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Cigarette and Trade Card Collection for Sale

These albums are all empty of cards. Many of the corresponding sets are in our list of Cards for Sale where there are also many fully populated albums available.

List price is taken from the London Cigarette Card Co catalogue for 2021. We do not expect to sell for theses prices! Sensible offers will be accepted,

NumberPhotoIssued byTitleNotesLCCC catalogue
A1African Consolidated TheatresGolden Jubilee Cinema ClubNL£0.00
A2Brooke Bond(History of) Adventurers and Explorers223£4.00
A3Brooke Bond (Canada)African Animals228£20.00
A4Brooke BondAfrican WildlifeBlack print on front223£40.00
A5Brooke BondAnimals and their YoungNL£15.00
A6Brooke BondThe Arctic228£4.00
A7Brooke BondAsian Wildlife223£35.00
A8Brooke BondBritish Butterflies223£30.00
A9Brooke BondButterflies of the World223£30.00
A10Brooke Bond (Canada)Canadian-American Songbirds228£25.00
A11Brooke BondExploring the Oceans228£5.00
A12Brooke BondFamous People 1869-1969224£10.00
A13Brooke BondFlags and Emblems of the World224£8.00
A14Brooke BondFrances Pitt Series of British Birds224£150.00
A15Brooke BondFreshwater Fishes224£35.00
A16Brooke BondHistory of Aviation224£8.00
A17Brooke BondHistory of the Motor Car2 copies224£25.00
A18Brooke BondIndians of Canada228£5.00
A19Brooke BondInventors and Inventions225£15.00
A20Brooke BondNorth American Wildlife in Danger228£15.00
A21Brooke BondOlympic Greats225£4.00
A22Brooke BondOut into Space225£60.00
A23Brooke BondPlay Better Soccer225£15.00
A24Brooke BondPolice File225£4.00
A25Brooke BondPrehistoric Animals2 copies225£20.00
A26Brooke BondQueen Elizabeth I - Queen Elizabeth II226£4.00
A27Brooke BondThe Race into Space2 copies226£25.00
A28Brzooke BondThe Saga of Ships226£20.00
A29Brooke BondThe Sea - Our Other World226£20.00
A30Brooke Bond (Canada)The Space Age228£15.00
A31Brooke BondTrees in Britain2 copies226£10.00
A32Brooke BondTrees of North America228£25.00
A33Brooke BondTropical Birds226£25.00
A34Brooke BondUnexplained Mysteries227£4.00
A35Brooke BondVanishing Wildlife2 copies227£6.00
A36Brooke BondWild Birds in Britain2 copies227£25.00
A37Brooke BondWild Flowers227£40.00
A38Brooke BondWild Flowers (series 2)2 copies227£30.00
A39Brooke BondWonders of Wildlife227£4.00
A40Brooke BondWoodland Wildlife2 copies227£4.00
A41Ceylon TeaThe Island of Ceylon239£20.00
A42GranoseMonster Picture Album (Blower the Whale and King of the Air)NL£0.00
A43HornimansDogs album281£25.00
A44Jones & CoJet Aircraft of the WorldNL£0.00
A45Lyons TeaWings Across the World301£20.00
A46MobilThe Great Days of MotoringNL£0.00
A47PlayersAviary and Cage Birds89£30.00
A48RoSPAVeteran cars2 copies338£20.00
A49Rossis IcesWorlds Fastest Aircraft337£30.00
A50WillsCigarette Picture Card Album (blank) 17 copiesNL£0.00

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