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Trailer loaded with collection
Trailer loaded with collection

In January 2023 I travelled from Dorset to my brothers house near Newcastle-under-Lyme to collect a huge collection of cigarette cards, trade cards, catalogues and books on card collecting that our father had collected. It is a very large collection, We needed the trailer (right) to house it,

The collection is in albums, ring binders and other housings. But there is a large cabinet full of sets and part sets which are in special boxes in a cabinet shown right. There is a slide-show of the individual drawers - click a thumbnail for a larger view. Most sets are labelled. There are also a number of empty boxes and cigarette packages.


The cards are in Ring binders, "London" albums or small boxes in the cabinet. Some are loose. This is the key to the House column in the list
A-1 to ?
Boxes of Albumed sets. The albums themselves are tired but the cards in them are generally in very good condition. Most of these albums are duplicates of sets of unmounted cards.
Album sizes are:
  • A-1: 7 1/4 inch x 5 inch
  • A-2: 7 1/4 inch x 5 inch
  • A-2: 7 1/4 inch x 5 inch
  • A-4: 5 1/2 inch by 6 inch. Corner mount albums by Wills and Churchman.
    D-1 to D-12
    These are the 12 drawers in the cabinet shown in the photos. Spacers used are empty cigarette packets. Cards are in excellent condition.

    Those with .B on the end are in the bespoke blue boxes visible in the photo. Those with .P are in cigarette packets. Those with neither are in other boxes.

    • D-1: Sets. Small size (10 cigarette packet). ABC to Calvert
    • D-2; Sets. Small size (10 cigarette packet). Carreras to Frankell
    • D-3: Sets. Small size (10 cigarette packet). Gallaher to Mitchell
    • D-4: Sets. Small size (10 cigarette packet). Mobil to Players
    • D-5: Sets. Small size (10 cigarette packet). Players to Westminster
    • D-6: Sets. Small size (10 cigarette packet). Wills to Wright
    • D-7: Sets. Large sets. (20 cigarette packet). ABC Gum to Players
    • D-8: Sets. Large sets. (20 cigarette packet). Rothmans to Wright
    • D-9: Typhoo & odd sets
    • D-10: Part Sets
    • D-11: Type cards and part sets. D-11a to D-11f are all small cards. D-11g and D-11h are all cards larger than standard small cards.
      D-11g.N: Ardath Photocards: these appear to be somewhat mixed up. They will nneed listing...
    • D-12: Unlabelled

    "London" Card Album
    L-1 to L-18
    London albums. These are for medium cards. The card backs are not visible so examination is not easy. However cards that I have removed have all been in excellent condition. Windows are of several sizes as listed:
    • L-1: 2 1/16 by 1 15/16 inches.
    • L-2: 2 1/4 by 1 5/16 inches. All Gallaher sets
    • L-3: 2 15/16 by 2 1/4 inches. All Players sets
    • L-4: missing album
    • L-5: missing album
    • L-6: 2 15/16 by 2 1/4 inches. All Wills sets
    • L-7: 2 15/16 by 2 1/4 inches.
    • L-8: 2 3/4 bu 1 3/4 inches. Pattreiouex
    • L-9: 2 1/2 by 1 5/16 inches
    • L-10: 2 1/2 by 1 5/16 inches. Gallaher
    • L-11: 2 1/2 by 1 5/16 inches. Only 4 sets, rest of album is empty.
    • L-12: 2 1/2 by 1 5/16 inches.
    • L-13: 2 1/2 by 1 5/16 inches.
    • L-14: 2 1/2 by 1 5/16 inches. Players sets
    • L-15: 2 1/2 by 1 5/16 inches. Players sets
    • L-16: 2 1/2 by 1 5/16 inches. Mostly Wills
    • L-17:
    • L-18:
    R-1 to R-10
    These are the ring binders containing pocketed plastic pages, each page containing 20 standard size cards (1 7/8 inch by 2 11/16 inch). All sets are complete and in excellent condition. Photos can be supplied on request.
    S-1 to
    A shelf of Albums
    • S-1: Hill's Views of Interest, series 1-5, numbers 1 to 240. Combined list price is £92.50, not including the album, priced £30. However the album is tired although the cards inside are in excellent condition.
    • S-2: Special album (Hills views of Interest) containing Channel Islands cards. Album is tired and has suffered some insect damage but cards are in excellent condition. Combined list price of these sets is £170
      • B A T Guernsey, Alderney and Sark 1st and 2nd series
      • B A T Jersey Then and Now 1st and 2nd series
      • B A T Channel Islands, Past and Present 3rd series
    • S-3: United Tobacco Co (South Africa) Our Land. A pictorial book: the picturs are all cigarette cards which have been collected and positioned in the book.
    • S-4 and S-5: United Tobacco Co (South Africa) Our S.A. FGlora and Our S.A National Parks. Books with corner-mounts for the cards, fully populated.
    • S-6: United Tobacco Co (South Africa) Our South Africa Past aand Present. 178 page book with cards fully populated.
    • S-7: Carreras: Craven Black-cat collection of Vintage cars. Spiral bound album with 50 corner-mounted cards. In excellent coondition
    • S-8: Album with slide-in cards. Album is in poor condition but most cards are very good.
      • Players British Empire series
      • Players Celebrated Gateways
    • S-9: Bells Whiskey Other famous Bells. Album with full set of 36 cards. Very good condition.
    • S-10: Societe Anonyme Belge D'Iconographie Didactique et Sciemtifique. 7 albums with cards
      • Zoologie 301: La Truite: de l'Oeuf au Poisson
      • Zoologie 302: De l'Oeuf au Poisson
      • Zoologie 401: Le Marronnier D'Inde
      • Geographiie Serie 1. L.Axe Anvers-Bruxelles
      • Geographiie Serie 2. La Hesbaye
      • Geographiie Serie 3. L'ardenne
      • Historie Serie 101
      • Anatomie Serie 201: Le Squelette Humain
    • S-11: Amalgamated Press The Great War in Pictures 1914-1918. Album containing 4 sets. In very good condition. List value £288 not including the album. Sets need dismounting and checking.
      • The Great War 1914-1918
      • Great War Deeds
      • Heroic Deeds of the Great War
      • Exploits of the Great War
    • S-12: Amalgamated Press The Great War in Pictures 1914-1918. Album containing 2 sets of 32 cards each. List value £256. Sets need dismounting and checking. Album needs repair (cover departed from contents).
    • S-13: Robertsons sporting Golliwogs. Full set of 8 with 4 standard gollies (as supplied with jar) all mounted with stamp hinges on card.
    • S-14: A Liebig Chromos album containing 50 sets of 6.
    • S-15: Album/book containing 50 cards.
    • S-16: 4 Brooke-Bond albums. All cards corner-mounted and in very good condition. Albums have suffered slightly!
      • British Birds and Their Eggs
      • Homes of Famous Men
      • Interesting Events in British History
      • Important Industries of the British Empire
      • Trees of the Countryside
      • Characters from Shakespeare
      • Wild Flowers in their Families
      • Wild Flowers in their Families 2nd series
      • Historical Buildings
      • Wonders of Wildlife
    • S-17: Players: Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. Album, adhesive-mount. Cards in very good condition. 2 copies. :
    • S-18: Wix/Kensitas. Two Henry albums. Series 1 and 2.
    • S-19: Nicholas Sarony & Co: Around the Mediterranean. Corner-mount album. Album is tired. Cards in Fair condition.:
    • S-20: International Tobacco (Summit cigarettes): Famous Buildings & Monuments of Britain. Bronze Plagues. Series 1 (small size) and series 2 (large size) in corner-mount album.
    • S-21: John Player & Sons: Uniforms of the Territorial Army. In corner-mount album
    • S-22: United Tobacco Co (South Africa): Medals & Decorations of Brit Commonwealth. Book containing 100 corner-mounter cards. In good condition.
    • S-23: Ogden's: Guinea Gold 1-200. In album which has woodworm. Cards have not been removed for examination but appear to be in (very) good condition.
    • S-24: Adolf Hitler: Bilder aus dem Leben des Fuhrers. First Edition. Abe Books list this at prices between 100USD and 500USD.
    • S-25: Album with Wills Wonders of the Sea and Hignetts Life in Pond and Stream. Album in good condition and cards in very good condition.
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