos of the sets or cards can be supplied on request though many have already been photographed. These have a link in column 2.

Prices will be discussed on request, subject to your being fully appraised of condition.

Many of the sets are in albums. Albums are also for sale.

A second page lists part sets and single cards

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in set
Issued byTitleNotes
1D-7 a48A & B C GumRailway quiz
2D-1 a.B194917A B C CinemasBritish SoldiersBrown back
3D-1 a.B195610A B C CinemasInteresting Buildings
4L-13193525AbdullaBritish Butterflies
501.jpgD-1 a.B193625AbdullaOld Favourites (Flowers)
602.jpgD-1 a.B193640AbdullaScreen StarsWithout "Issued by..."
703.jpgD-1 a.B192450Adkin & SonsButterflies and Moths
8D-1 a.B195424P A Adolph (Subbuteo)Famous Footballers 1st
9D-7 a.P195354African Consolidated Theatres Ltd Golden Jubilee Cinema Club
Empty album available
10D-10 g19100African Tobacco MfgPostage Stamps, Rarest VarietiesNear complete set
Missing nos:-36, 74
11D-1 a.B195350Phillip AllmanCoronation Series(matt)
127730.jpgD-1 a.B195312Phillip AllmanPin Up Girls 1st seriesnumbered 1-12
137728.jpgD-1 a.B195312Phillip AllmanPin Up Girls 1st series "For Men only"unnumbered
Missing nos:11 cards only
147717.jpgD-1 a.B195312Phillip AllmanPin Up Girls 1st series "For Men only"unnumbered
157719.jpgD-1 a.B195312Phillip AllmanPin Up Girls 1st series "For Men only"unnumbered
167718.jpgD-1 a.B195312Phillip AllmanPin Up Girls 2nd series "Ask for Allman"unnumbered
177731.jpgD-1 a.B195312Phillip AllmanPin Up Girls 2nd seriesun-numbered
187732.jpgD-1 a.B195312Phillip AllmanPin Up Girls 3rd seriesnon-irritant paper
197755.jpgS -11192824Amalgamated PressThe Great War 1914-1918
Hard-cover album containing 4 set
207756.jpgS -11192716Amalgamated PressGreat War Deeds
Hard-cover album containing 4 set
217757.jpgS -11192716Amalgamated PressHeroic Deeds of the Great War
Hard-cover album containing 4 set
227757.jpgS -11192916Amalgamated PressExploits of the Great War
Hard-cover album containing 4 set
237758.jpgS -12192832Amalgamated PressGreat War Deedsdifferent
Hard-cover album containing 2 sets
247758.jpgS -12193232Amalgamated PressThrilling Scenes from the Great War
Hard-cover album containing 2 sets
25D-3 h.P195825Amalgamated Tobacco Co Ltd (Mills)Aircraft of the World
26D-3 h.P195825Amalgamated Tobacco Co Ltd (Mills)British Coins and CostumesFrench issue
27D-3 h.P195725Amalgamated Tobacco Co Ltd (Mills)British Uniforms of the 19th CenturyFrench issue
28D-3 h.P195725Amalgamated Tobacco Co Ltd (Mills)Butterflies and MothsFrench issue
29D-3 h.P196025Amalgamated Tobacco Co Ltd (Mills)Cacti
30D-3 h.P195725Amalgamated Tobacco Co Ltd (Mills)Evolution of the Royal NavyFrench issue
31D-7 a.P195250Amalgamated Tobacco Co Ltd (Mills)History of AviationSet of 50 Pink+White card
32D-3 h.P195725Amalgamated Tobacco Co Ltd (Mills)Holiday ResortsFrench issue
33D-3 h.P195825Amalgamated Tobacco Co Ltd (Mills)Into Space
34D-3 h.P195825Amalgamated Tobacco Co Ltd (Mills)Nature
35D-3 h.P195825Amalgamated Tobacco Co Ltd (Mills)Naval Battles
36D-3 h.P195725Amalgamated Tobacco Co Ltd (Mills)Ports of the WorldFrench issue
37D-3 h.P1925Amalgamated Tobacco Co Ltd (Mills)Propelled Weapons (Weapons of Defence?)French issue
38D-3 h.P195825Amalgamated Tobacco Co Ltd (Mills)Wild AnimalsFrench issue
39D-1 a.B195825AnonymousBridges of the World
40D-1 a.B195720AnonymousBudgerigars series ABird seed
41D-1 a.B192225AnonymousCareless MomentsDesigns on back.
42D-1 a.B30AnonymousSafety firstChinese writing on back
Un numbered, plain back. 13 cards available.
4401.jpgR-1193525E W AnstieAesop's Fables
4502.jpgR-1190416E W AnstieBritish Empire series
4620.jpgR-1193810E W AnstieClifton Suspension BridgeSectional
4704.jpgR-1192650E W AnstiePeople of Africa
4805.jpgR-1192650E W AnstiePeople of Asia
4908.jpgR-1192550E W AnstiePeople of Europe
5018.jpgR-1193940E W AnstiePlaces of Interest
5113.jpgR-1192250E W AnstieRacing series - Horses, Jockeys etc
5216.jpgR-1192350E W AnstieScout series
5322.jpgR-1193610E W AnstieStonehengeSectional
5420.jpgR-1193610E W AnstieThe VictorySectional
5511.jpgR-1192450E W AnstieThe World's Wonders
5623.jpgR-1193520E W AnstieWells CathedralSectional
5724.jpgR-1193840E W AnstieWessex
5821.jpgR-1193520E W AnstieWiltshire DownsSectional
5922.jpgR-11937610E W AnstieWindsor CastleSectional
60D-1 b.B193650Ardath Tobacco CoBritain's Defenders
61D-7 a.P193425Ardath Tobacco CoChampion Dogs
62D-1 b.B193550Ardath Tobacco CoCricket, Tennis & Golf CelebritiesHome issue (grey back)
637082.jpgD-1 193850Ardath Tobacco CoEmpire Flying BoatSectional
64D-1 b.B193750Ardath Tobacco CoEmpire Personalities
65D-1 b.B193450Ardath Tobacco CoFamous Film Stars
66D-1 b.B193450Ardath Tobacco CoFamous Footballers
67D-1 b.B193525Ardath Tobacco CoFamous Scots
68D-7 a.P193625Ardath Tobacco CoFighting and Civil Aircraft
69L-12193650Ardath Tobacco CoFigures of Speech
70D-1 b.B193650Ardath Tobacco CoFilm, Stage & Radio Stars
71D-7 a.P193525Ardath Tobacco CoFilm, Stage & Radio Stars
72D-6 a.P193625Ardath Tobacco CoFrom Stage and Screen
73L-7194224Ardath Tobacco CoIt All Depends on Me3 extra cards in base
74D-1 b.B193850Ardath Tobacco CoLife in the Services
75D-1 b.B193850Ardath Tobacco CoNational FitnessNon-adhesive back
76D-7 a.P55Ardath Tobacco CoPhotocards series Z 111-165
77D-7 a.P44Ardath Tobacco CoPhotocards series Z 166-209
78D-7 a.P45Ardath Tobacco CoPhotocards Continuous series G I Group M
79L-12193625Ardath Tobacco CoProverbs
80D-7 a.P193944Ardath Tobacco CoReal Photographs Series Two
81D-7 a.P193744Ardath Tobacco CoReal Photographs Series Four
82L-12193550Ardath Tobacco CoSilver Jubilee
83D-1 b.B193550Ardath Tobacco CoSports ChampionsState Express version
84L-9193950Ardath Tobacco CoStamps Rare and Interesting
857081.jpg193950Ardath Tobacco CoTrooping the ColourSections
86L-12193650Ardath Tobacco CoWho is This?
87L-18193750Ardath Tobacco CoYour Birthday Tells Your Fortune
88D-1 b.B195825Automatic Machine CoModern Aircraft
89D-1 b.B195625Barber's TeaAeroplanes
90D-1 b.B195825Barber's TeaRailway Equipment
91D-1 c.B195625J I BattenScreen Stars, 2nd Edition
92D-1 c.P195650Beano GumConquest of Space
93D-1 c.B195650Beano GumShips of the Royal Navy
94D-1 c.B195450Beano GumThis Age of Speed No. 1: Aeroplanes
95D-1 c.B195450Beano GumThis Age of Speed No. 2: Buses and Trains
96S-9197536Bells WhiskyOther famous Bells
Album with full complement of 36 cards corner-mounted.
97D-10 b.B197542Bells WhiskyOther famous BellsShaped 19 available, 23 missing
98D-10 b.B1Bells WhiskyQueens silver Jubilee 1952-1977Shaped
99D-1 c.B195450J J BeulahMarvels of the World
100D-1 c.B195350J J BeulahModern British Aircraft
101A-325J Bibby & Sons Ltd (Trex)Don't You Believe itIn corner-mount album
102A-3195325J Bibby & Sons Ltd (Trex)How, What & WhyIn corner-mount album
103A-325J Bibby & Sons Ltd (Trex)Isn't it StrangeIn corner-mount album
104A-325J Bibby & Sons Ltd (Trex)This Wonderful WorldIn corner-mount album
105D-1 c.B195625Birkum Ostefabrik (Cheese)Motor Cars
106D-1 c.B195424Blue BandHistory of London Transport
107D-1 c.B195416Blue BandSee Britain by Coach
108D-1 c.P193825Bocnal Tobacco CoProverbs up-to-date
1097723.jpgD-1 c.B192325Alexander BoguslavskyConan Doyle CharactersC - Back in green
110D-1 c.B192425Alexander BoguslavskyMythological Gods and Goddesses
1117708.jpgL-9192425Alexander BoguslavskySports Records 1-25
1127710.jpgL-925Alexander BoguslavskySports Records 26-50
1137725.jpgD-1 c.B192425Alexander BoguslavskyWinners on the TurfSans serif
1147733.jpgD-7 c.P25Alexander BoguslavskyWinners on the TurfLarge size
1157727.jpgD-1 c.B192410Boys MagazineZat cards: Cricketers
116D-1 e.B193748C & Bridgewater LtdCoronation series
117D-10 a.P193296C & Bridgewater LtdFilm Stars 1st series (CE over No)81 available, 15 missing
Missing nos:-8,12,21,23,24,47,54,64,66,68,69,72,85,90,96
118D-10 a.P193396C & Bridgewater LtdFilm Stars 2nd series (E below No)92 available, 4 missing
Missing nos:-41,51,94,96
119D-1 e.B193648C & Bridgewater LtdFilm Stars (col) 4th series
120D-1 e.B193848C & Bridgewater LtdFilm Stars (col) 8th series
121D-1 e.B193848C & Bridgewater LtdRadio Stars (col) 2nd series
12226.jpgR-1192850B A TAeroplanes gilt border
123D-1 d.B193550B A TAeroplanes of Today
12429.jpgR-1193250B A TBeautiful England
125D-7 b.P193550B A TBirds, Beasts and Fishes Cut-outs. BAT back
126D-1 d.B192850B A TCinema ArtistsB and W, numbered 1-50
127D-10 a.Pc193148B A TCinema Artists set 3 (101-150)41 available, 7 missing
Missing nos:-101,106,110,129,132,144,146
128D-1 d.B193548B A TCinema Celebrities
129D-1 d.B50B A TCinema StarsNumbered 1 - 50 set 1
130D-1 d.B50B A TCinema StarsNumbered 1 - 50 set 2
1317844.jpgD-10 a.B50B A TCinema StarsPlain back, 63 x 36mm
Unnumberd. 31 cards available. Could be Willls Flag cigarettes
132D-1 d.B50B A TDo you Know (Wills)
1337754.jpgD-1 d.B192625B A TEnglish CricketersVery good
1347735.jpgD-1 d.P50B A TFamous FootballersSet 1?
135D-1 d.B20B A TFlowers
136D-7 b.P194045B A TGrace and Beauty 1-45
137D-7 b.P45B A TGrace and Beauty 46-90
138S-2193848B A TGuernsey, Alderney and Sark 1st seriesIssued Channel Islands
139S-248B A TGuernsey, Alderney and Sark 2nd seriesIssued Channel Islands
140S-2193748B A TJersey Then and NowIssued Channel Islands
141S-2194848B A TJersey Then and Now 2nd seriesIssued Channel Islands
142S-2193948B A TChannel Islands, Past and Present 3rd seriesIssued Channel Islands
143D-1 d.P195150B A THere, There and EverywhereStereoscopic
144D-1 d.B192550B A TLife in the Treetops
145D-7 b.P193654B A TModern Beauties
146D-7 b.P193936B A TModern Beauties 3rd series
147D-6 b.P193836B A TModern Beauties 4th series
148D-1 d.B193936B A TModern Beauties series 2
149D-7 b.P193636B A TModern Beauties
150D-7 b.P36B A TModern Beauties 2nd series
151D-7 b.P183736B A TModern Beauties 3rd series
152D-7 b.P36B A TModern Beauties 4th series
153D-7 b.P36B A TModern Beauties 5th series
154D-7 b.P193836B A TModern Beauties 6th series
155D-7 b.P36B A TModern Beauties 7th series
156D-7 b.P193936B A TModern Beauties 8th series
15734.jpgR-1193150B A TNatural and Man made Wonders of the World
158D-1 d.B193350B A TNature Studies Lion back
159D-1 e.B192848B A TPictures of the East
1607755.jpgD-1 e.B193125B A TPrehistoric Animals
16131.jpgR-150B A TSiamese HoroscopesEaglebird backs
16236.jpgR-1193140B A TSafety First
1637722.jpgD-10 a.B191750B A TSports of the WorldPlain back
16438.jpgR-1192650B A TTypes of the World
165D-1 e.B48B A TTransport Then and Now
166D-1 e.B191732B A TTransport of the WorldPlain back
16741.jpgR-150B A TWonders of the Sea
168D-1 e.B193240B A TWorld Famous Cinema Artists
169D-1 f194848British Automatic CoBritish Locomotives
170D-1 f195248British Automatic CoFamous Trains of the World 1st series
171D-1 f194848British Automatic CoHistory of Transport
172D-1 f.P197450Brooke Bond & Co LtdAdventurers and Explorers
173D-1 f.P48Brooke Bond & Co LtdAfrican Animals
174D-1 f.P196150Brooke Bond & Co LtdAfrican Wild LifeBlue back
175D-1 f.P48Brooke Bond & Co LtdAnimals and their YoungText ends products.
176D-1 f.P197348Brooke Bond & Co LtdThe Arctic
177D-1 f.P196250Brooke Bond & Co LtdAsian Wild Life
178D-1 f.P195750Brooke Bond & Co LtdBird PortraitsWith address
1797759.jpgD-1 f B195420Brooke Bond & Co LtdBritish Birds (Frances Pitt series)White card
180D-1 f.P196350Brooke Bond & Co LtdBritish ButterfliesBlue back
181D-1 f.P196850Brooke Bond & Co LtdBritish Costume
182A-1196850Brooke Bond & Co LtdBritish CostumeGlued in Album
183D-1 f.P195850Brooke Bond & Co LtdBritish Wild Life
184D-1 f.P196450Brooke Bond & Co LtdButterflies of the World
185D-1 g.P196648Brooke Bond & Co LtdCanadian / American Song Birds
186D-1 g.P197148Brooke Bond & Co LtdExploring the Oceans
187D-1 g.P196950Brooke Bond & Co LtdFamous PeopleBlue back
188D-1 g.P196750Brooke Bond & Co LtdFlags & Emblems of the World
189D-1 g.P196050Brooke Bond & Co LtdFreshwater Fish
190D-1 g.P197350Brooke Bond & Co LtdHistory of Aviation
191D-1 g.P196950Brooke Bond & Co LtdHistory of the Motor Car
192D-1 g.P196950Brooke Bond & Co LtdHistory of the Motor Car -No 4
193D-1 g.P197448Brooke Bond & Co LtdIndians of Canada
194D-1 g.P197550Brooke Bond & Co LtdInventors & Inventions
195D-1 g197550Brooke Bond & Co LtdInventors & Inventions
196D-1 g.P197048Brooke Bond & Co LtdNorth American Wildlife in Danger
197D-1 g.P1940Brooke Bond & Co LtdOlympic GreatsGreen back
198D-1 g1940Brooke Bond & Co LtdOlympic GreatsGreen back
Missing nos:-8,24,25,26
1997737.jpgD-1 g.P195650Brooke Bond & Co LtdOut into Space
200D-1 g.B197640Brooke Bond & Co LtdPlay Better Soccer
201D-1 h.B197740Brooke Bond & Co LtdPolice File
202D-1 h197740Brooke Bond & Co LtdPolice File
Missing nos:-28
203D-1 h.P197150Brooke Bond & Co LtdPrehistoric Animals
204D-1 h.P197150Brooke Bond & Co LtdThe Race into Space
205A-1197150Brooke Bond & Co LtdThe Race into SpaceGlued in album
206D-1 h.P197150Brooke Bond & Co LtdThe Saga of ships
207D-1 h.P197450Brooke Bond & Co LtdThe Sea - Our Other World
208D-1 h.P196148Brooke Bond & Co LtdThe Space Age
209D-1 h.P196550Brooke Bond & Co LtdTransport Though the Ages
210D-1 h.P196650Brooke Bond & Co LtdTrees in Britain
211D-1 h.P196848Brooke Bond & Co LtdTrees of N. America
212D-1 h.P196150Brooke Bond & Co LtdTropical BirdsBlue back
213D-1 h.P191987Brooke Bond & CoUnexplained Mysteries
214D-1 h.B197840Brooke Bond & Co LtdVanishing WildlifeBrown back
215D-1 h.P196550Brooke Bond & Co LtdWild Birds in Britain
216D-1 h.B195550Brooke Bond & Co LtdWild Flowers 1st seriesThin card
217D-1 h.P195950Brooke Bond & Co LtdWild Flowers 2nd serieswith "Issued by.."
218D-1 i.P196450Brooke Bond & Co LtdWild Flowers 3rd series
219D-1 i.P196350Brooke Bond & Co LtdWild Life in Danger
220D-1 i.P197650Brooke Bond & Co LtdWonders of Wildlife
221S-16197650Brooke Bond & Co LtdWonders of WildlifeAlbum, corner mounted
222D-1 h.B198040Brooke Bond & Co LtdWoodland WildlifeGreen back
Missing nos:-1,(17,20),21,40
223L-11926104Bucktrout & Co (Channel Islands)Around the World - Places of Intereet71 available, 33 missing
Missing nos:-5,6,9,10,11,13,17,18,19,21,22,25,26,27,29,31,32,33,34,35,45,57,58,67,68,73,77,80,81,85,86,92,95
224L-11926312Bucktrout & Co (Channel Islands)Around the World series 2, 3 and 4 (105 - 416)308 available, 4 missing
Missing nos:-125,127,136,359
2257760.jpgD-7 c.P192650Bucktrout & Co (Channel Islands)Football Teams
226D-7 c.P192322Bucktrout & Co (Channel Islands)Football Teams of the Bailiwick
2277738.jpgD-10 a.P19123Bucktrout & Co (Channel Islands)Guernsey Footballers55 available
Missing nos:Unnumbered! Fair condition
2287713.jpgD-1 i.B192420Bucktrout & Co (Channel Islands)Inventors
229D-7 c.P53Bucktrout & Co (Channel Islands)Playing Cards
2307378.jpgD-10 a.B192525Bucktrout & Co (Channel Islands)Sports and PastimesNear complete
Missing nos:-18,23
2317763.jpgD-1 i.B192325Cadbury Bros LtdFairy Tales
232D-9 c24Cadbury Bros LtdGreat Chocolate Recipes of Europe153 x 76mm
233D-1 i.B192425Cadbury Bros LtdTransport
234D-1 i.B196125Cadet SweetsArms and Armour
2357764.jpgD-1 i.B195425T C Calvert & Co LtdDan Dare series
236L-18193048CarrerasAlice in Wonderland
237D-7 c.P193048CarrerasAlice in Wonderland
23843.jpgR-1193750CarrerasAmusing Tricks and how to do them
239D-2 a.B193450CarrerasBelieve it or Not by Ripley
240L-9193950CarrerasBirds of the Countryside
241D2a.P193950CarrerasBirds of the CountrysideDuplicates
242L-9193850CarrerasBritain's Defences
24348.jpgR-1197750CarrerasBritish Birds
244D-2 a.B192725CarrerasBritish Costumes
245D-7 c.P192725CarrerasBritish Costumes
246D-2 a.P195250CarrerasBrirish Railway LocomotivesTurf Slide issue, cut
24751.jpgR-1193550CarrerasCelebrities of British History
248D-2 a.P192825CarrerasChristie Comedy Girls
249L-13193950CarrerasDo You Know?
250L-18193650CarrerasDogs and Friends
25156.jpgR-1193650CarrerasFamous Airmen and Airwomen
252D-2 a.B195050CarrerasFamous CricketersTurf Slide, cut
253D-2 b.P195150CarrerasFamous FootballresTurf Slide, cut
25454.jpgR-1192625CarrerasFamous Escapes
2557386.jpgD-2 a193596CarrerasFamous Film Stars
25653.jpgR-1192425CarrerasFigures of Fiction
257L-9192454CarrerasFilm and Stage Beauties
258L-18193850CarrerasFilm Favourites
2597385.jpgD-2 b.B193850CarrerasFilm FavouritesTurf Slide, cut
260D-2 a194750CarrerasFilm StarsTurf slides, uncut
261D-12 b194750CarrerasFilm StarsTurf slides, uncut
262D-2 b.B194750CarrerasFilm StarsTurf Slide, cut
2637247.jpgD-8 e194750CarrerasFilm StarsTurf slides, double, uncut
264D-12 b194750CarrerasFilm StarsTurf slides, double, uncut
Missing nos:17 Double slides from 20 pack
265L-9193754CarrerasFilm Stars
266D-2 b.B193754CarrerasFilm Stars 2nd seriesBlue back
267L-13193650CarrerasFilm Stars by Florence Desmond
26902.jpgR-9197750CarrerasFlowers all year round
270D-2 b.B194950CarrerasFootballersTurf Slide, cut
271D-2 b.B192636CarrerasFortune Telling (heads inset)Black framelines
272D-2 b.B192636CarrerasFortune Telling (heads inset)Black framelines (2nd copy)
273D-12 a192636CarrerasFortune Telling (heads inset)Black framelines (3rd copy)
274D-7 c.P193936CarrerasGlamour Girls of the Stage & FilmsC
275D-7 c.P193954CarrerasGlamour Girls of the Stage & FilmsB
276L-12193954CarrerasGlamour Girls of the Stage & Films
277D-2 b.B193450CarrerasGran-pop
278D-7 c.P50CarrerasGran-popB
279D-7 c.P192652CarrerasGreyhound Racing GameB
280D-2 b.B192652CarrerasGreyhound Racing Game (incomplete)Part set
Missing nos:-6,9,25,26,39,40,43,44,46,48,49,50
281D-2 b.P192548CarrerasHappy FamilyFair to good
Missing nos:-9,13,15
282D-2 c.B192425CarrerasHighwaymen
283L-950CarrerasHistory of Naval Uniforms
284D-7 c.P192625CarrerasHorses and Hounds
28504.jpgR-2193550CarrerasKings and Queens of England
286D-10 d.P193550CarrerasKings and Queens of EnglandDuplicates 10 available
Available nos:+5,10,13,14,15,19,23,24,25,39
287S-9193550CarrerasKings and Queens of England
Available nos:In album pasted in, album in poor condition
288D-2 c.B192450CarrerasA Kodak at the Zoo
289D-2 c.P192550CarrerasA Kodak at the Zoo 2nd series
290D-2 c.B192927CarrerasMalayan Industries
291D-7 c.P192824CarrerasMalayan Scenes
29206.jpgR-2197650CarrerasMilitary Uniforms
293D-2 c.B192624CarrerasOld Staffordshire Figures
296D-2 c.B194850CarrerasOlympicsTurf Slide, cut
297L-16193750CarrerasOur Navy
298D-2 d.B193350CarrerasPalmistry
299D-2 c.B193650CarrerasPopular FootballersWhite back
300D-2 c.B192950CarrerasParamount Stars
301L-7192725CarrerasRaces - Historic and Modern
302D-2 c.P195050CarrerasRadio CelebritiesSlides cut
30311.jpgR-21916140CarrerasRaemaekers War CartonsCarreras back
30410.jpgR-2192525CarrerasRegalia series
305D-7 c.P192550CarrerasRound the World - Scenic models
306D-7 c.P16CarrerasSend for the Guards
307D-2 c.B192950CarrerasSchool BadgesMixed backs
308D-2 c.B194950CarrerasSport seriesTurf Slide, cut
309D-12 b194950CarrerasSport seriesTurf Slide, part cut
31004.jpgR-9197850CarrerasSport Fish
31118.jpgR-2192050CarrerasThe Science of Boxing
31245.jpgR-1193550CarrerasTools and how to use them
31323.jpgR-2191980CarrerasTypes of London
314D-2 c.B192727CarrerasViews of the World
315S-7197650CarrerasVintage Cars
Spiral bound album with 50 corner-mounted cards
31621.jpgR-2191650CarrerasWomen on War Work
317D-2 d.B193925P J Carroll & Co Ltd DundalkBirdsnot issued
3187740.jpgD-7 c.B195824Castrol OilRacing Cars
31940.jpgR-2192625Cavanders LtdAncient Chinese
320D-12 a192625Cavanders LtdAncient Chinesesecond set
321L-9192825Cavanders LtdAncient Egypt
322L-725Cavanders LtdAncient Egyptdifferent
32327.jpgR-2193636Cavanders LtdAnimal Studies
32442.jpgR-2192750Cavanders LtdBeauty Spots of Great Britain
32529.jpgR-2192654Cavanders LtdCamera Studies
326D-7 c.P56Cavanders LtdCamera Studies
327D-12 a56Cavanders LtdCamera StudiesPart set
Missing nos:-9,13,33
32832.jpgR-2193430Cavanders LtdCinema Stars (hand coloured)
329L-10192525Cavanders LtdForeign Birds
33033.jpgR-21924-654Cavanders LtdHomeland series, black back, matt front
331D-7 c.P192525Cavanders LtdThe Nations Treasures
332D-2 d.B192525Cavanders LtdReproductions of Celebrated Oil Paintings
33336.jpgR-21926108Cavanders LtdRiver Valleys
33444.jpgR-2192825Cavanders LtdSchool BadgesMixed blue backs
335D-2 d.B195425C E D E LtdCoins of the World
33645.jpgR-2195525Ceylon Tea CenterThe Island of Ceylon
Album available (unused)
337D-2 e.B193650R S Challia & Co LtdComic Animals
338D-2 e.B193536R S Challia & Co LtdWild Birds at Home
339A-4193848W A & A C Churchman LtdAir Raid PrecautionsIn corner-mount album
340D-2 e.B193850W A & A C Churchman LtdAssociated Footballers
341D-2 e.B193950W A & A C Churchman LtdAssociated Footballers 2nd series
342D-2 e.B193850W A & A C Churchman LtdBoxing Personalities
343D-2 e.B193425W A & A C Churchman LtdBritish Film stars
34446.jpgR-2192425W A & A C Churchman LtdCathedrals and Churches
345D-2 e.B192625W A & A C Churchman LtdCivic Insignia & Plate
3467766.jpgD-2 e.B193650W A & A C Churchman LtdCricketers
34748.jpgR-2192625W A & A C Churchman LtdCurious Dwellings
34849.jpgR-2192525W A & A C Churchman LtdCurious Signs
34901.jpgR-3193125W A & A C Churchman LtdEaster Proverbs 1st series
35002.jpgR-3193225W A & A C Churchman LtdEaster Proverbs 2nd series
351D-7 d.P193325W A & A C Churchman LtdEaster Proverbs 2nd series
352D-7 d.P193412W A & A C Churchman LtdEaster Proverbs 4th series
3537767.jpgD-2 f.B192812W A & A C Churchman LtdFamous Cricket Colours
35450.jpgR-2192925W A & A C Churchman LtdFamous Railway Trains
355L-18192552W A & A C Churchman LtdFrisky
35651.jpgR-2193450W A & A C Churchman LtdHistory & Development of the British Empire
357A-3193750W A & A C Churchman LtdHolidays in Britain (Views and Maps)In corner-mount album
358A-3193850W A & A C Churchman LtdHolidays in Britain (Views only)In corner-mount album
35954.jpgR-2193125W A & A C Churchman LtdHouses of Parliament & their Story
360L-12193740W A & A C Churchman LtdHowlers
361L-7193816W A & A C Churchman LtdHowlers
36255.jpgR-2192825W A & A C Churchman LtdInteresting Door Knockers
36303.jpgR-3192925W A & A C Churchman LtdInteresting Experiments
364L-13193850W A & A C Churchman LtdIn Town Tonight
365L-13193750W A & A C Churchman LtdKing's Coronation
3667103.jpgD-2 f.B193950W A & A C Churchman LtdKings of Speed
36706.jpgR-3193050W A & A C Churchman LtdLandmarks in Railway Progress
368L-9193650W A & A C Churchman LtdLegends of Britain
36904.jpgR-3193025W A & A C Churchman LtdLife in a Liner
370A-3193848W A & A C Churchman LtdModern WondersIn corner-mount album
37108.jpgR-3192425W A & A C Churchman LtdMusical Instruments
372D-2 f.B193025W A & A C Churchman LtdNature's Architects
373A-4193748W A & A C Churchman LtdThe Navy at WorkIn corner-mount album
37409.jpgR-3192725W A & A C Churchman LtdPipes of the World
37511.jpgR-3193650W A & A C Churchman LtdThe Queen Mary
376D-6 d.P16W A & A C Churchman LtdThe Queen Mary
377A-4193848W A & A C Churchman LtdThe R A F at WorkIn corner-mount album
3787768.jpgD-2 f.B192625W A & A C Churchman LtdRailway Working
3797769.jpgD-2 f.B192725W A & A C Churchman LtdRailway Working 2nd series
380L-18193550W A & A C Churchman LtdRugby Internationals
38113.jpgR-3193050W A & A C Churchman LtdThe Story of London
382L-13193750W A & A C Churchman LtdThe Story of Navigation
383L-12193436W A & A C Churchman LtdThree Jovial Golfers
384L-13193750W A & A C Churchman LtdTreasure Trove
385D-2 f.P193450W A & A C Churchman LtdWell Known Ties
386D-2 f.P193550W A & A C Churchman LtdWell Known Ties
387A-4193948W A & A C Churchman LtdWings over EmpireIn corner-mount album
388L-9193550W A & A C Churchman LtdWonderful Railway Travel
389D-2 g.B195025Collector & HobbyistFascinating Hobbies
390L-9193624Cooperative Wholesale Soc LtdAfrican Types
391D-7 d.P193650Cooperative Wholesale Soc LtdBeauty Spots of Great Britain
39216.jpgR-3193950Cooperative Wholesale Soc LtdBoy Scout Badges
393D-10 a.B193848Cooperative Wholesale Soc LtdBritish and Foreign Birds
Missing nos:-8,9
39418.jpgR-3193748Cooperative Wholesale Soc LtdFamous Buildings
39520.jpgR-3192848Cooperative Wholesale Soc LtdWayside Flowers
39623.jpgR-3195724Cooperative Wholesale Soc LtdWestern Stars
397D-2 g.B193925Cope Bros Ltd / Cope & LloydCathedrals
398L-9193925Cope Bros Ltd / Cope & LloydCastles
399D-7 d.P192525Cope Bros Ltd / Cope & LloydToy models ( The Country Fair )
400D-7 d.P193925Cope Bros Ltd / Cope & LloydDickens Character Studies
401D-7 d.P193625Cope Bros Ltd / Cope & LloydThe Game of Poker
4027741.jpgD-2 g.B193725Cope Bros Ltd / Cope & LloydThe World's Police
403D-2 g.P192525Cope Bros Ltd / Cope & LloydHousehold Hints
404D-7 d.P193925Cryselco LtdBeautiful Waterways
405D-6 d.P193825Cryselco LtdBuildings of Beauty
4067742.jpgD-2 g.B194764D Cummings & SonsFamous Fighters (Boxers)
407D-10 g.P10Daily ExpressCricketers (cut-outs from the paper)
Missing nos:-2, 3, 5, 7, 9
408D-10 g.P10Daily ExpressFamous Locomotives (cut-outs from the paper)
Missing nos:-1, 4, 5,6, 8, 9
409D-10 g.P10Daily ExpressNature on Parade (cut-outs from the paper)
Available nos:+2,6
410D-10 g.P10Daily ExpressSafety First (cut-outs from the paper)
Available nos:+4,6,8
411D-10 g.P10Daily ExpressWhat's New in the Air (cut-outs from the paper)
Available nos:+8
412D-2 e.B195424Daily Ice Cream CoModern British Locomotives
413D-2 g.B190030R J DexterBorough Arms
414D-2 h.P193525DominionTobaco Co (1929) LtdOld Ships 1st Series
415D-2 h.P193625DominionTobaco Co (1929) LtdOld Ships 2nd Series
416D-2 h.P25DominionTobaco Co (1929) LtdOld Ships 3rd Series
417D-7 d.P196332George Dobie& Son LdFour Square Books (33-64)
418D-2 e.B192840Major Drapkin & Co LtdAustralian & English Test Cricketers
419D-2 h.B191636Major Drapkin & Co LtdCelebrities of the Great War
420D-7 d.P192950Major Drapkin & Co LtdGirls of Many Lands
421D-2 h.B192950Major Drapkin & Co LtdLimericks
422D-2 h.B192625Major Drapkin & Co LtdOptical Illusions
423D-2 h.B192725Major Drapkin & Co LtdPalmistry
424D-7 d.B192550J Duncan & Co LdScottish Gems. 4th series
425D-2 h.B195712Edwards & SonsProducts of the World
426D-2 h.B195525Edwards & SonsTransport Present and Future
427D-2 h.B195625Edwards & SonsWonders of the Universe
428D-2 h.B192350Edwards, Ringer & Biggs, BristolCinema Stars
4297743.jpgD-2 h.B190823Edwards, Ringer & Biggs, BristolDogs
4307770.jpgD-2 h.B192425Edwards, Ringer & Biggs, BristolMusical Instruments
4317771.jpgD-2 i.P192725E & S C W S Humorous Peeps into History 1st series
432L-7192512E & S C W SThe Story of Tea (brown back)
433D-7 d.P12E & S C W SThe Story of Tea (blue back)
434D-2 i.B195625Ewbanks LtdBritish Uniforms
435D-2 i.B196025Ewbanks LtdMiniature Cars & Scooters
436D-2 i.B195725Ewbanks LtdTransport Through the Ages
437D-2 i.B195825Express WeeklyThe Wild West
438D-2 i1936100Faccinos Choclate WafersCinema Stars
439D-2 i.B40Faccinos Choclate WafersHow or Why
4407744.jpgD-2 i.B192925W & F Faulkner LtdAngling
4417745.jpgD-2 i.B25W & F Faulkner LtdOur Pets
442D-2 i.B195725Foto Bubble gumWonders of the Universe
443D-2 i.BFrance/Confiserie FeminaUniforms
444D-2 i.B192425Franklyn DaveyBoxing
445D-2 i.B193450Franklyn DaveyChildren of All Nations
446L-13192525Franklyn DaveyHunting
447D-2 i.B193150Franklyn DaveyModern dance Steps 2nd series
448L-10193948Gallaher LtdAeroplanes
449D-3 a.B193125Gallaher LtdAesop's Fables Error set inscribed 50
450D-3 a1921100Gallaher LtdAnimals and Birds of Commercial Value
451L-10193948Gallaher LtdArmy Badges
452D-6 d.P1930/3724Gallaher LtdArt Treasures of The World
453D-6 d.P193948Gallaher LtdBeautiful Scotland
454D-12 a193948Gallaher LtdBeautiful Scotland
455L-10193748Gallaher LtdBritish Birds
456D-3 a1923100Gallaher LtdBritish Birds by George Rankin
457D-3 a1911100Gallaher LtdBoy ScoutsGrey-green back
458L-10193848Gallaher LtdButterflies and Moths
459D-3 a.B193448Gallaher LtdChampions AFront without titles
460D-3 a.B48Gallaher LtdChampions BFront with titles
461D-3 a.P193548Gallaher LtdChampions 2nd series
4627102.jpgD-3 a.B193448Gallaher LtdChampions of Screen and Stage (red back)
463D-12 a193848Gallaher LtdCoastwisePart set
Missing nos:-11,22,24,26
464D-3 b.B193425Gallaher LtdDogsName in script
465D-3 b.B24Gallaher LtdDogsName in block letters
466L-10193648Gallaher LtdDogs
467L-10193848Gallaher LtdDogs 2nd series
468D-3 b.B193548Gallaher LtdFamous Film Scenes
469D-3 b.B192650Gallaher LtdFamous FootballersBrown back
470L-10193648Gallaher LtdFamous JockeysBlue text
471L-10193948Gallaher LtdMy Favourite Part
472L-10193648Gallaher LtdFilm Episodes
473D-3 b.B193548Gallaher LtdFilm Partners
474L-10192848Gallaher LtdGarden Flowers
475L-21915100Gallaher LtdThe Great War
476L-2c. 1910500Gallaher LtdIrish View Scenery 1-500Black, glossy. Numbere on front
477L-2c. 1910100Gallaher LtdIrish View Scenery 501-60067 missing.33 available
Available nos:+501,502,504,508,512,517,518,519,520,524,530,531,533,536,541,544,546,549,557,558,560,568,572,574,576,580,584,585,593,594,596,597,599
4787772.jpgD-3 b.B193424Gallaher LtdMotor Cars
479L-101923100Gallaher LtdPlants of Commercial ValueReprint
480L-10193848Gallaher LtdRacing Scenes
481L-21924100Gallaher LtdThe Reason Why
482D-6 d.P193948Gallaher LtdScenes From the Empire
483D-3 b.B193548Gallaher LtdShots from Famous Films
484D-3 b.B193548Gallaher LtdSigned Portraits of Famous Stars
485D-3 b.B193648Gallaher LtdSporting Personalities
486D-3 b.B193548Gallaher LtdStart of Screen and StageGreen back
487D-3 b1933100Gallaher LtdTricks and PuzzlesBlack back
488D-3 b.P192850Gallaher LtdZoo Tropical Birds 1st series
489D-3 b.P192950Gallaher LtdZoo Tropical Birds 2nd series
490D-3 b.B195916Gees Food ProductsSee Britain by Coach
491S-241920s?200Herausgegben Von CigarettenAdolf Hitler: Bilder aus dem Leben des Fuhrers52 cards missing.
492L-18193950Louis Gerrard LtdModern Armaments Numbered
493D-6 d.P193512J Goddard & Sons LtdLondon Views
494D-6 d.P12J Goddard & Sons LtdPorts of the World
495D-6 d.P2J Goddard & Sons LtdSketches (interior)
496D-10 a.B192448W Gossage & Sons LtdBritish Birds and their Eggs42 available, 6 missing
497D-7 d.P48Granose Foods LtdLife Story of the Blower Whale
498D-7 d.P48Granose Foods LtdKing of the Air
499D-3 b.B195725Halpin's TeaNature Studies
500A-116Harold HarePets and AnimalsIn album (not glued)
50125.jpgR-3193650Hignett BrosActors - Natural & Character studies
50227.jpgR-3192550Hignett BrosCelebrated Old Inns
50330.jpgR-3190725Hignett BrosGreetings of the World
50431.jpgR-3192625Hignett BrosHistorical London
505S-25192550Hignett BrosLife in Pond and Stream
506L-13193850Hignett BrosOcean Greyhounds
507D-3 c.B192425Hignett BrosPrince of Wales Empire Tour
508D-10 b.B192425Hignett BrosPrince of Wales Empire TourSecond (part) set
Missing nos:-2,3,10,14,15,16
50932.jpgR-3193950Hignett BrosSea Adventures
510D-3 c.B193635R & J HillCinema CelebritiesHills back
51135.jpgR-3193740R & J HillCrystal Palace Varnished front
512D-3 c.B193840R & J HillFamous Film Stars
513L-10194050R & J HillFamous ShipsVarnished
51437.jpgR-3192650R & J HillHistoric Places from Dickens Classics
515D-6 e.P192650R & J HillHistoric Places from Dickens Classics
51639.jpgR-3193030R & J HillMusic Hall Celebrities
517D-3 c.B30R & J HillNature Pictures
51841.jpgR-3193030R & J HillNautical Songs
519D-3 c.B192930R & J HillOur Empire
520D-6 e.P192350R & J HillPublic Schools and Colleges
521D-3 c.B50R & J HillThe Railway CentenaryBrown back
52242.jpgR-3192425R & J HillThe River Thames 1-25
52343.jpgR-3192425R & J HillThe River Thames 26-50
524D-3 c.B1938/940R & J HillScenes from the Films
525D-6 e.P192935R & J HillScientific Inventions and discoveriesBlack on yellow
526D-7 e.P193848R & J HillViews of Interest 1 - 240Spinet House back
527S-148R & J HillViews of InterestSunripe and Spinet Ovals
528S-1193948R & J HillViews of Interest 2nd series 49-96
529S-1193948R & J HillViews of Interest 3rd series 97-144
530S-1193948R & J HillViews of Interest 4th series 145-192
531S-1194048R & J HillViews of Interest 5th series 193-240
532D-7 e.P194048R & J HillViews of Interest Canada
533D-3 c191425R & J HillWorld's Masterpieces 2nd series
534D-3 c.P196148HornimanDogs
535D-3 c.P1948HornimanWild Animals
536D-3 d.B12HotspurGuns in Action
537S-20193430International Tobacco Co LtdFamous Buildings & Monuments of BritainBronze plaques
538S-20193420International Tobacco Co LtdFamous Buildings & Monuments of BritainBronze plaques
539D-6 e.P1937100International Tobacco Co LtdGentlemen, The KingBlack back
540L-12193450International Tobacco Co LtdInternational Code of Signals
541D-3 d.P193528Peter Jackson LtdFamous Film Stars
542D-6 e.P193724Peter Jackson LtdShots from the Films
543D-3 d.P193528Peter Jackson LtdStars in Famous Films
544D-6 e.P20Jolly Miller FotofixTough Guys of the Screen
545D-3 d.B195724R L Jones & Co LtdJet Aircraft of the World
546D-3 d.P195625Kane Products Ltd1956 Cricketers 1st seriesNos 1-25
547D-3 d.P195625Kane Products Ltd1956 Cricketers 1st seriesNos 26-50
548D-3 d.P195750Kane Products LtdHistorical Characters
5497775.jpgD-3 d.P195925Kane Products LtdModern Motor Cars
550D-3 d.P195725Kane Products LtdRed Indians 1st series
551D-3 d.P195825Kane Products LtdRed Indians 2nd series
5527777.jpgD-3 d.P195825Kane Products LtdRoy RodgersColor Series
553D-3 d.B195550Kane Products LtdSpace Adventure
554D-3 d.B195450Kane Products LtdWild Animals
555D-3 d.B196312Kellog Co GBFamous Firsts
556D-3 d.B196216Kellog Co GBShips of the British Navy
557D-3 d.B195425Kings, YorkFlags of All NationsSilks
558D-3 d.B195430Kings, YorkKings and Queens of England
559D-3 e.Bc196020KnockoutSuper Planes of Today
56045.jpgR-3193750Lambert & ButlerAeroplane Markings
56147.jpgR-3191525Lambert & ButlerAviation
56248.jpgR-3192825Lambert & ButlerCommon Fallacies
5637774.jpgD-3 e.B193625Lambert & ButlerDance Band Leaders
56450.jpgR-3193650Lambert & ButlerEmpire Air Routes
565L-13193525Lambert & ButlerFamous British Airmen & Airwomen
566D-3 e.B193350Lambert & ButlerFind Your WayRed inscription
567D-3 e.B193225Lambert & ButlerHistory of AviationGreen
568L-12193850Lambert & ButlerHorsemanship
569L-13193125Lambert & ButlerHow Motor Cars Work
570L-18193950Lambert & ButlerInteresting Customs & Traditions of Navy, Army & Airforce
571L-12193950Lambert & ButlerInteresting Sidelights on the Work of the GPO
572D-3 e.B193750Lambert & ButlerKeep Fit
573L-13193425Lambert & ButlerLondon CharactersWith album clause.
574A-4192225Lambert & ButlerMotor CarsIn corner-mount album
575D-3 e.B192225Lambert & ButlerMotor Cars
576D-3 e.B192325Lambert & ButlerMotor Cars 2nd series
5777773.jpgD-3 e.B192350Lambert & ButlerMotor Cycles
578L-13192525Lambert & ButlerPirates and Highwaymen
579D-3 e.B192825Lambert & ButlerRhodesian series
580D-3 e.B193025Lambert & ButlerThird Rhodesian series
58152.jpgR-3191425Lambert & ButlerWinter Sports
58253.jpgR-3192425Lambert & ButlerWonders of Nature
5837778.jpgD-3 e.B191225Lambert & ButlerWorld's Locomotives 1-25Series of 25
5847779.jpgD-3 e.B191325Lambert & ButlerWork's Locomotives: 1A-25AAdditional series of 25
5857747.jpgD-10 b.P191225Lambert & ButlerWorld's Locomotives (1-50)Series of 50
Missing nos:-1,13,14,15,26
5867780.jpgD-8 e192312R J LeaButterflies & MothsSilk on card 69x43mm
5877784.jpgD-8 e192312R J LeaButterflies & MothsSilk on card 87x70mm
5887782.jpgD-8 e19236R J LeaButterflies & MothsSilk on card 145x70mm
58906.jpgR-4191250R J LeaChairman MiniaturesGilt borders
59001.jpgR-4193748R J LeaCoronation Souvenir
591D-6 e.P193748R J LeaCoronation SouvenirHalf-tone
59204.jpgR-4193648R J LeaFamous Views
593D-3 f.P193554R J LeaRadio StarsGlossy front
594D-3 f.P193554R J LeaRadio StarsMatt front
595D-3 f.P193554R J LeaRadio Stars
59608.jpgR-4191525R J LeaWar Pictures
597L- 8193848R J LeaWonder of the World
598D-3 f.B193852A Lewis & CoHoroscopes
599D-3 f.B195525LifeguardBritish Butterflies
600D-3 f.B6Lindt (Englend) LtdSwiss Scenes
601D-3 f.B195036J LingfordBritish War Leaders
60210.jpgR-4193625Richard Lloyd & SonsAtlantic Records
603D-3 f.Bc193725Richard Lloyd & SonsCinema Stars, mattA series of 25
604D-3 f.Bc193427Richard Lloyd & SonsCinema Stars, glossyNos 28-54
60511.jpgR-4192325Richard Lloyd & SonsOld English Inns
60612.jpgR-4192550Richard Lloyd & SonsOld Inns
607L-12193525Richard Lloyd & SonsTricks and Puzzles
608D-3 f.P195948J LyonsAustrealia
609D-3 g.P195750J LyonsWhat Do You Know
610D-2 c.B196124J LyonsWings Across the WorldDescriptive back
611D-2 c.B24J LyonsWings of SpeedDescriptive back
612D-3 g.B195350R Marcantonio LtdInteresting Animals
613D-6 f195748Madison Cionfectionery Products LtdDisc Jockeys
614D-6 f195948Madison Cionfectionery Products LtdDisc Jockeys 2nd series
615D-3 g.B193218MarcovitchBritish Beauties
616D-3 g.B193725Mars Confection LtdCeremonies of the CoronationBlue title
617D-3 g.B193850Mars Confection LtdFamous Aeroplanes, Pilots and airports
618D-3 g.P193750Mars Confection LtdFamous Escapes
619D-3 g.P193850Mars Confection LtdFamous Film Stars
620D-3 g.B193625Mars Confection LtdWonders of the Queen Mary
621D-3 g.P192754J Millhoff & CoAntique Pottery
Missing nos:-,3,7,8,9,18,20,27,28,29,30,31,39,49,53,54
622D-6 e.P192650Millhoff & CoArt Treasures (Famous Pictures)
623L-7192825Millhoff & CoEngland, Historic and Picturesque
624L-7192825Millhoff & CoEngland, Historic and Picturesque 2nd series26-50
625D-6 e.P193125Millhoff & CoPicturesque Old England
626D-3 g.B192727Millhoff & CoReal Photos (Animal Studies) 1st seriesGlossy
627L-12193550Millhoff & CoThings to Make
628L-13193450Millhoff & CoWhat the Stars Say
629D-3 h.B195550Robert R Miranda Ltd100 Years of Motoring
630D-3 h.P195750Robert R Miranda Ltd150 Years of LocomotivesGlued in Album
631D-3 h.B195825Robert R Miranda LtdShips through the Ages
632D-3 h.P195725Mitcham Foods LtdAquarium Fish 1st series
633D-3 h.P195725Mitcham Foods LtdAquarium Fish 2nd series
634D-3 h.P50Mitcham Foods LtdRailway Engines
63515.jpgR-4191625S Mitchell & SonArmy Ribbons and Buttons
63616.jpgR-4192750S Mitchell & SonClan Tartans
63718.jpgR-4193825S Mitchell & SonClan Tartans 2nd series
638L-13193825S Mitchell & SonEmpire Exhibition, Scotland
639L-13192325S Mitchell & SonFamous Crosses
64020.jpgR-4193350S Mitchell & SonFamous Scots
641D-3 i.B193850S Mitchell & SonFirst Aid
64222.jpgR-4192840S Mitchell & SonLondon Ceremonials
643D-3 i.B193230S Mitchell & SonA Model Armycut-outs
644L-13193025S Mitchell & SonOld Sporting Prints
645D-3 i.B193750S Mitchell & SonOur Empire
64624.jpgR-4191125S Mitchell & SonSeals
64725.jpgR-4193925S Mitchell & SonStars of Screen and History
64827.jpgR-4193750S Mitchell & SonWonderful Century 1837 - 1937
64929.jpgR-4193650S Mitchell & SonThe World of Tomorrow
650D-4 a.B196625Mobil Oil Co LtdVintage Cars
651A-3193616Modern BoyFighting Planes of the WorldGlued in Album
Missing nos:-2, 9, 14, 15
652D-4 a.B195325Morning Foods LtdBritish PlanesUnnumbered
6537786.jpgD-4 a.B195325Morning Foods LtdTest Cricketers
654D-4 a.B195450Morning Foods LtdModern Cars
655D-4 a.B195425Morning Foods LtdBritish Uniforms
656D-4 a.B195550Morning Foods LtdOur England
657D-4 a.B195625Morning Foods LtdWorld LocomotivesBlack back
658D-4 a.P195712Morning Foods LtdThe Cunard Line
6597379.jpgD-4 b.B189930B Morris & SonsActresses
660D-4 b.P192450B Morris & SonsAnimals at the ZooBlue back
661D-4 b.B25B Morris & SonsCaptain Blood
6627789.jpgD-4 b.B192325B Morris & SonsGolf Strokes
663L-1212B Morris & SonsHoroscopesWhite card
664L-12193425B Morris & SonsHow Films are MadeWhite card
665D-4 c.P192950B Morris & SonsHow to Sketch
666D-4 b.B192425B Morris & SonsMeasurement of Time
667D-4 b.B192525B Morris & SonsThe Queen's Dolls House
668D-4 b.B25B Morris & SonsRacing Greyhounds
669D-4 b.B192413B Morris & SonsTreasure Island
670D-4 b.B192850B Morris & SonsVictory Signs
671D-4 b.B193125B Morris & SonsWax Art
672D-4 b.P25E D L MoseleyHistorical Buildings
673D-4 b.B193225B Morris & SonsWhipsnade Zoo
674L-1025Murray, Sons & Co LtdSteam Ships
675D-4 b.B193950Murray, Sons & Co LtdThe Story of Ships
676D-4 c.B192925Murray, Sons & Co LtdTypes of Aeroplane
677D-4 b.B195450Neilson'sInteresting Animals
6787788.jpgD-4 c.B192725Ogden'sA B C of Sport
679D-4 c.B193850Ogden'sActors - Natural and Character Studies
6807787.jpgD-4 c.B193350Ogden'sAFC Nicknames
681D-4 c.B193850Ogden'sAir Raid Precautions
68242.jpgR-4192850Ogden'sApplied Electricity
68337.jpgR-4191150Ogden'sBoy Scouts 1st seriesBlue back
68439.jpgR-4191250Ogden'sBoy Scouts 2nd series (51-100)Blue back
6857841.jpgD-10 b.P191250Ogden'sBoy Scouts 3rd series (101-150)Blue back 8 missing
Missing nos:-109,124,125,126,128,129,133,145
6867842.jpgD-10 b.B191350Ogden'sBoy Scouts 4th series (150-200)Blue back 8 missing
Missing nos:-159,171,181.182,183,184,188,190
6877843.jpgD-10 b.B191425Ogden'sBoy Scouts 5th series (201-225)Green back
688D-3 a.B192950Ogden'sBoy Scouts
690D-4 c.P192350Ogden'sBritish BirdsCut-outs
691L-13193950Ogden'sBritish Birds and Their EggsCut-outs
69232.jpgR-4190550Ogden'sBritish Costumes
69447.jpgR-4193250Ogden'sBy the Roadside
69534.jpgR-4193650Ogden'sCathedrals and AbbeysWhite card
696D-4 d.B192450Ogden'sChildren of all NationsCut-outs
69749.jpgR-4193250Ogden'sColour in Nature
698D-4 193750Ogden'sCoronation Procession
699D-4 d.B192850Ogden'sDerby Entrants
700S-23c1901200Ogden'sGuinea Gold 1-200In album which has woodworm.
701L-1350Ogden'sHow to Swim
702L-9192750Ogden'sInfantry Training
703D-4 d.B193050Ogden'sJockeys
70452.jpgR-41928-925Ogden'sMarvels of Motion
705D-4 d.B192550Ogden'sModern British Pottery
70615.jpgR-5193650Ogden'sModern Railways
707D-4 e.B191550Ogden'sModern War Weapons
70853.jpgR-4192725Ogden'sModes of Conveyance
709D-4 d.B193150Ogden'sMotor Races
71054.jpgR-450Ogden'sOcean Greyhounds
71101.jpgR-5192325Ogden'sOptical Illusions
712D-4 e.B190650Ogden'sOwner's Racing Colours & Jockeys
71302.jpgR-5192725Ogden'sPicturesque People of the Empire
71406.jpgR-5191045Ogden's ? MaltaBeauties Picture HatsPlain back, no script
71503.jpgR-5193650Ogden'sPicturesque Villages
7167790.jpgD-4 e.B192425Ogden'sPoultry Alphabet
717D-4 d.B193850Ogden'sProminent Cricketers of 1938
718L-13193350Ogden'sProminent Racehorses of 1933
7197791.jpgD-4 e.B193150Ogden'sRacing Pigeons
7207792.jpgD-4 e.B190750Ogden'sRacehorses
72108.jpgR-5190950Ogden'sRoyal Mail
72220.jpgR-5193950Ogden'sSea Adventure
723D-4 f.P193650Ogden'sShots from the Films
72413.jpgR-5192325Ogden'sSights of London
72510.jpgR-51932-350Ogden'sSmugglers and Smuggling
726D-4 f.P193150Ogden'sSteeplechase Celebrities
7277793.jpgD-4 f.B190525Ogden'sSwiss Views 1st series
72818.jpgR-5193450Ogden'sThe Story of Sand
729D-4 f.P192525Ogden'sTrainers and Owners Colours 1st
730D-4 f.P192625Ogden'sTrainers and Owners Colours 2nd
732D-4 fr.P50Ogden'sZoo Studies
733D-4 fgB195350Osborne Tobacco LtdModern AircraftDark blue, one line name
734D-4 fgB195525O V S TeaModern Engineering
735D-4 fgB192715Oxo LtdBull series
7367715.jpgD-5 f.B1912Palmer Mann & Co (Sifta Salt)Famous Light Houses
737D-4 fgB1950Paramount Laboratories LtdBuccaneers
738D-4 g.B1925Paramount Laboratories LtdDogs 1st series
739D-4 g.B195450Paramount Laboratories LtdFifty Years of Flying
740D-4 g.P195550Paramount Laboratories LtdRailways of the World
741D-4 g.P1950Paramount Laboratories LtdRecord Holders of the World
742D-4 g.B192724James Pascall LtdDevon Worthies
743D-4 g.B193928J & A PattreiouexBeautiful Scotland
744L-8193948J & A PattreiouexBeautiful Scotland
745L-8193848J & A PattreiouexBridges of Britain
746L-8193948J & A PattreiouexBritain from the Air
747D-4 g.B192350J & A PattreiouexBritish Empire Exhibition
748L-8193848J & A PattreiouexBritish Railways
749L-8193948J & A PattreiouexDogs
750D-4 g.B193828J & A PattreiouexFlying
751L-8193848J & A PattreiouexFlying
752L-8193748J & A PattreiouexHoliday Haunts by the Sea
753L-8193748J & A PattreiouexThe NavyLarge titles
754L-8193848J & A PattreiouexOur Countryside
755L-8193648J & A PattreiouexSights of Great Britain
756L-8193648J & A PattreiouexSights of Britain 2nd seriesLarge titles
757L-8193748J & A PattreiouexSights of Britain 3rd series
758L-8193748J & A PattreiouexWinter Scenes
759D-4 h.B193554Godfrey Phillips LtdAircraft - series No 1Phillips & associate, Matt
760L-130Godfrey Phillips LtdAnimal Studies
761L-13193950Godfrey Phillips LtdAnnuals
762D-4 h.B193744Godfrey Phillips LtdBeauties of Today
763D-4 h.B193850Godfrey Phillips LtdBeauties of Today
764D-6 e.P36Godfrey Phillips LtdBeauties of Today94mm x 36mm "BDV Medium"
765L-9194036Godfrey Phillips LtdBeauties of Today 2nd
766D-8 e193830Godfrey Phillips LtdBeauty Spots of the HomelandPostcards 126 x 89
767L-18193850Godfrey Phillips LtdBird Painting
768D-4 h.B193650Godfrey Phillips LtdBritish Birds and their Eggs
769D-4 h.B25Godfrey Phillips LtdBritish ButterfliesPale blue back
770L-1193836Godfrey Phillips LtdCharacters Come to Life
771L-131937.Jan50Godfrey Phillips LtdCoronation of their Majesties
772L-11937.Apr36Godfrey Phillips LtdCoronation of their Majesties
773D-6 e.P1937.Apr36Godfrey Phillips LtdCoronation of their Majesties60 x 53mm
77428.jpgR-5192725Godfrey Phillips LtdEmpire Industries
77523.jpgR-5193050Godfrey Phillips LtdEvolution of the British Navy
776L-12193825Godfrey Phillips LtdFamous Crowns
777L-1193836Godfrey Phillips LtdFamous Love scenes
778L-18193650Godfrey Phillips LtdFamous Minors
779L-18193450Godfrey Phillips LtdFilm Favourites
780D-4 h.B193450Godfrey Phillips LtdFilm Stars
781D-8 e193524Godfrey Phillips LtdFilm Stars 1st seriesPostcard back.
Missing nos:-31, 43
782D-10 f193424Godfrey Phillips LtdFilm Stars (25-48)Postcard back.
Missing nos:-31,43
783D-8 e193524Godfrey Phillips LtdFilm Stars 2nd seriesPostcard back. "series of 24"
Missing nos:-31, 43
784D-4 h.B192425Godfrey Phillips LtdFish
785D-12 19181Godfrey Phillips LtdFlags - South Africa BDV silk 164 x 116
Available nos:RGT comments "V.Rare"
786L-1193730Godfrey Phillips LtdFlower Studies
787D-12 19152Godfrey Phillips LtdGreat War LeadersBDV silks 153 x 116
Available nos:Vice-Admiral Beatty and General Botha
788D-4 h.B192925Godfrey Phillips LtdHow to Build a Two Valve set
789D-4 h.B193554Godfrey Phillips LtdIn the Public Eye
790D-4 h.B193025Godfrey Phillips LtdLawn Tennis
79125.jpgR-5193548Godfrey Phillips LtdThe Old Country
792L-1193936Godfrey Phillips LtdOld Masters
793D-6 e.P193930Godfrey Phillips LtdOld Masters B D V Silks. anon. 70mm x 50mm
794D-6 e.P1920Godfrey Phillips LtdOld Masters 31-60B D V Silks 70mm x 50mm
79501.jpgR-5192725Godfrey Phillips LtdOptical Illusions
796D-.4iB36Godfrey Phillips LtdOur Dogs
797L-136Godfrey Phillips LtdOur Dogs (N.Z.)
798L-1193548Godfrey Phillips LtdOur Favourites
799L-1193630Godfrey Phillips LtdOur Puppies
800D-.4iB193225Godfrey Phillips LtdPersonalities of Today
80130.jpgR-5193025Godfrey Phillips LtdPopular Superstitions
802D-.4iB192425Godfrey Phillips LtdRailway Engines
80329.jpgR-5192725Godfrey Phillips LtdRed Indians
804D-.4iB192725Godfrey Phillips LtdSchool Badges
805D-.4iB193648Godfrey Phillips LtdScreen Stars "A"Embossed Frame
806D-.4iB1937-848Godfrey Phillips LtdScreen Stars "B"
807L-1193836Godfrey Phillips LtdShip that have made History
808L-1193448Godfrey Phillips LtdShots from the Films
809L-12193936Godfrey Phillips LtdSoldiers of the KingThin card, non-adhesive
810L-1193520Godfrey Phillips LtdSpecial Jubilee series
811D-.4iB193750Godfrey Phillips LtdSportsmen (Spot the Winner)Inverted back
812D-.4iB192235Godfrey Phillips LtdStage & Cinema Beauties
813D-.4iP193550Godfrey Phillips LtdStage & Cinema Beauties
814D-.4iB193648Godfrey Phillips LtdStars of the ScreenFrame not embossed
81533.jpgR-5193650Godfrey Phillips LtdThis Mechanized Age
81635.jpgR-5193750Godfrey Phillips LtdThis Mechanized Age 2nd series
817D-6 e.P1916Picture ShowFortune Telling
818L-919291John Player & SonsAdvertisement Card - Sailor
819L-1 5193550John Player & SonsAeroplanes (civil)
820A-1193550John Player & SonsAeroplanes (civil)Glued in album
821D-5 a.P193650John Player & SonsAeroplanes (Irish issue)Variable
822L-1 5193850John Player & SonsAircraft of the Royal Air Force
823A-2193850John Player & SonsAircraft of the Royal Air ForceGlued in album
824L-17193950John Player & SonsAnimals of the Countryside
825L-3193225John Player & SonsAquarium Studies
826D-6 f.P192725John Player & SonsArchitectural Beauties
82738.jpgR-5190950John Player & SonsArms & Armour
828D-5 a.B192450John Player & SonsArmy Corps and Divisional Signs
829D-5 a.B1928100John Player & SonsArmy Corps and Divisional Signs 2nd series
83040.jpgR-5191025John Player & SonsArmy Life
831L-3193525John Player & SonsAviary and Cage Birds
832L-14193350John Player & SonsAviary and Cage Birds
833L-15193750John Player & SonsBirds and their YoungAlbum & ITC clause
834A-2193750John Player & SonsBirds and their YoungGlued in Album
835L-14193350John Player & SonsBoy Scouts and Girl Guides
836D-5 a.B50John Player & SonsBoy Scouts and Girl GuidesTransfers
837S-8190450John Player & SonsBritish Empire series
In album with Celebrated Gateways
8387796.jpgD-7 f.P192325John Player & SonsBritish LivestockBlue back
8397794.jpgD-5 a.B191525John Player & SonsBritish Livestock
840L-3193725John Player & SonsBritish Regalia
841R-5190450John Player & SonsButterflies and Moths
842D-5 a.B50John Player & SonsButterfliesTransfer
843L-14193250John Player & SonsButterflies
84441.jpgR-5191425John Player & SonsBygone Beauties
8457795.jpgD-7 f.P191610John Player & SonsBygone Beauties
8467835.jpgD-7 f.P193624John Player & SonsCats
847S-8190950John Player & SonsCelebrated Gateways
In album with British Empire Series
84845.jpgR-5190925John Player & SonsCeremonial and Court Dress
8497836.jpgD-7 f.P193625John Player & SonsChampionship Golf Courses
8507797.jpgD-7 f.B191110John Player & SonsCharacters from Dickens
851L-14192350John Player & SonsCharacters from Dickens
852D-10 a.B192350John Player & SonsCharacters from DickensSecond set
Missing nos:-49
8537798.jpgD-7 f.P193320John Player & SonsCharacters from Fiction
854L-14191325John Player & SonsCharacters from Thackeray
8557799.jpgD-7 f.P192820John Player & SonsClocks Old and New
856D-5 b.B191625John Player & SonsColonial and Indian Army Badges
857L-1550John Player & SonsCoronation Series - Ceremonial Dress
858S-17193750John Player & SonsCoronation of King George VI and Queen ElizabethAlbum, adhesive-mount
85946.jpgR-51910?25John Player & SonsCounties and their IndustriesNot numbered
860D-5 b.B1910?25John Player & SonsCounties and their IndustriesNot numbered
861L-14191250John Player & SonsCountries - Arms and FlagsThiinner card?
862D-5 b.B190550John Player & SonsCountries - Arms and FlagsThick card
86348.jpgR-5190650John Player & SonsCountry Seats and Arms
86450.jpgR-5190750John Player & SonsCountry Seats and Arms 2nd series50-100
86553.jpgR-5190750John Player & SonsCountry Seats and Arms 3rd series
8667800.jpgD-7 f.P193025John Player & SonsCountry Sports
867D-5 b.B193050John Player & SonsCricketers
868L-15193850John Player & SonsCricketerswith ITC Clause
86955.jpgR-5191325John Player & SonsCries of London
87057.jpgR-5191625John Player & SonsCries of London 2nd series
87101.jpgR-6192950John Player & SonsCurious Beaks
872L-15193950John Player & SonsCycling
873L-18193250John Player & SonsDandies
874D-5 d.B50John Player & SonsDerby and Gand National WinnersTransfers
875L-14193350John Player & SonsDerby and Grand National Winners
876D-10 a.B192450John Player & SonsDogs with background
Missing nos:-3
877D-7 f.B192412John Player & SonsDogs with background
878D-7 f.P192620John Player & SonsDogs (heads)
879D-7 f.P192820John Player & SonsDogs (heads) 2nd series
880L-18192950John Player & SonsDogs by Arthur Wardle (heads)Home issue
881L-18193150John Player & SonsDogs by Arthur Wardle (heads)
882D-5 c.B193125John Player & SonsDogs by Arthur WardleHome issue, no background
883L-3193325John Player & SonsDogs by Arthur Wardle
884L-14192450John Player & SonsDrum Banners & Cap Badges
88503.jpgR-6191125John Player & SonsEgyptian Kings, Queens and Classical Deities
886L-3192725John Player & SonsFables of Aesop
887L-3193725John Player & SonsFamous BeautiesWith ITC clause
888A-2193425John Player & SonsFilm StarsGlued in album
889L-3193425John Player & SonsFilm StarsWith album offer
890L-15193450John Player & SonsFilm Stars
891A-1193450John Player & SonsFilm StarsGlued in album
892L-15193450John Player & SonsFilm Stars 2nd series
893A-1193450John Player & SonsFilm Stars 2nd seriesGlued in album
894L-15193850John Player & SonsFilm Stars 3rd serieswith ITC clause
895L-14193050John Player & SonsFire Fighting Appliances
896L-14193050John Player & SonsFire Fighting AppliancesSecond set
897D-12 a192850John Player & SonsFlags of the League of Nations
898L-18192750John Player & SonsFootball Caricatures by Mac
899D-5 c.B192650John Player & SonsFootball Caricatures by Rip
900D-5 c.B192850John Player & SonsFootballers
901D-5 c.B1928-925John Player & SonsFootballers 2nd series 51-75
9027837.jpgD-7 f.P193525John Player & SonsFreshwater FishesAdhesive back
903D-5 c.B193350John Player & SonsFreshwater FishesPink backs
90411.jpgR-6193350John Player & SonsFreshwater FishesWhite card
905A-2193350John Player & Sons(British) Freshwater FishesWhite card. Glued in album
906A-2193350John Player & Sons(British) Freshwater FishesWhite card. Glued in album
907L-14192625John Player & SonsFrom Plantation to Smoker
908L-14192750John Player & SonsGame Birds and Wild Fowl
9097801.jpgD-7 f.P192825John Player & SonsGame Birds and Wild Fowl
91004.jpgR-6191425John Player & SonsGems of British Scenery
91106.jpgR-6192550John Player & SonsGilbert and Sullivan
91208.jpgR-650John Player & SonsGilbert and Sullivan 2nd series
9137838.jpgD-7 f.P192825John Player & SonsGilbert and Sullivan 2nd series
9147839.jpgD-7 f.P192925John Player & SonsGolfWith ITC clause
915L-18192925John Player & SonsHidden Beauties
9167810.jpgD-5 c.B190825John Player & SonsHighland Clans
917L-15193450John Player & SonsHints on Association Football
918A-2193650John Player & SonsHints on Association FootballGlued in album
919L-3192925John Player & SonsHistory of Naval Dress
920L-14193050John Player & SonsHistory of Naval Dress
921L-15193650John Player & SonsInternational Air LinersAlbum price, ITC Clause
922A-2193750John Player & SonsInternational Air LinersStuck in Album
923L-11192725John Player & SonsIrish Place Names
924L-11192925John Player & SonsIrish Place Names 2nd series
925L-15193550John Player & SonsKings and Queens of England
926A-1193550John Player & SonsKings and Queens of EnglandGlued in album
927D-7 f.P193550John Player & SonsKings and Queens of England
928D-5 d190550John Player & SonsLife on Board a Man o' War 1805-1905
929L-14193150John Player & SonsMilitary Head-dress
930L-1550John Player & SonsMilitary Uniforms of the British Empire OverseasAdhesive back
931L-16192325John Player & SonsMiniatures
932L-17193950John Player & SonsModern Naval Craft
933A-2193950John Player & SonsModern Naval CraftGlued in album
934L-15193650John Player & SonsMotor cars
935A-4193650John Player & SonsMotor carsGlued in album
936A-4193650John Player & SonsMotor carsIn corner-mount album
937L-15193750John Player & SonsMotor cars 2nd series
938A-1193750John Player & SonsMotor cars 2nd seriesGlued in album
939A-4193750John Player & SonsMotor cars 2nd seriesIn corner-mount album
9407802.jpgD-7 f.P192520John Player & SonsMount Everest
941L-18191525John Player & SonsNapoleon
942L-15193550John Player & SonsNational Flags and Arms (Home issue)"Album price 1d"
943D-5 d.P193750John Player & SonsNational Flags and Arms (Irish issue)Good
Missing nos:-16, 22, 33, 45
944A-2193550John Player & SonsNational Flags and ArmsGlued in album
945D-7 f.P192925John Player & SonsThe Nation's Shrines
946L-18192450John Player & SonsNatural History
9477803.jpgD-7 f.P193024John Player & SonsNature Calendar
94813.jpgR-6190850John Player & SonsNature series
949L-3193825John Player & SonsOld Hunting PrintsWith ITC clause
950L-3193625John Player & SonsFootball Caricatures by MacWith ITC clause
951D-7 f.P192925John Player & SonsPicturesque Bridges
952D-7 f.P192925John Player & SonsPicturesque Cottages
9537804.jpgD-7 f.P193125John Player & SonsPicturesque London
954L-18192325John Player & SonsPlayers - Past and Present
95516.jpgR-6191125John Player & SonsPolar Exploration
95617.jpgR-6191525John Player & SonsPolar Exploration 2nd series
957L-3193025John Player & SonsPortals of the Past
958L-14193150John Player & SonsPoultry
95918.jpgR-6190850John Player & SonsProducts of the WorldThin card
960L-3193825John Player & SonsRacing YachtsWith ITC clause
961L-319371John Player & SonsCoronation - Royal Family Group
962L-15193750John Player & SonsR A F Badges
963A-1193750John Player & SonsR A F BadgesGlued in album
964A-2193750John Player & SonsR A F BadgesGlued in album
965D-5 d.B50John Player & SonsR A F Badges with motto
966L-14193050John Player & SonsRegimental Standards & Cap Badges
967D-10 .B191250John Player & SonsRegimental Uniforms 1-50Brown backs 22 available
Available nos:+1,4,5,6,13,15,17,19,21,24,25,26,27,31,34,36,39,42,43,44,45,46
96821.jpgR-6191250John Player & SonsRegimental Uniforms 1-50Blue backs
96923.jpgR-6191450John Player & SonsRegimental Uniforms 51-100Brown backs
97026.jpgR-6190550John Player & SonsRiders of the World
971L-15193550John Player & SonsSea Fishes
972A-1193550John Player & SonsSea FishesGlued in album
97328.jpgR-6191425John Player & SonsShakespearean series
974L-3192620John Player & SonsShip Models
97529.jpgR-6191225John Player & SonsShips Figureheads
976D-5 d.B193750John Player & SonsSpeedway Riders
977L-18192650John Player & SonsStraight Line Caricatures
978L-18192325John Player & SonsStruggle for Existence
979L-15193650John Player & SonsTennis
980L-14191425John Player & SonsThose Pearls of Heaven
981L-3193125John Player & SonsTreasures of Britain
98231.jpgR-6193025John Player & SonsTreasures of Ireland
9837840.jpgD-7 f.P193925John Player & SonsTypes of HorsesWith ITC clause
984L-1550John Player & SonsUniforms of the Territorial Army
985S-2150John Player & SonsUniforms of the Territorial Army
98632.jpgR-6191425John Player & SonsVictoria Cross
987L-14192790John Player & SonsWar Decorations and Medals
988L-18193150John Player & SonsWild Animals Heads
989D-7 f.P192725John Player & SonsWild Animals Heads
990D-6 f.P193225John Player & SonsWild Animals Heads 2nd series
991D-5 d.B193425John Player & SonsWild BirdsTransfers
992L-3193425John Player & SonsWild Birds
993L-14193250John Player & SonsWild Birds
994L-3193725John Player & SonsWild Fowl
995L-14191625John Player & SonsWonders of the WorldBlue back
99633.jpgR-6192625John Player & SonsWonders of the WorldMixed back, blue & grey
99734.jpgR-6191125John Player & SonsWrestling and Ju-jitsuBlue back
998L-3193850John Player & SonsZoo BabiesWith ITC clause
999D-5 e.B196624Preston DairiesCountry Life
1000D-5 e.P196350Primrose Confectionary Co LtdFlintstones series F1
1001D-5 e.P196150Primrose Confectionary Co LtdPopeye 3rd seeries
1002D-5 e.B196112Quaker OatsGreat Feats of Building
1003D-5 e.B195620Radio FunBritish Sports Stars
1004D-9 cc196020RobertsonsGolliwogs, Shaped figures
5 sporting, 10 musical, 5 adverts in variable condidion
1005Sc196012RobertsonsGolliwogs, Shaped figures. Sporting set of 8 plus 4 standardMounted with stamp hinges
1006D-5 f.B196625Rossi's IcesWorld's Fastest Aircraft
1007D-5 f.B193640Rothmans LtdBeauties of the Cinema
10087805.jpgD-8 a.P193624Rothmans LtdBeauties of the Cinema, Circular cardUnvarnished
1009L-725Rothmans LtdCinema Stars
1010D-5 f.B193424Rothmans LtdProminent Screen Favourites
1011L-1250Rothmans LtdPunch Jokes
1012D-5 f.B195324R S P AModern Brirish Motor Cars
Full set mpounted on card
1013D-5 f.B195322R S P AModern Brirish Motor Cycles
1014D-5 f.B195524R S P AVeteran Cars
1015D-5 f.B195524R S P AVeteran Cars2nd series
1016D-8 a.P1924Roy Rodgers Bubble GumRoy Rodgers
10177751.jpgD-5 f.B192650W Sandorides & Co Ltd (Lucana)Famous Racecourses
10187750.jpgD-10 g.P192650W Sandorides & Co Ltd (Lucana)Famous Racecourses
Missing nos:-1, 17
1019L-10192425W Santorides & Co Ltd.Cinema Celebrities
1020D-5 f.B50Nicholas Sarony & CoAround the Mediterranean
1021S-19192650Nicholas Sarony & CoAround the MediterraneanCorner-mount album
1022D-5 f.B192925Nicholas Sarony & CoCinema Studies
1023D-5 f.B192825Nicholas Sarony & CoDay on the Airway
1024D-8 a.P192825Nicholas Sarony & CoDay on the Airway
1025D-5 f.B1925-625Nicholas Sarony & CoLinks with the Past 1-25
1026D-8 a.P1925-625Nicholas Sarony & CoLinks with the Past 1-25
1027D-8 a.P1925-625Nicholas Sarony & CoLinks with the Past 26-50
1028D-5 f.B1926-725Nicholas Sarony & CoMuseum SeriesNos 1-25
1029D-8 a.P1926-725Nicholas Sarony & CoMuseum SeriesLarge size descriptive back
1030D-5 f.B192836Nicholas Sarony & CoNational Types of Beauty
1031D-5 f.B192950Nicholas Sarony & CoSaronicks
1032L-8192950Nicholas Sarony & CoShips of all Ages
1033D-8 a.Pc1930100SCERRI, MaltaWorld's Famous Buildings
1034L-13192425Scottish CWSBurnsPrinted back, cream card
1035D-5 f.P192425Scottish CWSDwellings of all NationsWhite card
1036D-5 g.B193754John Sinclair LtdFilm starsNos 1-54
1037D-5 g.B193754John Sinclair LtdFilm stars 2nd seriesNos 55-108
1038D-5 g.B50John Sinclair LtdWell-known Footballers (N E Counties)
1039D-5 f.B50John Sinclair LtdWell-known Footballers (Scottish)
1040S-108S A Iconographie Didactique et ScientifiqueZoologie 301: La Truite: de l'Oeuf au Poisson
1041S-109S A Iconographie Didactique et ScientifiqueZoologie 302: De l'Oeuf au Poisson
1042S-108S A Iconographie Didactique et ScientifiqueZoologie 401: Le Marronnier D'Inde
1043S-108S A Iconographie Didactique et ScientifiqueGeographiie Serie 1. L.Axe Anvers-Bruxelles
1044S-1010S A Iconographie Didactique et ScientifiqueGeographiie Serie 2. La Hesbaye
1045S-1012S A Iconographie Didactique et ScientifiqueGeographiie Serie 3. L'ardenne
1046S-1012S A Iconographie Didactique et ScientifiqueHistorie Serie 101
1047S-106S A Iconographie Didactique et ScientifiqueAnatomie Serie 201: Le Squelette Humain
1048D-5 g.Pc196050Sonny BoyRailway EnjginesWhite back
1049D-12 197250The SunGallery of Football Stars (3D)50 available. ot checked
1050D-5 f.P195825SweetenhamsAnimals of the Countryside
1051D-5 f.P195725SweetenhamsEvolution of the Royal Navy
1052D-5 h.P195525Sweerule Products LtdBirds and Their eggsJunior Service
1053D-5 h.P195825Sweerule Products LtdBirds of the British Commonwealth
1054D-5 h.PSweerule Products LtdFamous Sports Records
1055D-5 h.P195925Sweerule Products LtdFootball Club Nicknames
1056D-5 h.P195718Societe Anonyme BelgeHistorical Cars & Cycles
1057D-5 h.P195450Sweerule Products LtdModern Aircraft
1058D-5 h.B195525Sweerule Products LtdModern Transport
1059D-5 h.P195925Sweerule Products LtdNature series
1060D-5 h.P195925Sweerule Products LtdNaval Battles
1061D-5 h.P195825Sweerule Products LtdSports Quiz
1062D-.5iB196025Sweerule Products LtdStamp Cards
1063D-5 h.P195825Sweerule Products LtdTreasure Island
1064D-5 h.P195425Sweerule Products LtdTropical Birds
1065D-.5iB195625Sweerule Products LtdWonders of the World
106641.jpgR-6191925Taddy & CoAutographs
106701.jpgR-9191125Taddy & CoOrders of Chivalry
1068D-10 a.B193432Teofani & Co Ltd.Famous British Ships and Officers26 available, 5 missing
Missing nos:-2,14,24,27,31
1069D-5 h.B193612Teofani & Co Ltd.Film Actors and Actressesplain back
1070D-5 h.Bc193612Teofani & Co Ltd.London Viewsplain back
1071L-12192712Teofani & Co Ltd.Past and Present - The ArmyWithout framelines
1072L-12192912Teofani & Co Ltd.Past and Present - Weapons of War (26-48)
1073D-5 h.P50Teofani & Co Ltd.Ships and Their FlagsPrinted backs
1074D-5 h.P193248D C Thompson (Wizard)Speed
107546.jpgR-6195930Twinings TeaRare Stamps 1st series
107647.jpgR-6196030Twinings TeaRare Stamps 2nd series
1077D-8 c.P197612Typhoo TeaThe Amazing World of Dr Who
107842.jpgR-6192425Typhoo TeaAncient and Annnual Customs
1079D-9 a192925Typhoo TeaAnimal Offence and Defence
1080S-16193625Typhoo TeaBritish Birds and Their EggsCorner-mount album
1081D-10 b.B192530Typhoo TeaBritish Empire at WorkNear complete set
Missing nos:-1
1082S-16193725Typhoo TeaCharacters from ShakespeareCorner-mount album
108343.jpgR-6192525Typhoo TeaCommon Objects Highly Magnified
1084D-9 a192525Typhoo TeaFamous Voyages
1085S-16193925Typhoo TeaHistorical BuildingsCorner-mount album
1086S-16193425Typhoo TeaHomes of Famous MenCorner-mount album
1087D-9 a193525Typhoo TeaHorses
1088S-16193825Typhoo TeaInteresting Events in British HistoryCorner-mount album
1089S-16193925Typhoo TeaImportant Industries of the British EmpireCorner-mount album
1090D-9 a193225Typhoo TeaScenes "John Halifax, Gentleman"
10917826.jpgD-9 a193025Typhoo TeaScenes from "Lorna Doone"
10927827.jpgD-9 a193125Typhoo TeaScenes "A Tale of Two Cities"Back 897.1.31
1093D-9 a192925Typhoo TeaThe Story of David CopperfieldWith Coupon "until 30th Sept"
Missing nos:-23
1094D-9 a193525Typhoo TeaThe Swiss Family Robinson
1095S-16193825Typhoo TeaTrees of the CountrysideCorner-mount album
1096D-9 a192825Typhoo TeaWhilst We SleepNo Inscription on back
1097S-16193625Typhoo TeaWild Flowers in their FamiliesCorner-mount album
1098S-16193725Typhoo TeaWild Flowers in their Families 2nd seriesCorner-mount album
1099D-9 a193325Typhoo TeaWonder Cities of the World
11007828.jpgD-9 a193325Typhoo TeaWork on the Farm
110144.jpgR-6193225Typhoo TeaZoo series
110249.jpgR-6193850United Kingdom Tobacco Co LtdAircraft
1103L-12193625United Kingdom Tobacco Co LtdBritish Orders, Chivalry and Valour
1104L-12193324United Kingdom Tobacco Co LtdChinese Scenes
1105D-5 iP193432United Kingdom Tobacco Co LtdCinema Stars
110651.jpgR-6193736United Kingdom Tobacco Co LtdSoldiers of the King
1107L-12193850United Services Manufacturing Co LtdAncient Warriors
1108L-12193950United Services Manufacturing Co LtdBathing Belles
110936.jpgR-6193750United Tobacco (South Africa)African Fish
111053.jpgR-61925United Tobacco Co (South) LtdInteresting Experiments
1111D-8 a.P193024United Tobacco Co (South Africa)Arms & Crests of Universities & Schools
1112D-8 a.P193862United Tobacco Co (South Africa)British Rugby Tour of S A
1113D-8 a.B1925United Tobacco Co (South Africa)Famous British Ships 1st
1114D-8 a.B1925United Tobacco Co (South Africa)Famous British Ships 2nd
1115L-71939100United Tobacco Co (South Africa)Famous Works of Art
1116D-8 a.B1951100United Tobacco Co (South Africa)Medals & Decorations of Brit Commonwealth
1117S221951100United Tobacco Co (South Africa)Medals & Decorations of Brit CommonwealthBook, corner-mounter cards
1118S31938100United Tobacco Co (South Africa)Our Land34 pp Book with cards
1119D-5 g1942150United Tobacco Co (South Africa)Our S A Birds
1120S-41942150United Tobacco Co (South Africa)Our S A Birds
1121S-41940100United Tobacco Co (South Africa)Our S A Flora
100 page Book with cards corner-mounted.
1122D-8 b.B1940100United Tobacco Co (South Africa)Our S A Flora
1123D-8 b.B1941100United Tobacco Co (South Africa)Our S A National Parks
1124S-51941100United Tobacco Co (South Africa)Our S A National Parks
102 page Book with cards corner-mounted.
1125S-619200United Tobacco Co (South Africa)Our S A Past and Present
178 page book with cards fully populated.
1126D-8 c.P193824United Tobacco Co (South Africa)Pastel Plates
1127D-8 c.P194250United Tobacco Co (South Africa)Pictures of S A War Effort
112838.jpgR-6193650United Tobacco Co (South Africa)Safey First
1129D-8 a.P193754United Tobacco Co (South Africa)S A. Butterflies
1130D-8 a.P193152United Tobacco Co (South Africa)S A. Coats of Arms
1131D-8 c.B1939100United Tobacco Co (South Africa)S. A Defence
1132D-8 c.B193552United Tobacco Co (South Africa)S A .FloraWithout CT Ltd
1133D-8 c.P1950United Tobacco Co (South Africa)S A. Places of Interest
1134D-10 g193365United Tobacco Co (South Africa)S.A. Rugby Football Clubs
Missing nos:-10,(16)
1135D-8 b.P1949United Tobacco Co (South Africa)S.A. Succulents
11367806.jpgD-8 c.P193654United Tobacco Co (South Africa)Sports & Pastimes in S A.
1137S-151950United Tobacco Co (South Africa)Tavern of the SeasIn album
1138D-8 c1933140Verkade (Holland)De Bloemen en Haar Vrienden (Flowers and their Insct Friends)Good
1139D-8 f1933140Verkade (Holland)De Bloemen en Haar Vrienden (Flowers and their Insct Friends)
1140D-5 i.B50Walters Palm ToffeeSome Cap Badges of Territorial Regiments
1141D-8 c.P6Walters Tobacco Co LtdAngling Information
1142D-5 i.B195548Watford BiscuitsCinema Stars 1st series
1143D-8 c.P195825Weetabix LtdConquest of Space series A
1144D-8 c.P195925Weetabix LtdConquest of Space series B
1145D-5 i.B36Westminster Tobacco Co LtdAustralia
1146D-5 i.B192648Westminster Tobacco Co LtdBritish Royal and Ancient Buildings
1147D-5 i.B1927-836Westminster Tobacco Co LtdCanada1st series
1148D-5 i.B1927-836Westminster Tobacco Co LtdCanada 2nd series2nd series
1149D-5 i.B192748Westminster Tobacco Co LtdIndian Empire1st series
1150D-5 i.B1928-936Westminster Tobacco Co LtdNew Zealand1st series
1151D-5 i.B1928-936Westminster Tobacco Co LtdNew Zealand2nd series
1152D-5 i.B1928-936Westminster Tobacco Co LtdNew Zealand2nd series (2nd copy)
1153D-5 i.B192836Westminster Tobacco Co LtdSouth Africa1st series
1154D-5 i.B192836Westminster Tobacco Co LtdSouth Africa2nd series
1155D-5 i.B193850Westminster Tobacco Co LtdThe World of Tomorrow
1156D-8 c.P196224Weston Biscuits co Ltd (Australia)Veteran and Vintage Cars 2nd series
1157D-5 c.B195425White Fish AuthorityThe Fish we Eat
115801.jpgR-7190530W D and H O WillsActresses Scissors back, Chocolate border
115902.jpgR-71930W D and H O WillsActresses 2Plain back
1160L-17193850W D and H O WillsAir Raid Precautions
116111.jpgR-7191750W D and H O WillsAllied Army Leaders
116213.jpgR-7191350W D and H O WillsAlpine Flowers
1163D-6 a.B193448W D and H O WillsAnimalloys
1164L-6192925W D and H O WillsAnimals and their Furs
116516.jpgR-7191050W D and H O WillsArms of British Empire
116618.jpgR-7191350W D and H O WillsArms of Companies
1167D-6 a.B191250W D and H O WillsArms of Foreign CitiesWhite card
1168D-8 c.P192242W D and H O WillsArms of Oxford and Cambridge Colleges
1169D-8 c.P193325W D and H O WillsArms of Public Schools
1170D-8 d.P193425W D and H O WillsArms of Public Schools series 2
1171D-8 d.P192325W D and H O WillsArms of Universities
1172D-6 a.P191250W D and H O WillsArt Photogravures
1173D-6 .B193650W D and H O WillsAssociation FootballersFrame line back
1174L-17193950W D and H O WillsAssociation FootballersAdhesive back
1175L-17192625W D and H O WillsAuction Bridge
1176D-12 a192625W D and H O WillsAuction Bridgepart set
Missing nos:-5,7,11,18
117721.jpgR-7191050W D and H O WillsAviation
117804.jpgR-7c191032W D and H O WillsBeauties (Picture Hats)Scissors back
1179D-10 c190550W D and H O WillsBorough Arms 1st series (1-50)7 available
Available nos:+1,19,31,43,44,47.50
1180D-10 c190650W D and H O WillsBorough Arms 2nd series (51-100)27 available
Available nos:+51,52,53,54,56,57,58,60,61,62,63,64,65,66,67,70,71,72,73,76,81,83,84,87,92,93,97
1181D-10 c190550W D and H O WillsBorough Arms 2nd Edition (1-150)19 available
Available nos:+9,14,22,38,47,57,89,97,106,107,108,116,120,132,136,141,144,145,150
1182D-10 c190550W D and H O WillsBorough Arms 4nd series (1-200)27 available, 23 missing
Available nos:-157,159,160,161,162,165,166,170,171,172,173,174,175,176,177,178,179,180,184,186,189,195,200,
1183D-6 a.P190450W D and H O WillsBorough Arms 3 series 101-150Album clause grey
1184D-6 a.P190450W D and H O WillsBorough Arms 3 series 101-150Album clause red
118526.jpgR-7191725W D and H O WillsBritain's Part in the War
1186L-16192750W D and H O WillsBritish Butterflies
1187D-8 d.P192525W D and H O WillsBritish Castles
1188D-10 c.P191250W D and H O WillsBritish Empire series (Capstan)45 available, 5 missing
Missing nos:-2,7,42,43,50
1189L-6192725W D and H O WillsBritish School of Painting
1190D-8 d.P49W D and H O WillsBritish Sporting Personalities
1191L-6193840W D and H O WillsButterflies and Moths
119206.jpgR-7190550W D and H O WillsBuildings of InterestCapstan, Australia
1193D-8 d.P191625W D and H O WillsCelebrated PicturesMixed brown backs aprox 50:50
119423.jpgR-7191150W D and H O WillsCelebrated Ships
119527.jpgR-7192825W D and H O WillsCinema Stars
119628.jpgR-7192825W D and H O WillsCinema Stars series 2
119729.jpgR-7193150W D and H O WillsCinema Stars series 3
11987748.jpgD-10 c190250W D and H O WillsCoronation series
Missing nos:-1,10,45.48
1199D-2 g.B192850W D and H O WillsCricketers
1200D-6 a.B193750W D and H O WillsCricketers 2nd series
1201L-16192250W D and H O WillsDo You Know?
1202L-16192450W D and H O WillsDo You Know? 2nd series
1203L-16192650W D and H O WillsDo You Know? 3rd series
1204L-16193350W D and H O WillsDo You Know? 4th series
1205L-17193750W D and H O WillsDogs
1206D-10 g.P192626W D and H O WillsEtchings (of Dogs)Large cards
Missing nos:-5,8,15
1207L-16192750W D and H O WillsEngineering Wonders
1208L-16192725W D and H O WillsEnglish Period Costumes
1209L-6193740W D and H O WillsFamous British Authors
1210L-6193530W D and H O WillsFamous British Liners 2nd series
1211L-16191550W D and H O WillsFamous Inventions
1212D-6 b.B193148W D and H O WillsFamous Picture series: 2: The Boyhood of RaleighSections
1213D-6 b.B193148W D and H O WillsFamous Picture series: 3: Mother and SonSections
1214D-6 b.B193148W D and H O WillsFamous Picture series: 4: The ToastSections. Home issue
1215D-6 b.B193148W D and H O WillsFamous Picture series: 5: The Laughing CavalierSections. Home issue
121637.jpgR-7191350W D and H O WillsFirst AidWithout album clause
121732.jpgR-7191050W D and H O WillsFish and Bait
121839.jpgR-7192625W D and H O WillsFlags of the Empire
121940.jpgR-7192925W D and H O WillsFlags of the Empire 2nd series
1220L-16192550W D and H O WillsFlower Culture in Pots
122142.jpgR-7192450W D and H O WillsFlowering Trees and Shrubs
1222L-16193350W D and H O WillsGarden Flowers
1223L-17193950W D and H O WillsGarden FlowersAlbum offer. ITC clause
1224L-6193840W D and H O WillsGarden Flowers, New Varieties
1225L-6193940W D and H O WillsGarden Flowers, New Varieties. 2nd series
Missing nos:-2,3,4,
122644.jpgR-7193850W D and H O WillsGardening Hints
1227D-6 b.B193850W D and H O WillsGarden HintsAlbum offer, with price
122852.jpgR-7191450W D and H O WillsGarden Life
1229L-17192350W D and H O WillsGardening Hints
123049.jpgR-7191550W D and H O WillsGems of Belgian Architecture
123146.jpgR-7191750W D and H O WillsGems of Russian Architecture
12327807.jpgD-8 d.P192625W D and H O WillsGolfing
1233L-6192525W D and H O WillsHeraldic Signs and their Origins
1234D-10 a.B191325W D and H O WillsHeroic DeedsPlain back
Missing nos:-2,14,16,22,18. RGT's wants list does not state issuer
123534.jpgR-7191250W D and H O WillsHistoric Events
1236L-16191250W D and H O WillsHistoric Events
123754.jpgR-7193250W D and H O WillsHomeland Events
123805.jpgR-8192750W D and H O WillsHousehold Hints
123907.jpgR-8193050W D and H O WillsHousehold Hints 2nd series
1240L-17193650W D and H O WillsHousehold Hints 3rd seriesAlbum offer, Price
124110.jpgR-8193750W D and H O WillsIrish Industries
12427749.jpgD-10 c191453W D and H O WillsJockeys and Owners coloursPC inset, plain back
Missing nos:-4
1243L-6193840W D and H O WillsKing's Art Treasures
1244L-17193950W D and H O WillsLife in the Royal Navy
1245A-3193950W D and H O WillsLife in the Royal NavyGlued in album
124612.jpgR-8192550W D and H O WillsLife in the Tree Tops
1247L-16192350W D and H O WillsLucky Charms
124815.jpgR-8192450W D and H O WillsMerchant Ships of the World
124917.jpgR-8191650W D and H O WillsMilitary Motors
1250D-6 b.P191650W D and H O WillsMilitary MotorsPassed by Censors
1251L-16191650W D and H O WillsMining
1252D-8 d.P192830W D and H O WillsModern British Sculpture
12537746.jpgD-10 c.P191150W D and H O WillsNational Flags and Arms
Missing nos:-2,7,50
125420.jpgR-8190950W D and H O WillsNaval Dress and Badges
125522.jpgR-8192550W D and H O WillsNew Zealand Early Scenes & Maori Life
125625.jpgR-8191050W D and H O WillsOld English Garden Flowers
125727.jpgR-8191350W D and H O WillsOld English Garden Flowers 2nd series
1258D-8 d.P192325W D and H O WillsOld Furniture 1st series
1259D-8 d.P192325W D and H O WillsOld Furniture 2nd series
1260L-6193640W D and H O WillsOld Inns
1261L-6193940W D and H O WillsOld Inns 2nd series
12627808.jpgD-8 d.P192925W D and H O WillsOld London
1263D-8 d.P193430W D and H O WillsOld Pottery and Porcelain
1264D-8 d.P192425W D and H O WillsOld Silver
1265L-6192825W D and H O WillsOld Sundials
1266L-17193759W D and H O WillsOur King and Queen
1267A-1193759W D and H O WillsOur King and QueenGlued in album
1268L-18191650W D and H O WillsOverseas Dominions - Australia
126930.jpgR-8191450W D and H O WillsOverseas Dominions - Canada
127032.jpgR-8191450W D and H O WillsPhysical Culture
1271D-10 c1908100W D and H O WillsPortraits of European RoyaltyOnly missing No 99
1272D-8 d.P192725W D and H O WillsPublic Schools
12737809.jpgD-8 d.P191625W D and H O WillsPunch CartoonsToned card
1274L-640W D and H O WillsRacehorses and Jockeys
1275L-17193450W D and H O WillsRadio Celebrities
1276A-3193450W D and H O WillsRadio CelebritiesGlued in album
1277L-17193550W D and H O WillsRadio Celebrities 2nd series
1278A-3193550W D and H O WillsRadio Celebrities 2nd seriesGlued in poor condition album
127935.jpgR-8192450W D and H O WillsRailway Engines
1280L-17193650W D and H O WillsRailway Engines 2nd seriesHome issue
1281L-17193950W D and H O WillsRailway EquipmentHome issue
128237.jpgR-8193050W D and H O WillsRailway Locomotives
128305.jpgR-7191512W D and H O WillsRecruiting Posters
1284L-1750W D and H O WillsThe Reign of H M King George V
1285A-150W D and H O WillsThe Reign of H M King George VGlued in album
1286L-16192850W D and H O WillsRomance of the HeavensThin card
1287D-6 b.P192850W D and H O WillsRomance of the HeavensThick card
128840.jpgR-8191250W D and H O WillsRoses
1289L-16191250W D and H O WillsRoses
129042.jpgR-8192650W D and H O WillsRoses 2nd series
1291L-6193640W D and H O WillsRoses
1292L-6191450W D and H O WillsRoses 2nd series
1293D-8 d.P193748W D and H O WillsRound Europe
1294D-6 b.B192950W D and H O WillsRugby Internationals
1295L-17193450W D and H O WillsSafety First
1296A-3193450W D and H O WillsSafety FirstGlued in album
1297L-17193850W D and H O WillsThe Sea Shore
1298A-3193850W D and H O WillsThe Sea ShoreIn corner-mount album
1299A-2193850W D and H O WillsThe Sea ShoreGlued in album
1300L-1140W D and H O WillsShannon Electric Power Scheme
1301L-16192650W D and H O WillsShip's Badges
130245.jpgR-8192850W D and H O WillsShips and Shipping
130350.jpgR-81895-752W D and H O WillsSoldiers of the WorldPC Inset
130447.jpgR-8193050W D and H O WillsSpeed
1305L-17193850W D and H O WillsSpeedHome issue
1306D-8 d.P192850W D and H O WillsA Sporting Holiday in New Zealand70 x57mm
1307L-16193150W D and H O WillsStrange Craft
Missing nos:-4
130809.jpgR-7190850W D and H O WillsTime and Money in Different Countries
1309D-12 a190850W D and H O WillsTime and Money in Different CountriesPart set
Missing nos:-14,16,20
1310L-6193740W D and H O WillsTrees
131153.jpgR-8191525W D and H O WillsVictoria Cross Heroes (Australian)
1312L-16193450W D and H O WillsWild Animals Heads
1313L-16192350W D and H O WillsWild Flowers
1314L-17193650W D and H O WillsWild FlowersHome issue
1315L-17193750W D and H O WillsWild Flowers 2nd series
1316A-3193750W D and H O WillsWild Flowers 2nd seriesGlued in album
1317S-25192850W D and H O WillsWonders of the Sea
131851.jpgR-8192650W D and H O WillsWonders of the Past
131950.jpgR-8191125W D and H O WillsThe World's Dreadnoughts
1320D-10 g.P193350J Wix & Sons Ltd (Kensitas)British Empire Flags (Silks)34 available.16 missing
Missing nos:-1, 6, 9, 13, 14,22,25,28,29,31,34,35,46,39,44,46
1321D-6 c.B50J Wix & Sons Ltd (Kensitas)Builders of Empire
1322D-8 b.B1939250J Wix & Sons Ltd (Max)Cinema Cavalcade Series 1 Small66mm x 38mm
Available nos:68 available, 181 missing
1323D-8 b.B1939250J Wix & Sons Ltd (Max)Cinema Cavalcade Series 1 Medium77mm x 55mm
Available nos:109 available, 141 missing
1324D-8 b.B1939250J Wix & Sons Ltd (Max)Cinema Cavalcade Series 1 Large103mm x 68mm
Available nos:61 available, 189 missing
1325D-8 b.B1940250J Wix & Sons Ltd (Max)Cinema Cavalcade Series 2 Small66mm x 38mm
Available nos:60 available, 190 missing
1326D-8 b.B1940250J Wix & Sons Ltd (Max)Cinema Cavalcade Series 2 Medium77mm x 55mm
Available nos:106 available, 143 missing
1327D-8 b.B1940250J Wix & Sons Ltd (Max)Cinema Cavalcade Series 2 Large103mm x 68mm
Available nos:68 available, 182 missing
1328L-9193750J Wix & Sons LtdCoronation series (Kensitas back)Varnished
1329D-8 e.P193550J Wix & Sons LtdHenry, 1st series
1330S-18193550J Wix & Sons LtdHenry, 1st seriesAlbum, adhesive-mount
1331D-10 f193525J Wix & Sons LtdHenry, 1st seriesExtra large. 23 available
Missing nos:-10,24
1332D-8 e.P193550J Wix & Sons LtdHenry, 2nd seriesWith album price
1333S-18193550J Wix & Sons LtdHenry, 2nd seriesAlbum, adhesive-mount
13347829.jpgD-9 c193525J Wix & Sons LtdHenry, 2nd series145 x 100mm
1335D-8 e.P193650J Wix & Sons LtdHenry, 3rd series
1336S-18193650J Wix & Sons LtdHenry, 3rd seriesAlbum, adhesive-mount
1337D-8 e.P193650J Wix & Sons LtdHenry, 4th series
1338D-8 e.P193650J Wix & Sons LtdHenry, 5th series
1339D-6 c.B25W H & J WoodsRomance of the Royal Mail
1340D-6 c.B195424Wright's Biscuits LtdMischief Goes to Mars"Issued by Wright's Biscuits"

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