West Dorset
For Sale: Cigarette and Trade Card Collection

My father, Robert George Torrens, was an avid collector of cards until his death in 1981. He was a founder member of many collecting clubs. He had a bespoke cabinet made for his collection, so most of the sets will be in extremely good condition. Most that are not in the cabinet are in Albums.

There are also books on collectiog as well as many part completed sets which are not yet listed.

His collection is probably the most interesting one to have become available for many decades. His 'Card List' contains some 1544 sets, though I do not know how many are incomplete.

Since his death his collection has been with my brother in Madeley, near Stoke-on-Trent. We have now decided to sell the colection, so I am listing it on-line.

As I reside in Dorset, I do not yet have access to this large collection of well over 1500 valuable sets. The listing is being done from my father's notes which are somewhat inconsistent so there will be errors and misunderstandings in the transciption. Often features such as back colour are not listed in the original notes.

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