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Trailer loaded with collection
Trailer loaded with collection

In January 2023 I travelled from Dorset to my brothers house near Newcastle-under-Lyme to collect a huge collection of cigarette cards, trade cards, catalogues and books on card collecting that our father had collected. It is a very large collection, We needed the trailer (right) to house it,

The collection is in albums, ring binders and other housings. But there is a large cabinet full of sets and part sets which are in special boxes in a cabinet shown right. There is a slide-show of the individual drawers - click a thumbnail for a larger view. Most sets are labelled. There are also a number of empty boxes and cigarette packages.


The cards are in Ring binders, "London" albums or small boxes in a cabinet. There are also several boxes of cigarette card albums - many empty but some full. This is the key to the House column in the list
These are various albums: some corner-mounted. Some stuck in, so of little value. Please enquire.
D-1 to D-12
These are the 12 drawers in the cabinet shown in the photos. Spacers used are empty cigarette packets. Cards are in excellent condition.

Those with .B on the end are in the bespoke blue boxes visible in the photo. Those with .P are in cigarette packets. Those with neither are in other boxes or loose.

"London" Card Album
L-1 to L-18
London albums. These are for medium cards. The card backs are not visible so examination is not easy. However cards that I have removed have all been in excellent condition. Windows are of several sizes as listed:
R-1 to R-10
These are the ring binders containing pocketed plastic pages, each page containing 20 standard size cards (1 7/8 inch by 2 11/16 inch). All sets are complete and in excellent condition. All pages have been photographed: links below are to the pages containing the photos.
S-1 to
A shelf of Albums

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